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A good read really enjoyed the characters and storyline I find that it could uite of easily been a stand alone book and felt that it didn t really contribute much to the entire story arc whilst having a few minor items that affect the entire story it could uite easily of been a normal Warhammer 40000 book rather than art of the Horus Heresy I felt that i wasn t disappointed with the characters deaths and actually expected them all the way through and unlike in other heresy books found that I wasn t eager for their return this is unlike any other heresy book where you are excited for the characters return such as Garviel Loken from Horus rising Galaxy in flames and False gods overall a good read but i felt i could of skipped it out of the series and not have to worry Read the 13th book in the Horus Heresy series in the Black Library suggested reading order I really thought I would enjoy this one a great deal being that it focuses on the Assassin Clades of the Warhammer 3040k universe It ended up not being as gripping or enjoyable as I thought it would be I m not sure exactly why That Noble Dream perhaps the characters weren t recognizable or likableerhaps the The Shadows I Followed pacing wasn t so great But hey it was still way better than Battle for the Abyss I would give it 45 there was a few times I struggled with some of the ideas being espoused by some of the characters that didn t seem to fit what we know of them It started off slow for me but reallyicked up before the midway Japanese Etiquette point So give it a chance A solid read Not among the greatest in the series and the tie in to the Heresy isn t so tight you have to read it but it s a cool look into a different aspect of the Imperium I ve recently finished the latest Horus Heresy novel by James Swallow writer of Flight of the Eisenstein another fantasticart of the series Nemesis It covers a The Cowboy and His Baby plan by the Imperial assassin cults to send a team of assassins one from each temple to assassinate Horus Of course alan is simultaneously Secure Location put into motion by the traitors to send a vicious assassin to kill the EmperorI ll start out by saying that I really liked this book it s a great addition to a great series Sure you know from the beginning that neither of the assassinationlots succeed but that s not really the The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, point of the series The main interest is seeing HOW it unfoldsThe assassins are covered very well firstly because you get to see them in action As the execution force is assembled the group goes from location to locationicking up assassins immediately after their revious missions have completed Doing so the reader gets to read about the missions while they are happening to some effect Sure reading about a Vindicare sniping eople isn t very interesting and it s a little corny in the book but reading about a Culexus the anti Reign of Ash (The Chosen psyker assassin in action from the Culexusoint of view was very interestingAlso you get to feel that the assassins are Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen people with realersonalities somewhat and feelings and such and you get to see how they interact with one another and how they view one another They aren t Fline en Lingerie portrayed as single minded killers It s especially interesting to read how the Eversor thinks when the focus is on him ok maybe one of them is a single minded killerFinally the book includes an operative from the Venenum and Vanus temples who aren t really mentioned often in the 40K background otherwise I think only in the Assassins codex from 3rd edition They seem to be in there aslot devices though as opposed to being there for the necessity of their skills although the Vanus obviously contributes uite a bit to the missionI don t have many complaints about the book but there are two issues I have. After the horrors of Istvaan V Horus declares outright war against the Imperium In the shadows of the Emperor's Palace owerful figure.

First I think the book jumps around too much and not necessarily to the story s benefit Generally moving from one character s viewpoint to another can really help drive the story but only if it s done for that goal I don t feel that Nemesis is really written to fit with such a goal There are two separate stories that are going on inside it and although they are related the jumping between the two robably should be done a little less freuently Of course that s my opinion and I m not a Orange 5 (オレンジ, professional authorThe second one is very minor and is of a confusion than a complaint There are twoarts earlier in the book one at the beginning and one in the middle where Horus could be involved yet it seems like he s urposely kept apart from the action then some of the characters directly interact with him at the end and it really doesn t seem like there was a reason for it It s robably solely because he wasn t really relevant to the story at that The Scot point but it stuck out at meSo there are a few things I want to also talk about but of course if you haven t read the book you shouldn t read them So stop reading if you only wanted a review SPOILER ALERT The book gives a very clear hint that someone warned Horus about the assassination attempt and even the First Chaplain is surprised that Horus was aware There s some suggestion that it might be a spy in the Imperial Palace but I think the implication is that the Chaos Gods are whispering directly to Horus We know that when he assaults Terra he s going to be significantly enhanced by the Chaos Gods gifts so I suspect this is the start of them showing their favor to him It certainly will make future dialogueinteractions with Horus interestingThe response from both the Emperor and Horus regarding assassins is one of the finalarts of the book but is very interesting The Emperor declares a change from the Assassination clades to a governed form Spring Snow presumably the Officio Assassinorum but defends the need to keep such a group because in the war to come every weapon in the arsenal of the Imperium will be called to bear Horus however describes assassins as a tool of the weak I just found that rather fascinating the noble Emperor using a backhanded means to try to end the war with the traitorous Horus decrying a similar attempt by one of his alliesI m very excited to read the next books in the series I can t waitFrom my blog Finally At the very end of 2018 being up to date with the Horus Heresy franchise I decided to go back to the book I skipped ages ago to Nemesis I heard that this story does not bring much to the mainlot which was the The Greatest Victory primal reason for the delay Another reason was my lack of interest in the Officio Assassinorum which now definitely raised tremendously This started slowly reminded me of another Swallow s work Flight of Eisenstein It took forever to get me fully engaged but ended up rather interesting and entertaining I started several times and I went through with it only on my third try Unfortunately this means that this tale is not immediately attractive to the reader but it gets better The variety of characters is uiteleasing second half of the book kept me very engaged and brought me a lot of knowledge and new understanding of the differences between the assassin temples The ending was not disappointing as well I am glad I took my time to finally read Nemesis and I believe the Horus Heresy knowledge I Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, possess now made the experience enjoyable Is it skippable Yes Should you skip it Probably not It s worth a read James Swallow seems to be a hit a miss author for me I don t really care for many of his Blood Angles books but I really enjoyed Flight of the Eisenstein. S conveneTheirlan is to send a team of assassins to execute the arch traitor Horus and end the war for the galaxy of mankind before.

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I believe that Mr Swallow should stick with the Horus Heresy novels because Nemesis is a very good readThe book feels like Fates Monolith (MacLomain, part detective novel andart Dirty Dozen There is a serial killer that is being tracked down by local law enforcement on a sleepy little world that has largely untouched by the heresy We also see the an execution force At the Wolfs Table put together by all of the different sects or clades of assassins on Terra These killers are sent to kill the Warmaster and stop his insurrection before it can continue any furtherI am usually not a fan of two books in one that we often seen in the Black Library stories but this one wasn t so bad in my opinion For one thing the two stories were merged togetherretty uickly and for another thing both threads were just so damn interesting I wasn t left upset when they story switched gearsThe Horus Heresy books are always interesting to me as we generally know what is going to happen at the end We KNOW that the execution suad will be ultimately unsuccessful in killing the Warmaster but Swallow does a good job of weaving a story in there that still feels as if it has a successful conclusion even if Horus does surviveI give this book 4 neural shredders to the brain A Family Scandal pain out of 5 A solid if not spectacular addition to the Horus Heresy series Nemesis is still an entertaining read with further insights into the WH40K universe The story follows two differenterspectives that of a group of Imperial assassins sent to kill Horus and also an opposing assassin sent to kill the Emperor The imperial assassins storyline is fairly standard fair as the team is assembled one of each type of killer being introduced in series adding two types of assassin not seen in the tabletop game and Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, proceeding with their mission The interweaving story of the dark assassin as he works his way toward his objective is interesting butroblematic in fluff terms he is a The Perfect Weapon pariah bonded with a warp creature and I thoughtariah s were anathema to anything from the warp but that s just me being a Warhammer geekFor fans of 40K I m not giving anything away by telling you that both Psychic Protection parties fail in theirrimary mission and the story climaxes in a battle between the imperials and the dark assassin The กระต่ายในเงาจันทร์ plot moves fast and is well written there is the obligatory cameos from some of the big 40k figures Rogal Dorn Erebus Horus and best of all the Emperor himself get a few lines at last All in all I enjoyed it but it did not reach the uality of other books in the series all right the ones by McNeil Abnett When I first started reading the mainline Horus Heresy novels with Horus Rising I had only the most rudimentary knowledge of Warhammer 30k40k lore Some of the foreshadowing of those early books was lost on me because I wasn t intimately familiar with the setting but on the other hand I was able to be surprised by revelations character arcs etc because I didn t already know what was going to happenWith Nemesis even my rudimentary knowledge of the setting was enough to spoil the ending Heck even knowing that there are books in the series beyond this is enough to spoi The Warhamer 40K genre mash up alooza continues with the awesome little novel that starts out sorta like a gritty whodunnit murder mystery before reminding itself that it is in fact a Warhammer 40K novel and goes back to blowing uplanets and shit Yeah gone are the Astartes super human soldiers though and in is a small group of highly trained assassins hunting Horus Lupercal and who are in turn being hunted themselves by something way crazy A couple surprises a couple remember the Alamo moments and ton of fun Nemesis continues what is already an amazing serie. It's even begun But what they cannot know is that another assassin is abroad already with his sights firmly set on killing the Emperor.

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