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D does not rule with an iron fist just as Kiyoshi does not relinuish power when he submits to David The power dynamic is fluid and constantly changing just as a relationship does Soon however David starts to love the place he has come to settle within the couple s dynamic Will they feel the same Or will they let him go at the nd of the weekend as he originally wantedThe beauty of this particular story is the lens through which the story is told We are told the story from Ethan s POV as he learns about the community himself He is an objective audience to David and Kiyoshi s relationship though he soon becomes part of it Yet with the possibility of their weekend menage lasting no longer than the convention Ethan is able to retain the mask of partiality Therefore while we are able to see the BDSM community from the inside out at the same time as Ethan is able to understand the true meaning of the community of power and the dynamics of giving and receiving it in a fresh and new way The dynamic between David and Kiyoshi and later as Ethan seems to take pleasure in pushing the boundaries of their relationship helped me to understand the benefits that David and Kiyoshi and Ethan as well receive from a relationship in the context of BDSM Likewise the way that they viewed the community helped Though they may seem the perfect Dom and sub in public it is only that a display In private the one who ultimately holds the power is Kiyoshi It was fascinating to watch Ethan learn this and then see the community through their Gangbang Slut eyes For the full review please visit Reviews by JessewaveOriginal Review I loved this book so much Even though I don t read very much BDSM this is by far my favorite mm BDSM book not to mention my favorite so far of Jaye and Reno s books I admit that there have been times where a book has helped me to understand the BDSM culture which isn t something that I m naturally drawn to but I ve always still remained confused This book changed that for me and helped me understand the love and trust that is implicit in a BDSM partnership I appreciate that and value it as someone who doesn t reallynjoy the shock and awe factor that many mm BDSM books One Con Glory employ A favorite for sure This was not a long book but it crammed in a lot ofmotion and passion centered suarely on a Ds 247 lifestyle versus the common role playingscene Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows enacting stories usuallyncountered It seemed very knowledgeable and really did a great job of gathering the view points in a rational and yet very human and The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) emotional way It was one of the most concisely written stores about a Ds relationship that I have read Itasily made it seem like something two people would Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, enjoy consensually without any bullying or abuse David and Kiyoshi are anstablished pair that Ethan approaches as interview subjects It does not take long for David to crave the A Fairly Honourable Defeat emotional connection he witnesses between the two and for a friendship of sorts to develop between Ethan and Kiyoshi Between Ethanxperiencing his own newbie reactions and watching Kiyoshi and David interact and asking uestions a clear view of the relationship and where David might fit merges I really really njoyed this bookETA After thinking about this book for a few hours I have something to add This book screams for a seuel I would love to see how the three of them adjust to their new circumstance David and Kiyoshi would not only need to rethink their routine to include a third but Ethan still needs pretty Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue extensive immersion into the 247 Ds lifestyle they live Additionally David would need toxplore Ethan s boundaries in a way he has not had to do in a long time Ethan and Kiyoshi have to define their relationship as well It could be fascinating if approached as well as this boo. Or a conventionEthan makes arrangements for them to meet but little does Ethan know that he is about to The Man Without a Face embark on a safari into a world wild and untamed than anything he hasver ncountered befor.

First let me say that I have read and liked these authors before but for some reason this book did not do it for me It felt like a PSA for novice practitioners about safe bdsm practices with a few sex scenes thrown in there I didn t feel any character development or relationship building and it seems a bit unlikely that in the course of one weekend someone who has never been in the lifestyle before would choose to be in a 247 submissive relationship I give this book 15 stars For a much better bdsm story by these authors at least in my opinion check out A Perfect Game A totally different take a the BDSM theme insightful and very respectful Ethan is an rotic romance author seeking inspiration for a new book He stumbles across David Clarke a lifestyler and real life Dom and asks for an interview But when he meets with David at a BDSM convention David s sub Kiyoshi Sato takes overand Ethan gets much than he d hoped for and in an Gone (Gone, entirely different way I loved the dynamics between David Kiyoshi and Ethan inither combination All three were interesting characters with Ethan the best worked out and David the most mysterious as it fits their respective roles Kiyoshi was a simply adorable combination of spoiled brat and lionhearted fighter The story moved fast with some surprising twists and turns Although the three had been only together for a few days I could relate to their uickly developing relationship The story is about building and Threads Of The Shroud earning trust I alongside with Ethan learned a lot about BDSM after readind this I canven imagina a relationship like David s and Kiyoshi s workin in real life In addidtion to this I felt delightfully All Seated on the Ground entertained So nothing missing from this book I m a huge fan of the mmm genre and mixed up with a sugar coating of kink this story isxactly what I loveThe freelance nature photographer and novelist Ethan Bouwer is hunting a topic for his new writing project The world of BDSM He trips over the Dom David Turner and his beautiful partner and cross dressing sub Kiyoshi who are uite a famous couple in the BDSM circuit Ethan is completely taken by them and within a few hours he decides that he really wants to learn from them Soft Focus delivers a well written and beautiful story It s written with a great deal of sensitivity It makes clear that BDSM is based on loving trust and honesty and lack of respect and brutality have no place in this lifestyle Although this is a romance the characters are intense They are clearly defined and I could Untitled. easily connect withach of them I liked how the authors bring out the pros and cons of the BDSM lifestyle and how idiots like the one in the story can give a whole community a bad name What I didn t like was the shortness of the story There s definitely a lot for Ethan to learn and that could have been an interesting journey if there would be a seuel It s too bad that the authors left us high and dry Innocently unaware of how little he truly knows of BDSM Ethan steps unprepared into a world where he is challenged to step out from behind his safety as an observer and nter the scary uncertainty of participating His next twenty four hours are comprised of moments where his choices however large or minor alter his path as well as David and Kiyoshi s All three characters are fully developed and wonderfully drawn from the intense and loving relationship between Kiyoshi and David to Ethan s wide yed Against All Odds eagerness and yearning for Kiyoshi is a charming intelligent spoiled brat He is wonderfully written with a deft hand clearly showing a man no matter how beautiful he may be with his stilettos make up and clothing His devotion and service to David shows the true strength andlegance of a BDSM relationship where the ownership is clearl. Ethan Bouwer has always been the adventurous sort A freelance nature photographer he travels the globe and writes rotica on the side whenever things get a bit slow Hunting for a topic for his nex.

Y on both sides David is For a somewhat shorter book under 250 pages it packed a wallop I liked the tension both sexual and physical that xisted between the three This was how I anticipate a threesome in BDSM would work It relies on trust and communication and no one is perfect So disappointed From another review I was The DOS expecting hot BDSM mm action but I found the book actually boring David and Kiyoshi s relationship is well portrayed however it s Ds not BDSM It is very affectionate andnjoyable Ds it s the first time I could actual This is so not what I Against All Odds expected Ixpected another romantic slice of life lovey dovey mm romance Instead I received a great front row seat to some hot BDSM mm action Yowza This was a very pleasant surprise I liked how the authors brought out the pros and cons of the BDSM lifestyle I liked it Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism even that they showed the bad side of it and how it can harm people yet that isn t the norm I appreciated most that none of the three main characters Ethan Ki and David were psychologically unbalanced nutcases using BDSM as some form of therapy This was a book I sat down in one sitting and ripped right through It s a great fast read with hot scenes There is also tenderness that I like I also like thisxample of the 247 lifestyle Very lovely I definitely recommend this to my BDSM friends who want something romantic and hot 45 Fabulous I read this in one sitting last night and was really sorry when it finished Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils extremely hot the sex is sizzling and the sexual tension between all three protagslectric Ethan s introduction into the BDSM lifestyle was really fascinating and from the moment he met David and Kiyoshi I was drawn to the three men like a moth to a flamemind you I do love my M nage s Like David and Ethan I was totally Payment Due enamoured with Kiyoshi the beautiful cross dressing sub and for me he was the star of the show Sexy sassy and sensual he really suits the nickname of Kitten from David his Sensai and he purrs very nicely but he s also got claws which show subtly when Ethan firstnters into his and David s Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, established relationship and later when he confronts a nasty Dom view spoiler which unfortunately leads to repercussions hide spoiler Updated Review 45 starsThis book is about the journey of a man into BDSM with the right teachers Ethan is an mmrotica writer He does Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, everything he can to find a subject that totallynthralls him Then he digs deep into research and come out on the other side with a story hopefully about real men in that situation On the flight home from his day job as a freelance photographer on a safari in Africa Ethan sees a BDSM magazine in the hands of the passenger next ot him and after striking a conversation with the man about the publication he is reading Ethan decides that the BDSM community is going to be part of his next project He records the name of the Dom in the magazine that has caught his ye and after finding out that he and his sub will be attending a conference near him he arranges to meet them both at the conference to start his researchDavid and Kiyoshi are uite a famous couple in the BDSM circuit David is a skilled Dom who teaches classes theory and practical at different conferences during the year Kiyoshi his sub is also ually famous both for being David s long time sub and for his own grace beauty and submission They love Turbulence each other very much but they have a somewhat tenuous connection Ethan is completely taken by them and within only a few hours decides that if he really wants to learn from them he willnter into the community for the weekend He soon learns that almost all of his thoughts about BDSM are completely wrong though there are many within the community as well who are unable to grasp the finer points Davi. T writing project he stumbles upon a man named David Turner and the taboo world of BDSM His curiosity piued Ethan discovers that David Turner and his beautiful partner Kiyoshi are coming to town


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Not For The Faint Of Heart That sums up my work with Jaye Valentine I've always spent a good deal of time with the darker side of my imagination I was never afraid of the dark In fact some of my fondest memories are of Saturday afternoons with my dad watching Creature Double Feature with a big bowl of popcorn Halloween has always been my favorite holiday Werewolves angels demons and vamp