E.E. Knight: Choice of the Cat

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Ecause as awkward as the first book was it showed promise and I just want to return to the time of the first F ing scene This is BS Knight Next time start at the beginning F My hopes for excitingly violent scenes were raised by the opening chapter and the rest though decent and at times good did not live p to its promiseNow about this beautiful Cat Love schmove from the first book Where is she Conveniently killed off so he can shag er fall in love with other hotties Let s call lust what it is Calling it love only adds guilt and that ruins sex not entirely but it. Valentine is a proud member of the Wolves an elite fighting force dedicated to regaining control of Earth But a disastrous battle against the enemy has left than half of his company wounded or dead and Valentine facing a court martialResigning his position Valentine accepts an offer to become a Cat one of the ste.

More Sadness but a bit of hope I thought it was another good book in the series The author continues to engage with a different type of vampire as compared to the norm I look forward to the next book and would highly recommend this if you enjoy fantasyish post apocalyptic genres David s road fighting the Kur takes a new twist trying to Sovereign of Stars (The She-King, uncover the secrets of the new threat byt the Kur His sense of honor and need to help others leads him to the path of the Cats It s not a pretty world but it is interesting reading Pre readpreview Back for punishment but only Possessed of annnatural and legendary hunger the Reapers have come to Earth to establish a New Order built on the harvesting of enslaved human souls They rule the planet They thrive on the scent of fear And if it is night as sure as darkness they will comeIt is the forty fifth year of the Kurian Order Lt David.

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Taints the memories a smidgen after you ve gotten your rocks off and get to thinkingPlease kill much sex little and for Grog s sake entertain me 35 stars Very good follow p to Way of the Wolf This book focuses on Valentine joining and learning the ways of the Cat the spyassassinintelligence gathering arm of the resistance E E Knight has created a superb post apocalyptic world as the setting of a terrific battle between the surviving humans and the vampiric life aura stealing Kurians Post apocalyptic vampire military SF at its best These books are a lot of fun. Althy warriors trained to spy on and go toe to toe against the Reapers Under the command of his mentor Smoke Val’s first mission is to enter the Kurian Zone and investigate the threat of the Twisted Cross a strike force of alien human hybrids possessing the skills of combat veterans and the hunger of the Reaper.