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E any of the 44 poems If you want to do a Look In I ove this book probably because my husband brought it home as a surprise Sometimes he does that instead of bring me flowers Sometimes he brings me flowers At any rate it has a cool and oving message in it so it s really sweet and that s why I gave it such a high rating It s basically a book that is a scientific spoof of Mother Goose I would call it cute A Follower of GoddardAnd a rising AstrogatorWere agreed that superthermicsWas a spatial hot pertaterThey reached a Super NovaOn a bicycle named BetaAnd I d tell you about itBut they fused with all the data I ove this book it was my mom s while I was growing up and I m so glad I finally talked her out of it Classic nursery rhyme reworked with the Space Age in mind for instanceHumpty Dumpty sat on a wallAt three o clock he had his great fallThe King set the Time Machine back to twoNow Humpty s unscrambled and good as newThe poems are charming and the illustrations eually so I m thrilled to be able to share this with my own children Loved this off beat book of poetry that delves into everything from time travel to uantum mechanics I grew up with my father reading this book to me I was probably an under 1 year toddler at that point And I ove it as much now as I did thenThe number of anguages Probable Possible my black hen is trans. Rses and drawings cheerfulness breaks in Suddenly science seems merry And space begins with the rhyme on page 1 to feel a itt.

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Lated into is fantastic and always well done I ove it to pieces even though I don t have the copy myself mine is the Mary Elizabeth Garrett latest editionThe artwork by Marian Parry is wonderful and fun yet keenly aware A master at work indeedGet it Read it Read it to your friends at parties Read it to your children Read it softly to your spouse when you re sitting under the stars Read it again and cherish it alwaysThere has never been a funoving endearing and utterly uniue book How to Know the Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America like this filk of the traditional Mother Goose tales and since this exists there probably is no need for another What can I say about one of the most influential books of my childhood Wonderfully twisted and deliciously informative full of knowledge that sticksike duct tape to silk And the drawings miro esue in their Mid Century Modern way are simple and gorgeous If you do not enjoy this book you do not enjoy tongue in cheek scienceFlappity Floppity FlipThe mouse on the Mobius stripThe strip revolved the mouse dissolvedin a chronodimensional skip Delightful whimsical verse poking gentle fun at science and science fiction as they existed in the 1950sI see a number of readers bought this book thinking it was appropriate for young children It isn t It s humor for adults Young children will simply be confused Teens and up may be able to appreciate it if they re also science nerds. Le Rebellion in Black and White like home A witty collection of 1950's space age poetry accompanied by clever black and whiteine drawings by Marian Parry.

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Just a sampleProbablepossible my black hen She Dwarfism lays her eggs in the relative when She doesn tay eggs in the definite now Because she s unable to postulate how Another winning reprint from Purple House Press Winsor spoofs the classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes with a scientific twist To the adult scientist these are a chuckle inducing fun collection of rhymes For the child scientist they may be a My Lai little denser but could provide an easy springboard for all sorts of space y and science y discussions The whimsical illustrations add to the book s charm I particularly enjoyed the ever growing pictures in The Theory Jack BuiltRecommended for scientists of all ages Not your typical children s corner poetry with itemsike Peter PaterAstrogatorLost his orbital calculatorOut among the asteroidsThey rang the Lutine Bell at Lloyd sLittle Jack HornerSits in a cornerExtracting cube roots to infinityAn assignment for boysThat will minimize noise And produce a peaceful vicinityLike a whimsical twist on the fifties view of Life in the 21st Century openlibraryorgVery clever and smart Not just astronomy physics and math but also modern philosophy and composition Includes glossary Illustrations are marvelous fun too Recommended even if you don t Polar Bears like science or contrariwise if you don tike children s booksI can t choose a favorite so I won t uot. Only a few years ago 1950s we walked on solid earth Today we whirl through space Space is big It is not cozy But with these ve.