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First I want to say If you don t know it yet this book even is not recent is absolutely a basic manual for R so don t let yourself be distracted by the title There are lots of R functions that will lead you in it s references to this book and this text is ure gold Venables and Ripley are not only making easy to copy and Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina paste scripts but they are also giving great introductions complete applications and every mathematical cond. S is aowerful environment for the statistical and graphical analysis of data It Dolphin Diaries Bind-Up provides the tools to implement many statistical ideas that have been madeossible by the widespread availability of workstations having good graphics and computational capabilities This book is a guide to using S environments to The Wingman Chronicles perform statistical analyses androvides both an introduction to the use of S and a course in modern statistical methods Implementations of S are available commercially in S PLUSR workstations and as the Open Source R for a wide range of computer systems The aim of.

Ition and function you can imagine to be related to the subjects Finally to be clear this book is really complete easy to read and allows you to get a lot of self learning I totally recomend it I think this was the first book I bought on R and it s certainly the most well thumbed The graphing examples are really uite good but it s a really hard slog if you re new to R Once you ve gotten familiar though check it out if you re do. This book is to show how to use S as a Flood Legends powerful and graphical data analysis system Readers are assumed to have a basic grounding in statistics and so the book is intended for would be users of S PLUS or R and both students and researchers using statistics Throughout the emphasis is onresenting The Best Of Saint Louis practicalroblems and full analyses of real data sets Many of the methods discussed are state of the art approaches to topics such as linear nonlinear and smooth regression models tree based methods multivariate analysis attern recognition survival analysis time series and spati.

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Ing a lot of data visualization work This is an very good resource for learning how to implement various statistical methods in R which is based on S The authors do rovide some theoretical and mathematical explanation of the various methods they cover which was helpful as a refresher but I found it was not as effective for learning the basis of methods I didn t already know especially because the authors go through things rath. Al statistics Throughout modern techniues such as robust methods non arametric smoothing and bootstrapping are used where appropriate This fourth edition is intended for users of S PLUS 60 or R 150 or later A substantial change from the third edition is updating for the current versions of S PLUS and adding coverage of R The introductory material has been rewritten to emphasis the import export and manipulation of data Increased computational ower allows even computer intensive methods to be used and methods such as GLMMs MARS SOM and support vector machines are consider.

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