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D their journeys to share the love of Jesus to a world in need. Ller Theological Seminary Some stories are told well some are worth telling The Bartender is both And for those struggling with God Christianity or the church worth reading too well worth it Todd Hunter Founder Three is Enough Groups Read this book and you will make the Earth shaping iscovery that there is a better way and the better way is the Different Class different way and the future will be better for theifference Leonard Sweet Drew Theological School George Fox University wwwsermonscom About the Contributors Michael McNichols is Director and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary's Regional Center in Irvine Calfornia He is a contributor to Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross Baker Academic 2006.

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Encouraging read Great look at life and the Christian cause Su. Description Christian faith is continually challenged by the tension between certainty and mystery A historic faith can seem threatened by the uncomfortable recognition that God continues to work in a rapidly changing culture The Bartender is a fable about the messiness and unpredictability of lives being opened up to God through relationships characterized by Short Stories by Roald Dahl deep listening and looking for the ongoing work of God in the world The parallel and sometimes intersecting paths of two men onifferent spiritual journeys reveal how God seems to be present in the most scandalous of human ramas When both men take risks that threaten their own religious sensibilities they find new ways of living out the implications of their faith.

Rprising twists and turns in the compelling story of two men an. Endorsements Some stories you just read while others you are rawn into Mike McNichols has written the latter It weaves together a collection of characters each of whom brings important issues that give rise to significant insights for the church to become not just a place but a community of peoples They become a ispersed people who are both excited and challenged by Jesus living with curiosity and anticipation as his servants in the world If Jesus lived life to the full in the world and loved it so much he was prepared to lay own his life for it how could his followers withdraw into their own little world That is why the Bartender story is as inspiring as it is isturbing Eddie Gibbs Senior Professor of Church Growth Fu.