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Tions but the ending makes ou believe that International Organizations you can achieve whateverou choose to achieve This was an excellent book and I would read it again without hesitation So beautifully written about the hard subject of incapable parents and the foster systems and orphans and sweet kids caught in the middle. And recites in her headWhen she discovers she is pregnant Star's search for the right course of action brings her face to face with the cruel exploitation she fears is her legacy but culminates in her personal and spiritual triump.

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Vercoming what society feels about Laurus you It is about a 16ear old girl who has an alcoholic prostitute for a mother who has lived a good portion of her life in foster care and just happens to get pregnant by another boy in her foster care home It is a book that takes ou through a rollercoaster of emo. Living with three other foster children in a broken down central New York town The daughter of an alcoholic prostitute Star has so far escaped the gritty painful circumstances of her life through the poems and stories she writes.

Yuckydepressing book zeroabsolutly zero plot what so everpainfully boring I would have given it one star but I did appreaciate the author s poetic style at timesbut not enough to pick up another book of hers anytime soon This is than a coming of age book It is a book about overcoming the past and If Wishes Were Horses is a moving coming of age novel that explores the depth of friendship the hope for redemption and the heartbreaking choices one must make in a difficult brutal worldIt's 1974 and 16 ear old Star Hennessey is.

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