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Is discovered to possess a snuff box that had recently graced the general s study Pitt and his clever wife Charlotte must tread lightly while probing this masterpiece of evilWhat a book I loved the mystery that didn t reveal until the last pages And what an endingI elt like a participant as I progressed in the story Blackmail is horrible and can bring such Lady Janes Nemesis fear Ielt pity A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family for those entangled in the scheme It made me think about what s happening in America at this time Allegations that only give one sided storiesI lookorward to of these London Victorian era books Anne Perry s books are a slow burn read and as you progress into her book each layer goes in depth so you get a Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada feel of the era Perry makes sure you get alavour of how people were expected to behave and the conseuences if standards slip Both sides rich and poor had their own badge of honour This is a marvellous read and keeps you guessing till the end A book you want to re read and leaves you wanting to read of her book. E must tread lightly while probing this masterpiece of evil The book contains an interview with the auth.

T again it was odd that everything was always so perfectall the time I get that this is England and it is supposed to take place in a polite society but it was so much of the same So 2 stars The author should have spent Computers far less time repeating ad nauseam the turmoil misery and puzzlement of the blackmail victims theiramilies and Before You friends and the detectives on the case andar time moving the action along and providing some basis or the eventual climax and resolution As it is the exposition and rising action go on with Although I greatly enjoyed meeting the Pitts Aunt Vespasia Gracie Tellman and reading about life in late Victorian England the mystery was in my view a big red herring Solved in the last 20 pages by an unsexpected source it left me unsatisfied A lot of book was boring and I put it down I never put a mystery down before I ll see if Ilike Half Moon Street it s next on my list Superintendent Thomas Pitt becomes suspicious when a man ound dead outside a general s home. Ed to possess a snuff box that had recently graced the general's study Pitt and his clever wife Charlott.

This was a murder crime book I listened to the audio and the narrator had a very pleasant voice but the problem was that we didn t switch anything up to change voices Often a conversation between two or people sounded like a monologue I really had to pay attention to the slight pause when a character Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, finished talking and the next one started I liked how the story starteda body isound on Bedford Suare and nothing was as it seemed But then it went down hill Stupid men jokes from there There was so much repetition in this There was also a lot of descriptions using color and other meaningless details that don t add to plot or characterizations That is just a pet peeve of mine One thing that struck me as odd was that everyone parted with information so easily Even those who were doing the investigating A their job wasn t hard because they just had to ask a uestion and B they often let important information slipon purpose Iound that bizarre and unbelievable Loose Lips Sink Ships I liked the dialogue bu. Superintendent Thomas Pitt becomes suspicious when a man ound dead outside a general's home is discover.

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