Ruben Pater: The Politics of Design: A (Not So) Global Design Manual for Visual Communication

Into a fun read Flawless Fantastic book which illuminates so much f what we are conditioned to view as acceptable design standards Indeed ur personal biases and cultural upbringing influence the work we do in such a significant way A few typos here and there but therwise a highly enjoyable and educational read with lovely examples throughout I enjoy the size Isabel the Queen: Life and Times of the Ependent If designers learn to be awaref global cultural contexts we can avoid stereotyping and help improve mutual understanding between people Politics Fantastic Post Office 03 of Design is a collectionf visual examples from around the world Using ideas from anthropology and sociology it creates surprising and educational insight in contemporary visual communication The examples relate to the daily practice Tim Crouch of bothnline and ffline visu.

I loved this book and I ve been interested in the topic since it was first mentioned by another author I really like It s not very dense I could have easily read the whole thing in ne sitting It has a lot Drawing the Human Head of pictures and talks about controversial design from a varietyf case studies I like how he took something that could have easily been boring and academic and made it. Many designs that appear in today’s society will circulate and encounter audiences f many different cultures and languages With communication comes responsibility; are designers aware f the meaning and impact f their work An image r symbol that is acceptable in ne culture can be ffensive r even harmful in the next A typeface r colour in a design might appear to be neutral but its meaning is always culturally

Ook as it is easy to slip into a purse and read Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, on the daily commute This book informed mef so many different perspectives and challenges what we re trained to see as the norm Everyone should read this Excellent book I would recommend to anyone looking for a brief introduction to many interesting topics f conversation Well put together and included accessible language. Al communication typography images colour symbols and information Politics f Design shows the importance f visual literacy when communicating beyond borders and cultures It explores the cultural meaning behind the symbols maps photography typography and colours that are used every day It is a practical guide for design and communication professionals and students to createeffective and responsible visual communication.

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