Darron Cardosa: The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips & Trials from a Life in Food Service

Amusing and highly readable Cardosa has a self depreciating sarcasm that is both entertaining and alarming enough to give one an entirely new perspective on dining out The book is well written and visually attractive It s divided into bite blog sized entries the sort of book that you keep beside the toilet in your bag when travelling or gift to particularly socially challenged relatives As a server of nearly 20 yrs I have really enjoyed Darrons book I follow him on FB and his website and he is. Millions of people have at some point in their lives waited tables Some only did it in college or got out by sheer determination good luckor suicide Others took it on as permanent employment And many remain haunted by nightmare scenarios where they are the sole server in a resta.

So funny and on point as far as dealing with customers and their delightful habits and social skills or lack there ofFrom a servers point of view it s so funny to read the similarities between the English and American customer and how we deal with themI encourage customers to read it to see their happy family meals out from our point of viewBasically a hilariously funny These little tales and musings from Darron really reminded me of the scars being an employee in the hospitality industry have. Urant packed with complaining patrons For all those disenchanted current and former food service employees Darron Cardosa has your back His career began at a Texas steakhouse in 1984 and since 2008 he;s vented his frustrations in the popular blog The Bitchy Waiter A snarky mix

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Left on my soul But you gotta laugh D The BEST book ever Of course you do laugh harder when you are in the service industry or you have friends working in it because I m sure they tell you similar stories Do not repeat do not read it in public People look at you funny when you laugh at certain stories Easy to read great sense of humor a bit of swearing Loved it Great read for anyone in hospitality A little repetitive but we all love a good rant Made me laugh and the stories were very relatabl. F David Sedaris Anthony Bourdain Erma Bombeck and Mo Rocca Cardosa distills 30 years of food service into dark funny tales;about crazy customers out of control egos and what really goes on in that fancy restaurant;that anyone who worked in the industry will recognize and relate.

SUMMARY The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips & Trials from a Life in Food Service