Nasser Zakariya: A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings

Popular science readers embrace epicsthe sweeping stories that claim to tell the history of all the universe from the cosmological to the biological to the social And the appeal is understandable in writing these works authors such as E O Wilson or Steven Weinberg deliberately seek to move beyond particular disciplines to create a compelling story weaving together natural historical events scientific endeavor human discovery and contemporary existential concern.

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Ich the epics in turn respondIn attempts to narrate an approach to a final true account these synthesizing efforts shape and orient scientific developments old and new By looking closely at the composition of science epics and the related enres developed along with them we are able to view the historical narrative of science as a form of knowledge itself one that discloses much about the development of our understanding of and relationship to science over time.

S In A Final Story Nasser Zakariya delves into the origins and ambitions of these scientific epics from the nineteenth century to the present to see what they reveal about the relationship between storytelling integrated scientific knowledge and historical method While seeking to transcend the perspectives of their own eras the authors of the epics and the debates surrounding them are embedded in political and social struggles of their own times struggles to wh.

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