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Very simply put this book was okay but not great A friend picked this out for me so we could start a cheesy romantic book club and this was the first pick The main problem with the book is our protagonist Maren The author takes great pains to tell the reader maybe 100 times throughout the novel that Maren is as beautiful as she is clever So why is it that every time Maren is faced with the obvious signs that she is getting screwed over by nearly everyone around her she ignores them completely Her cousin wasn t even subtle about stealing her entire fortune We knew as soon as she arrived at Lady Luck that Eric had ied to her about her inheritance The 200 pages of endless uestions Maren asked herself were unnecessary Also almost immediately after making a pact with Captain Hawk to not trust the shady people who might be connected to a string of incidents at Lady Luck Maren trusts the shady people and gets abducted from the house Maybe 5 minutes after Captain Hawk One Big Damn Puzzler left UnbelievableCaptain Hawk was definitely the best part of this story And Eric s ending of course I just wish the main character tookess than 300 pages to put together what had been going on since the first chapter I couldn t finish it Plot was slow things didn t make sense and I didn t Landscapes of Communism like any of the characters An intriguing fast paced historical fiction about a brash buccaneer Captain Hawk and ebony haired Maren James When Maren heard that the notorious Hawk was aboard her British ship searching for illegally impressed American sailors she couldn t wait for the pirate to be on his way She was impatient to be back home in New Orleans and this brash buccaneer was slowing her down But then she saw the self assured male who strode into her cabin and theuscious beauty couldn t deny the raging ecstasy that sparked between them Before she could consider the conseuences she was succumbing to his masterful touch body heart and soulDashing Captain Hawk had been with enough women to know that the curvaceous dame in his arms was no different from the rest Somehow though her passionate kisses tasted innocent her NORJAK lush ripe body seemed untouched But his dangerous mission gave him noeisure When ebon haired Maren James heard that the notorious Captain Hawk was aboard her British ship searching for illegally impressed American sailors she couldn't wait for the pirate to.

O enjoy the wench s charms beyond this night Branding her with his fierce oving Hawk realized he couldn t just et her go Once he finished his assignment he d reclaim his unparalleled paramour for good even it was against her will he d make her surrender to FORTUNES FLAMES Set during the war of 1812 between america and the british this story describes how The Outside life is for peopleiving during wartime The struggle tending to the sick injured soldiers having no time with your Loving James (Surviving Elite High, loved ones not knowing if they are dead or alive whilst they are off fighting to pr Great storyline that is not predictable at all Great character development Iike that the characters didn t deny their feelings that you were able to enjoy their Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, love grow and get a glimpse of theirife after the story ended Highly recommend this book Maren James boards her cousin Eric s ship for home to America from London But there is a war between the British and America and it makes it very dangerous Eric has some bad news to tell Maren That her parents are dead and the shipping buisness was failing and her father I See Rude People left it the him and he has been making a go of it getting supplies to the blockade He procede to tell her that she must play the part of Mrs Slade while on board for her safetyThe Eric tells her the things don t sound right but she keeps it to herself They are overtaken by a privateer that boards to find out what is on board Eric has told her what to say which has made her think things are not right When she see the man who is in charge she just about passes out He is the man she has wanted since she was 15 years old So she flirts with him to see if he remembers but Captain Hawk does not But he will find her monthsater in New Orleans And help her solve her mysteryCaptain Hawk is just the man for Maren James He will help her when all the accidents start coming her way Captain Hawk is just what her father would have wanted for her Exciting Privateer Adventure in New Orleans during the War of 1812Set during the War of 1812 this is the story of Maren Jones an American sailing on her cousin s ship from England to her home in New Orleans when a privateer by the name of Captain Hawk Be on his way She was impatient to be back home in New Orleans and this brash buccaneer was slowing her down But then she saw the self centered male who strode into her cabin and

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Ttacks and boards their ship The infamous Captain Hawk is actually Jared Morgan a patriot from Savannah who is working for President Madison and HVAC Design Sourcebook looking for traitors supporting the British Maren s cousin Eric tells her he is also working for the President but it seems he isying to her about many things Maren met Jared when she was 15 and was so enthralled she disguised herself as a Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing lad and followed the handsome young man around the wharf So when he captures her ship and then steals a kiss she does not resist Jared finds her enchanting but he is also suspicious of both her cousin and her This is a tale has many twists and turns and wartime treachery as well Maren and Jared come together to solve some mysterious happenings and find a way to be together Jared is certainly a worthy hero I could not help butove And Maren having The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, lost her father and mother is determined to make it on her own with the gambling clubeft to her Lady Luck There s a surprise at the end too Fun fast paced historical romance Maren is an intelligent independent woman Ormen i Essex living in 1814 New Orleans Orphaned and single she intends to stay single and self sufficient She takes over the family casino and runs it by herself while fending off theikes of Captain Hawk the greed of her cousin and attempting to figure out what really happened to her parents The novel is full of int First historical romance novel I read and the one that got me into reading IT IS AN ENJOYABLE STORY BUT NOTHING THAT WOULD SET YOUR NERVES HIGH OR HAVE YOU JUMPING OFF YOUR COUCH IN JOY NOTHING INTENSE OR DRAMATIC It was basically a Bare It All (Love Undercover, love at first sight story and upon reuniting theovers get the chance to Stoke the flames of their desires and embrace the Bare It All (Love Undercover, love they have for one another Meanwhile the villain of the story is the one whereby the mystery surrounds and is the obstacle that stands before the heroine because it is her beloved cousin What he did You will have to find out by reading it Honestly I just skimmed through the book because halfway done theovers have already begun their marriage An Elusive Victorian life while trying to uncover who the villain is OVERALL it is okay Not something I would reread again in futur. Heuscious beauty couldn't deny the raging ecstasy that sparked between them Before she could consider the conseuences she was succumbing to his masterful touch body heart and soul.

The legendary Janelle Taylor was born on June 28 1944 in Athens GA In 1965 she married Michael Taylor with whom she had two children Angela Taylor MacIntyre and Alisha Taylor Thurmond Ms Taylor attended the Medical College of Georgia from 1977 to 1979 and Augusta State University from 1980 1981 She withdrew from the latter after she sold her first two novels Today she is the author of th