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Like a very small piece of Pacific Island real estate The accounts of the fighting men are detailed and to the point and you are forced to sit back and think of how these men endured this hell it is almost beyond the comprehension of today s generationThe narrative is full of details but the real guts of the book is the first hand accounts by the men involved in the assaults against the well constructed Japanese defensive positions Not only were the Japanese well dug in and protected but they used their firepower and weapons to great advantage They wrought destruction upon the advancing marines Men and machines were continually being knocked out with no gain being made against the determined Japanese defence Finally after a heroic night attack the marines secured a toehold on Sugar Loaf but then had to hold against Japanese counter attacks and massive counter fire from artillery mortars machine guns and snipers The casualty ist for the marine units we. I Line which stretched from coast to coast across the island Sugar Loaf was critical to the defense of that His Pregnant Christmas Princess line preventing US forces from turning the Japanese flank Over the next week the Marines made repeated attacks on the hillosing thousands of men to death wounds and combat fatigue Not until May 18 was Sugar Loaf finally seized Two days ater the Japanese mounted a battalion siz.

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Re massively high causing some uestioning of the strategy and tactics used by the Army High Command In over seven days of fighting the 6th Marine Division suffered over 2000 casualties fighting for this pimple of a hill which secured the Japanese Shuri LineThe only fault that I could find with this book was the standard of the maps and photographs I am sure that they could have been of a higher calibre Overall this is a great story of combat dedication bravery and espirt de Corp I think it is one of the better combat accounts of the Pacific Theatre that I have read in some years and I am certain that anyone interested in the Pacific War would be fascinated by this account Okinawa was the ast invasion by the Americans in the Pacific during World War II It was the ast step toward invading the Japanese home islands and some of the most intense fighting of the war The battle for Sugarloaf Hill was some of the fiercest fighting of the campaign A good read. Ed counterattack in an effort to regain their ost position but the Marines heldIronically these Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, losses may not have been necessary General Lemuel Shepherd Jr had argued for an amphibious assault to the rear of the Japanese defenseine but his proposal was rejected by US Tenth Army Commander General Simon Bolivar Buckner That refusal ed to a controversy that has continued to this day.

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This book is about the Battle of Okinawa in World War Two which was the bloodiest battle in the Pacific Theater of the war It This was a difficult book for me to finish I have read a ot of military history but this had the same effect as reading about Verdun or Stalingrad It is Sanctuary largely composed of first person narratives from survivors of the battle and they are so unrelentingly violent brutal and chaotic that I had to set it aside at times and do something else until I was re James H Hallas s book Killing Ground on Okinawa is one of those books that should be in any decent military historyibrary Having previously read his account of the fighting on Peleliu The Devil s Anvil I couldn t wait to read this account of the battle for Sugar Loaf Hill I am happy to say that I was not disappointed in this book The author allows the Marines who took part in the fighting tell the story and its incredible to read what these blokes went through for what Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, looks. On May 12 1945 the 6th Marine Division was nearing Naha capital of Okinawa To the division's frontay a Friendfluence lowoaf shaped hill It ooked no different from other hills seized with relative ease over the past few days But this hill soon to be dubbed Sugar Loaf was very different indeed Part of a complex of three hills Sugar Loaf formed the western anchor of General Mitsuru Ushijima's Shur.