Linda Keir: The Swing of Things

El is a simple and isappointing morality tale The writers can find nothing interesting to say about swinging than Don tDon t stray outside your marriage even with enthusiastic and informed consent from everyone involvedDon t have a successful career if you re a woman especially if you re a motherDon t be a secondary breadwinner if you re a manIf you Der Illusionist do You ll be very very sorry and serve you right Totally unexpectedefinitely not suitable for everyone if reading about sex makes you uncomfortable this one is not for you will not appeal to many people from a moralistic viewpoint but should not be judged merely on that It still is a well written story with a good range of well Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue developed characters and a warning that actions and even thoughts have conseuences way beyond our control If you are broad minded and looking for somethingifferent try this one It leaves 50 Shades of Grey looking a bit lim. Ractive couple who are the center of everyones attention They are blissfully happy and ready to share their secret for keeping things spicy But there are rules And breaking them has conseuences As Jayne and Eric explore amodern efinition of marriage they are forced to confront whether theyve given up too much in the pursuit of trying to have it

Summary The Swing of Things

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First I will say that once I started reading this book I couldn t put it own I stayed up late to finish it I read a lot and that Ask the Past doesn t happen often Early on you get the sense that it s going to be a train wreck and you can t help but look This story is engaging intriguing and even a bit titillating But it s also thought provoking and turns out to be an parable about married life the Lifestyle and the pursuit of happiness andesires I ve continued to think of this story Riding Class (Saddle Club, days after I ve finished readingIn reading this book I felt some similarities with Kenny Wright s Something Forbidden and Ben Boswell s Summer Swing I especially couldn t help butraw parallels between Theo and Mia from this book and Greg and Chloe from Wright s book The genres are Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, different but they are allifferent takes on a similar tale of swinging and extramarital adventures This one to be sure is not a happy swingers er. Somewhere between Tom Perrotta and Erica Jong lies The Swing of Things a charming sexy and surprisingly tender romp through the Different Class dark side of wish fulfillment Ill never look at the other playground parents the same way again Marcus SakeyTold from theual perspective of a husband and a wife The Swing of Things is a sexy provocative page turning nov.

Otica tale but rather a thought provoking Short Stories by Roald Dahl drama with s Raunchy but with aecent storyline and oh what a twist uite brilliant Not what i was expecting after reading Goldilocks the Three Bears drowning with othersI can not fault the writing no typosIts the sort of book you would have to make your own mind up about you might not like this book but then again if you want to learn how swinging works it could be interesting to youIid skip some of the content but i still have to say it is a well written book Books like this on t come along very oftenA salacious psychological thriller hybrid that is well written and works on every levelFascinating to watch a couple who ecide to try swinging to spice up their jaded marriage and how it impacts on the family unitThey soon find they have big Socialist Realism decisions to make but will they be the right ones and who is really in controlBrilliant Not badly written but lazily At its heart the nov. El about a suburban couple who wants out of their routinebut will they take things too farAttorney Jayne Larsen loves her stay at home husband Eric is attentive and a great father to theiraughter Hes also unfailingly committed to their Wednesday ate nightsbut things have gotten too predictableEnter Theo and Mia Winters the effortlessly cool att.