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The whole TAKE HER MAN Plan stupid and frankly uite childish The fact that Troy who described herself as a Fine Black Intelligent Woman played herself in such a desperate way The fact that Julian dumped her in the first place should have gave her a clue that he wasn t the neI couldn t even finish this Have A Good Night, Volume 1 one and I know I will NOT try this author again Upon first glance this may seem like a book about a petty needy girl who s man breaks itff with her As you keep reading it has so much intertwined in it It has lots f laughs and ultimately a good message I really liked this book Not the best but it still have a good ending I had my reservations about this book Take Her Man is a plan concocted by the 3T s three women who became best friends in college to help Troy steal her doctor boyfriend back from the hospital intern that stole him from her The book was funny and it kept me interested I was annoyed in the beginnning because f how childish this plan was however the characters matured by the end f the book While I had issues with the Take Her Man plan the way Grace Octavia pulled it together was good There TyEstablished during their college days at Hampton University the break up party was how Troy Tamia and Tasha The 3Ts survived the drama f relationship bust ups by stepping When You Lose Your Job out in their most scandalous dresses and dancing 'til their feet hurt Now it's Troy's turn There's justne problem Julian's stepping ut toowith a new sister n his arm Troy knows that should be the final straw but she still can't believe that Mr.

As a lot going Isabel the Queen: Life and Times on with eachf the characters Grace Octavia attempted to sueeze too much into the book so some Fantastic Post Office 03 of the drama could not be flushedut very well The drama with Grandma Lucy and Troy s mother Mary Elizabeth The issues Tim Crouch of the black bourgeousie didn t blend well with the story either It would have worked but it should have been written in better Take Her Man was not the worst book I ve read so far but it s not highn my recommended books I don t know if I will read Playing Hard to Get to find ut what happens with the 3Ts This book is sort fwellboring and I was very disappointed as the last book I read by Grace Octavia was amazing The narrator lives a very privileged life and comes across as a bit Drawing the Human Head of a spoiled brat She goesff Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics on tangents that constantly left me thinking Um who cares And the little self help excerpts are pretty redundant On a good note it has an alright message This book was a struggle which is surprising because the author s last 2 books were great I don t know exactly what went wrong here but it wasn t as easy as thether 2 had been I couldn t get past page 13 I was annoyed. Right is really Mr All Wrong So it's time to get down and dirty and put the wicked 3T Take Her Man plan into action And no matter how long it takes she is going to win back her man What follows is an adventurous New York City roller coaster ride that even the 3 T's could not have predictedA devilishly entertaining novel Take Her Man also includes real life rules regulations and recipes for becoming a real life It Gir.

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To keep this review short and sweet since the DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle other reviews tell you the basicsf the storyline anyhow I ll just uickly share my pinion 1 I enjoyed the writing style f Grace Octavia in this book I felt as though the dialouge used in the story was written as though it could have been an actual conversation r script It had a raw and real feeling 2 The plan was ridiculous Honestly 3 Troy was portrayed all wrong The author wanted Troy to be intellectual but instead made her desperate and juvenile It took me a while to commit to reading this story and I may and that s a doubtful may read another story from Grace Octavia before I completely decide to write her ff Main character seemed to silly Stopped after 1st chapter Not a good story language was different for me I did finish book because Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, overall it was a nice story nothingutstanding After reading the rave reviews from thers about this bookI picked this up and I have had it for uite some time because after reading Ms Octavia s book His First Wife I wasn t sure if I wanted to read this ne and needless to say that I DID NOT like this book at all I found. New York City It Girl Troy Smith thought she'd have her ring by spring But there's been a change in plans Troy is a beautiful successful black woman who's convinced her delicious boyfriend Dr Julian James is the man f her dreams until he says he wants a break Brokenhearted confused and stuck in bed listening to Mary J Blige Troy knows there's nly Pontius Pilate one thing to do get her girls to throw her anfficial 3T Break Up Par.

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Grace Octavia is a native of Westbury New York Her writing has appeared in Sisterfriends by Michele Agins and Julia Chance and Rolling Out magazine where she was Editor in Chief She is currently working on her PhD at Georgia State University in Atlanta