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Prin and sayings uniue to what I assume to be Australian culture with a few xamples relating to items I had never heard of most but not all of these where asily found through the web dictionary I recommend this book to anyone interested in true crime but believe it could be njoyed by an Love for Imperfect Things even broader audience as it is also the story of a daughter and follows her life and struggles as well following her through her childhood and then throughout her life I could tell you but you should just read it It isntertaining I didn t not A Heart of Stone even finish this book I am a huge true crime fan and just couldn t force myself to trudge through this one Already deleted from my Kindle Don t waste your time on this one Sorry folks I was curious when I purchased this book and was surprised to find I really liked it Well written with the cold and shocking details but with human warmth at times The author shows how the crimes and cruelty affected the children and others over their lifetimes how some were able to move on andmbrace the future and some were not The mother s life after incarceration and her courageous daughter s care for her was fascinating to me It s a good read and really makes you think Be careful out there Sometimes folks are not what they seem Not at all Sorry this book rambled incoherently from one page to the next So so so so so many characters and not one cohesive sentence I m sorry to say that I had to stop reading Boring uninteresting and far to wordy I don t know who it was about who was killed and who wasn t I felt nothing for this book It s asinine to say the least Whoever wrote this needs to take some writing classesSave your hard arned money and buy a classic Let s just not n say we didDon t What a great read I couldn t put the book down I felt so sorry for Hazel what a tragic childhood she ndured at the hands of her mother yet she still cared for her mother after all she had done Hazel Baron in my opinion is a lady of great warmth and spirit. Would have got away with it all had it not been for HazelWritten by award winning journalist Janet Fife Yeomans together with Hazel Baron My Mother A Serial Killer is both an vocative insight into the harshness of life on the fringes of Australian society in the 1950s and a chilling story of a murderous mother and the courageous daughter who testified against her and put her in jai.

I njoyed this book It didn t sensationalise and was an interesting view on a mother and daughter relationship The Mother was really uite a horrible selfish narcissist the daughter unbelievably forgiving and loving but through her own actions was able to live her life her authentic life in today s words For me this book was about the daughter and her siblings and their survival and a glimpse into a period of recent Australian history that I knew nothing about An xcellent read Aside from the horrifying story it presents an interesting picture of life in Australia during and after WWI You see how tough so many people had it and how strong they had to be to survive So I was struck by the fact that they had free medical care for the indigent so humane while the nation was struggling with the costs of warThe psychological turmoil the author went through as she dealt with doubt and finally the certainty of her mother s deeds is beautifully xplained Her depiction of her mother and how she the author dealt with this cold blooded woman is fascinating The whole story is beautifully told giving you a feeling of the times the drama and Just by coincidence I am auainted with someone mentioned in this book It was interesting to have some insight into his Love Is a Fairy Tale early life Hazels story is one of a spirit thatndured and survived There were two sides to Dulcie Bodsworth There was Dulcie the community minded wife and mother respected as a talented cook and caterer And there was Dulcie who abandoned her first family and then murdered her second husband the father of four of her children and two other menThis is a story about a family living on the periphery of Australian society during the 1940s and 1950s It is the story of a cold blooded killer and of her courageous daughter Dulcie would have got away with these murders if Hazel hadn t turned her in to the policeIn 1950 when her husband Ted Baron a former railway ganger was in hospital crippled by rheumatoid arthritis the. A gripping and shocking story of a serial killer mother and the brave daughter who brought her to justice Dulcie Bodsworth was the unlikeliest serial killer She was loved verywhere she went and the townsfolk of Wilcannia which she called home in the late 1950s thought of her as kindand caring The officers at the local police station found Dulcie witty and charming and looked forward.

Family was living in two army tents opposite Mild Good grief what a psychopath Dulcie wasSuch a brilliantly written book that I couldn t put it down feeling ual parts horror and utter admiration for HazelDespite the dreadful tragedies that occurred in the story I was left laughing at this witty comment towards the nd of the book Not long after Dulcie s death a white fence with a gate was put up around Ben Hall s grave Later a padlock went on the gate Hazel never figured out whether it was to keep Ben Hall in or Dulcie outThank you Hazel for your courage and tenacity and love for humanity Thoroughly njoyed this book Very well written Full of local detail and rich personalities Readers will not be disappointed Recommend to anyone interested in true crime and modern Australian history As a child I reckon one of the top ten fears might be having to report one s parents as suspicion for murder Imagine for just a moment how difficult it would have been for you to report your mother for killing your father and at least two other peopleOkay now we can proceed with our reviewPOV Although written by the child years later the author Bangkok Wakes to Rain elected to tell the story in the third person POV Due to this decision the story gets a little confusing I suppose this helped Hazel to keep a little distance from what would pose a monumental challenge to hermo I started reading this in the sample purchased it and continued reading it until the The Right Sort of Man (Sparks Bainbridge Mystery end This book kept me interested from start to finish from the first murder through the arrest the trial andven to the Darkmere end of the serial killers life it kept my interest lead in me from one chapter to the next always wanting mire I am not one to sit and read anntire book from start to finish but this story kept my interest throughout throwing in bits of other history along the way as it covers a span of than half a century There was some language unfamiliar to me an xample being water and Aspros which the web stated is basically as. To the scones and cakes she generously baked and delivered for their morning teaThat was one side of her Only her daughter Hazel saw the real Dulcie And what she saw terrified herDulcie was in fact a cold calculating killer who by 1958 had put three men in their graves one of them the father of her four children Ted Baron in one of the most infamous periods of the states history She.

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