Parker Pascal: Daddy Lost Me At Poker

N t get her sudden change in attitude how far she s willing to go and her weird relationship with stepbrother Brody Nor are things really tied up regarding their dadPascal caught the blue collar vibe well Haley working at a seafood restaurant the family living in a double wide her relations with men she or her dad work with the whole bit about her being reuired to serve beer to the poker players. S stepbrother Brody has another game in mind The dork cant keep his hands to himself But Haley has designs on Brodys hot friend whos spending the night A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do when Daddy has a gambling problem What will her mother sa.

This was hot than believable I will credit Pascal with finessing the details to show Haley s dad as a hapless but lovable loser at cards playing with failing eyesight and not even seeing his cards who loses the prize motorcycle he was about to give to his ust barely legal stepdaughterAnd the night he loses it it s not ust his old friends he s playing with guys who have known Haley since she wa. When eighteen year old Haley becomes the stakes at her Daddys poker game will she be able to cover all the bets Daddys deep in the red to all the older men at the table Haleys Daddy has promised her his motorcycle When she finds out hes using her

S little and who wouldn t be inclined to screw the maximum out of him over a poker debt but a new guy less inclined to be gentleLess convincing is Haley s transition to voracious slut although it s uite enjoyable I get why she takes to the card table to win back her bike why she bets her clothes because she hasn t got enough money and why she even agrees to sex to settle her dad s debts But I did. Eloved Harley to cover his bets she changes into a tank top and cutoff eans and makes her mind up to do anything necessary to make sure Daddy doesnt lose her bike Which might mean letting Daddys friends take turns with her on the poker table Haley.

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