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I read the seuel because I thought the first book was ust a slow introduction Again Dance and Cultural Diversity just like the first book the initial and final chapters of this seuel were written with compelling cinematic finesse But after the long slog of the middle chapters I will not be tricked by the final chapter into reading the next book if the author can even pull it together to write the third book in the series The plot of this second book goes nowhere All action in this book can be reduced to thirty pages a whole ten pages than the first book Kvothe the protagonist has incredible talent and promise but self destructs in the end The reader starts to get the impression that Kvothe is not some deep gray character butust some dope with immense talents and a high I but no motivation to compel him to accomplish what he desperately wants He spends too much time intoxicated and playing his instrument This must be the author s attempt at character building because this book is 90% characterization 9% world building and 1% plot Kvothe s actions thoughts and mentalizations are too far removed from realistic self interest and motivations in both the economic and psychological senses of the words to take him seriously as a character in fantasy When I read I want an escape It does not matter that the characters motivations are black white or gray whether they are resolute or indecisive capable or incompetent skilled or untalented whether the story is a fortune tragedy or farce What matters is the story is great and transports the reader somewhere else This book is missing everything that makes a book great except a few scraps of a compelling mythos the completion of which may never happen because of writer s block The author is too busy finding catharsis reliving his life through his protagonist instead of writing a story It would be satisfying to get involved in office politics or in your neighbor s religion than to read this book There is no point to a story without an ending I didn t read all that ust to find out there s no point because the third book of the trilogy hasn t been written You can t call it a trilogy if there aren t 3 books Such a shame as I was REALLY enjoying it But a waste of time if I never find out what happened It s like if Tolkein had stopped 23rd of the way through Lord of the Rings Would we all still love it No The book follows the same pattern as the 1st one albeit a lot longer I felt while reading this that nothing was happening or building and like the first book spent time on stories and going off on tangents that so far don t really have any connection to the overall narrativeThat said the last stage of the book was good and tied some of the bits togetherI m not excited for another instalment if this is the kind of offering coming in the 3rd book Given how long it s taking to come out I ll probably not bother I m torn on this review I thought TNOTW was THE BEST fantasy novel I ve ever read I could not put it down This week bored I re read TNOTW and looked up AWMF I realized it was already on my Kindle but I didn t remember buying or reading it Yet it was at 100% I started reading it again and sort of kinda remembered the first few chapters By the time he left the University I was in all new territory I can only assume what happened was that I read the first few chapters got bored and skipped to the end Most of the book was completely new to meI see and understand most of the 1 star reviews This book wasn t as good as TNOTW Its slow There are a lot of side stories I m also sick of his unresolved and strange relationship with Whatever The Hell Her Name Is This Week The Flurian side sto. Discover #1 New York Times bestselling Patrick Rothfuss epic fantasy series The Kingkiller Chronicle I ust love the world of Patrick Rothfuss Lin Manuel Miranda Hes bloody good this Rothfuss guy George R R Martin Rothfuss has real talent Terry Brooks DAY TWO THE WISE MANS FEAR There are three things all wise men fear the sea in storm a night with no moon and the anger of a gentle manMy name is Kvothe You may have heard of me So begins a tale told from his own point of

Ry drug on Way too long This could have been covered in 1 chapter 2 at the most instead of near a 14 of the book I am also extremely frustrated with an author who seems to be either flat out lazy or who doesnt care at all about his readers I agree with every bad review and scathing opinion of the authorHowever Its apparently been Years since I bought this book The second time around I see amazing and subtle points I never noticed before things you truly have to Think about a sentence a gesture a storymight mean far than realized I think I and others forget Pilgrim Snail just how Young the protagonist really Is in this installment 16 17 at Universityhow young he might Still Be as the story tellerinn meeper Kote 20 21 25 We don t knowI couldn t put it down I caught myself reading on my lunch break and staying up too late I devoured this book in 2 days I found myself thinking about Kvothe at work wondering picking apart seemingly subtle and unrelated points uestioningMaybe I am reading too much into this book Maybe its all nonsense Maybe it isn t We ll have to wait until book 3 to find out I ll probably be dead by then but I was highly entertained on my way to the grave lolSo 3 stars for now I reserve the right to change my review based on book 3if I m not already dead before publication Why oh why did I start this series before reading about itI loved these first two book but it s been many years since the author has put out anything else and it s not looking good that he ll finish the seriesThis book is a solid 4 stars for me But the fact that the story isn t likely to be finished or at least finished anytime soon really takes away from it s value This is a difficult book to rate and review because I enjoyed reading it and had a great overall experience but at the same time have uite a few criticisms I know many people liked this less than the first book but I m not entirely sure I agree I find the university parts some of the least compelling and engaging and so taking a big trip away and exploring of the world was fantastic for me I really enjoyed most of Kvothe s adventures there s a good variety of them and there are some great new introductions to the world I m very interested in the CthaehHowever I understand and share a lot of the frustration with this book The story felt uite rambling It s definitely taking its time along Kvothe sourney and it feels like we ve barely touched on the things Kvothe is famous for He still feels a long way from the legendary character teased in the first book It also feels like we re circling around and ending up back where we started This feels like an odd move for the middle book in the trilogy which I would expect to be breaking away from the origin story a little In addition to this the secondary characters still feel underdeveloped and Denna is even aggravating than beforeBut despite all this the tale and the telling of it are so exciting and compelling throughout I raced through the book and couldn t put it down and I want I m still very invested in Kvothe s story and now there are interesting new hints that Kvothe might not be the hero we think I ve read other people s suggestions that this could be a villain s story in the end and while I don t think it will be uite that simple I think this is a good observationStill a very enjoyable read still both frustrating and awesome and I still can t wait for Don t get me wrong The 2 books that I have read are AWESOME Thanks to being burned by GRRM I no longer have the patience to wait YEARS in between books Save your money and your sanity and avoid this series until it is completed If the rest of the series is neve. Iewa story uneualed in fantasy literature Now in The Wise Mans Fear Day Two of The Kingkiller Chronicle Kvothe takes his first steps on the path of the hero and learns how difficult life can be when a man becomes a legend in his own timePraise for The Kingkiller Chronicle The best epic fantasy I read last year Hes bloody good this Rothfuss guy George R R Martin New York Times bestselling author of A Song of Ice and Fire Rothfuss has real talent and his tale of Kvothe is.

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R completed then your welcome for saving you time and money and an endless supply of frustration Another author with a long unfinished series I actually enjoyed parts of this book An Unsafe Haven just not the main character or his girlfriend idk what she is reallyWhat really soured me on the series and has made me write it off is the behavior of the author Once upon a time we were told the series was complete editing was in works for the final book now if anyone even mentions the final edition the author flips his lid like seriously acts like the world s biggest a hole bc how dare we the readers care about when he s gonna get off his video game and give us the book we have been waiting forNever mind the fact that he has the leisure of sitting there gaming on live stream for hours each day because we bought his books to begin with without us readers he d be working a 9 5So yeah Patrick Rofuss Patrick Rothfuss alone is the reason why I will never put a dime towards anything with his name on it Spoilers contained Having enjoyed the first book I m left slightly frustrated during and after reading this I have to agree with the other 3 star reviews on the whole the plot doesn t uite progress and is very self indulgent in places It gets side tracked in massive chunks for no reason I was waiting for the Felurian Fae section to reach a conclusion but itust went on and on for hours to no real benefit other than he learned how to shag really well and got a really useful cloak out of it Then when that was finally over we launched straight into another extremely lengthy saga into the Tai Chi world of the Adem warriors where he was immersed In the wisdom and teachings of the Lethani a bit like the Tao and also got to exercise his new shagging skills freely That went on for hours and hours too I enjoyed the section where he killed the rapist bandits and rescued the girls a bit He came home to the University as some kind of hero legend Then he went into Tarbean to send a fake letter to his arch enemy pretending to be a pregnant ex lover Why did he do that It ust seemed uite a petty thing to do for someone who was supposed to have learned new wisdoms of the world it was far from Lethani and would serve no purpose other than stirring up trouble with his arch enemy and undoubtedly lead to crippling trouble for himself Besides given Ambrose s rough treatment of women I doubt he would even care anyway All that aside the Denna thing didn t progress in the slightest we re no closer to any enlightenment on the Chandrian and the Amyr We are also no enlightened about how Kvothe came to be innkeeper Kote who Bast is and how they re together the mysterious sword on the wall which isn t the Adem sword the Skrael the king killer thing poet killer In fact there s nothing that is answered in any way whatsoever and given that there hasn t been a seuel for a decade I doubt the author really has the answers either I can t help but think that there is an awful lot to cram into the third book to keep us up to speed This book was far too long for what it was I can t imagine how long the next one will have to be But steal the neighbours moonFair enoughPeople often trot out the old saw write about what you know I think that a lot of people get confused by this and it might be better phrased as know enough about your subject that you don t embarrass everyone which would probably lead to a lot less abandoned first novels about boring humdrum suburban livesRothfuss knows fantasy and it was interesting as I was reading the book the second time through to see who he had begged stolen and borrowed from I must say I think his taste in influences. Deep and intricate and wondrous Terry Brooks New York Times bestselling author of Shannara It is a rare and great pleasure to find a fantasist writingwith true music in the words Ursula K Le Guin award winning author of Earthsea The characters are real and the magic is true Robin Hobb New York Times bestselling author of Assassins Apprentice Masterful There is a beauty to Pats writing that defies description Brandon Sanderson New York Times bestselling author of Mistborn.

Patrick Rothfuss had the good fortune to be born in Wisconsin in 1973 where the long winters and lack of cable television encouraged a love of reading and writing After abandoning his chosen field of chemical engineering Pat became an itinerant student wandering through clinical psychology philosophy medieval history theater and sociology Nine years later Pat was forced by university policy to finally complete his undergraduate degree in English When not reading and writing he teaches fencing and dabbles with alchemy in his basement