Tom Behan: The Resistible Rise of Benito Mussolini

EBOOK The Resistible Rise of Benito Mussolini Å Tom Behan –

Excellent short intro to the ise of fascism in Italy how it might hve been stopped Revelations about the support of the British establishment for fascist violence should be particularly instructive This is a great introduction into the ise of Benito Mussolini in 1920s Italy and the disastrous conseuences for workers the poor and minorities that followed But it was not a linear march there were several occasions where had the left correctly understood the politically sharpened situation unfolding before them learnt from the class and followed them into action it could have been a very different world today This book naturally also links to Germany which was also in a evolutionary situation at the time and which also out of that The Kaya-Girl revolution. In 1920 Italy was on the verge of a socialistevolution Just two years later Benito Mussolini's fascists took power and ushered in an era of epression war and ultimately genocide In

S defeat produced the infamous fascist dictatorship of Adolf HitlerThis book isn t just a useful analysis of past events and we are seeing fascist groupings pop up around the world some stronger than others and with them the arguments around the left and liberal press of what to do about it And tragically and frustratingly we see the lessons of the past forgotten and the same mistakes made of ignoring the fascists of arguing that to challenge them is to give them spaceI ll say this that not challenging fascists wherever they may be gives them further space and confidence to grow into a destructive movement eminiscent of the past Capitalism gives fascists this space to grow in the first place and so it is up to the left to join forces and do His enthralling book Tom Behan shows how a group of militant anti fascists came close to stopping Mussolini and changing the course of history Tragically their bravery was undermined by.

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Hat the Italian anti fascists so boldly did to the fascists of their time The main argument of this book is that there was nothing inevitable about the Omnibus Films rise of Mussolini Had the development of a leftist defensive organisation continued backed by a broad antifascist front the Fascists would not have been able to defeat the left After Behan gives us a uick introduction to 19th century Italy and the growth of left wing parties up to WWI the story takes off with the biennaleosso the period in 1919 20 where Italy seemed on the edge of Graeco-Egyptian Magick redevolution However Behan contends that the Socialist Party had no effective pla I would ve preferred to learn about the installation and conception of the caribinieri Otherwise a great look at this crazy weird. A combination of the left's sectarianism and naive faith in the impartiality of the police An important and detailed analysis of a period of Italian history which is often ignored' WSF.