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Ell as the rest of the book the author just kind of assumes you understand what he s talking about And that makes this book difficult to understandThe book kind of assumes your not ignorant about the world of comic book heroesor physics Because I am a curious person I have looked up information about things like the Schrodinger euation before I was able to scrape bybut barely I still don t have it all igured outI d say this book was entertaining but unless you have some previous knowledge of physics don t even bother James Kakalios clearly loves comics as much as he loves uantum physics and pounces on any excuse to lever them into this book These interjections often illustrated with Chinese Whispers frames or coversrom comics take the Wheres Mummy Mouse? form of light hearted nerdinessthe amazing superpowers displayed by Dr Manhattan are a conseuence of his having control over his uantum mechanical waveunctionI rolled my eyes but was happy to indulge these cheerful diversions even if they re not terribly helpful as they do leaven the load of a respectably detailed and sometimes challenging overview of the subatomic worldWhimsy aside Kakalios adopts a very nuts and bolts approach with clean diagrams and solid metaphors energy levels in a semiconductor Get Over Your Damn Self for instance are orchestra mezzanine and balcony seats This is not a history of theield instead the author is concerned with telling us insofar as is possible in a popular text how stuff works Alpha Dog (Weredog Chronicles) from waveunctions and uncertainty up through radiation and Mr. Funny fermions to lase It s no secret what drew me to this book the subtitle is A Math Free Exploration of the Science That Made Our World Mathree That s Heres to the Ladies for me Sadly as Kakalios admits in his introduction it s not really mathree merely math simple as defined by a physicist Still and all it s an enjoyable read Kakalios is a self admitted nerd and geek and he draws his examples and illustrations Saying Yes to the Millionaire from comic books He s got a very accessible conversational style and he s not above a bad pun or two Do I understand uantum mechanics now No Am I closer to understanding uantum mechanics Definitely In my undergraduate thesis I hypothesized that students whoocused on understanding the concepts of uantum mechanics would learn than students who instead The Majors Guarded Heart / The Highlanders Dangerous Temptation / Paying the Vikings Price focused on mathematicalormalisms In the Amazing Story Kakalios demonstrates just how interesting and engaging the ideas of uantum mechanics can beWithout any mind numbing euations he introduces theories Sons of the Devil, Vol. 2 from statistical mechanics solid state physics and modern atomicnuclear physics and shows how theyorm the basis Merry Christmas, Daddy for many of today s new technologies eg semiconductors and laser disc readers to start The science is also grounded in stories about uantum s discoverers Schrodinger receives noteworthy treatment and pulp scienceiction Roped in from the 1950s ie Buck Rogers The purpose I think is twoold irst to emphasize the ongoing importance of imagination Where would we be without speculative iction Practical applications aside life is surely interesting when we can see the Watchmen and think about controlling our own wavefunctions and second to contrast what we got to what we expected an increased ability to store information rather than an increased ability to store energyIn short the book is approachable and loaded with applications If you are interested in any of these topics I encourage you to check it out An intro to uantum mechanics with minimal theory Secrets of the Tycoons Bride (The Garrisons, from a compilation of the basicacts Explained that uantum mechanics basically means light acts like a photon machine gun and that energy states at the atomic level must occur in discrete energy lumps known as uantaEarly in the book listedThere are three impossible things that we must accept in order to understand uantum mechanicsLight is an electromagnetic wave that is actually comprised of discrete packets of energyMatter is comprised of discrete particles that exhibit a wave like natureEverything light and matter has an intrinsic angular momentum or spin that can only have discrete valuesFrom there the story of uantum mechanics is explained Samanthas Gift from Max Planck s original ideas ca 1900 Includes an excellent and clear explanation of Planck s constant why it came into being and why it was the critical link between Newton s F ma and Schrodinger s euationsHeavy material to be certain I liked the explanations exceptor the author s attempts to be Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous funny Those were clumsy and pretty stupid None the less this is a clearly written book by someone who knows his material wellReminded me of when I took the 3rd physics course at the Univ of Illinois around 1970 It covered uantum mechanics and had the most cool of all possible lab experiments I could not believe w This book is written by someone who grew up with pulp scifi and comic booksor people who grew up with pulps and comics His explanations of. Ns and examples Courting Miss Adelaide (Noblesville, Indiana, from scienceiction pulp magazines and comic books The Amazing Story of uantum Mechanic.

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James Kakalios is one A Convenient Wife funny guy Sure he is a distinguished professor in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota but he makes no bones about theact that he is a science A Colton Target fiction nut whose mission at least in this book is to teach the layman how to understand the sometimes dense principles of uantum mechanics using real life examples mixed with a hefty dollop of humor and Buck Rogers atmosphericsKakalios begins his journey by simultaneously seducing and yet steering us awayrom notions of that Jetson s style sci i uture we were supposed to be living by now complete with Prodigal Prince Charming flying cars personal jet packs and robotic assistants and shifts our thinking to appreciate the complex real world developments of iPhones laptop computers and the place you are now reading this article the World Wide Web itselfKakalios mission is touse his knowledge of sci Task Force Bride fi history the original Sci Fi pulper Hugo Gernsback s Amazing Stories serves as the basisor many of his examples with the evolution of the theories A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, formulas andorces that emerged out of such Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, fictional thinking and landed in the labs of the last 50 years Like theun professor in college he explains meaningful theories but infuses them with colorful to say the least stories of how these discoveries came about like how the Schrodinger euation was Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue filled with plenty of suspense and sex Using examplesrom Dr Manhattan to the Manhattan Project as well as his own superheroes like Niels Bohr Einstein Max Planck and others the professor creates scenario after scenario where seemingly complex theories are explained in a oh I see how that works style using story lines diagrams and historical connections to make the light go off in your head DVD glow in the dark photon laser light that isNow we don t pretend to Mistress fully grasp every scientific revelation presented here though we are a lot clearer on the Second Law of Thermodynamics as well as theuture of nanotechnology we certainly understand much about movies like Transformers and Watchman which Kakalios worked on As Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) far asinding a way to have students understand complicated scientific theories through a connection to pop culture goes Kakalios has succeeded big time The A Ranchers Redemption fact that this can even be considered a laymen s text is proof enough of that TLDR Interesting and entertaining book but hard to grok while drivingI hate to admit that a book writtenor laymen was outside of my comprehension but there were uite a A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby few times while listening to this book that I had to be content to pick out little nuggets here and there without understanding the big picture Perhaps if I wasn t driving and could have actually studied the diagrams and the euations that the author kept referencing instead of keeping my eyes on the road I would have had a better chance at keeping upHowever this is purely my situation The book itself wasascinating The attempts to keep it interesting by A Mother in the Making framing a difficult subject in the context of super herovillian powers was mostly successful The title outright lies when they say Math Free but it did manage to keep the math to aairly rudimentary level There is definitely an art Her Kind Of Cowboy for making advanced science palatableor the masses unfortunately this book lacked that Some interesting His Pregnant Christmas Princess facts but you need some per ordained knowledge on the subject to even get going Read this exerptrom chapter Through the Language Glass five with meIn 1958 Jonathan Osterman PhD in atomic physicts Princeton University began his postdoctoral research position at the Gila Flats Research Facility in the Arazona desert There he participated in experiments probing the nature of the intrinsicield The author of this book Mr James Kakalios goes on to explain that Without the electromagnetic strong or weak orces there is nothing to hold atoms or nuclei together and all mater would rapidly and violently be torn apart Unfortunately or Dr Osterman just such a Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, fate befell himAt this point I as a reader got really exitedwhen he was accidentally locked in the intrinsicield chamber during one such test run in 1959 Osterman along with concrete block no 15 which was the intended target of the day s intrinsic You Are Not A Gadget field removal experiment was completely dematerialized Noreaking way Through a process that remains poorly understood to this day Osterman was able to re create himself atom by atom Wait whatto become the superpowered being known as Dr ManhattanHE S A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER YOU MORON I HATE YOU Yup that was the most exiting part of the book Sanctuary for me The title is misleading perhaps there is no way to explain uantum mechanics without math but it is stupid to make a claim and then reveal it asalse in the irst chapter There IS math in this book And it s pretty importiant to understand math if you want to know what the author is talking about In the beginning of chapter 5 as Most of us are unaware of how much we depend on uantum mechanics on a day to day basis Using illustratio.

Uantum mechanics are littered with geeky references rom before a time when geeky references were a thing Many of them are before my time so I didn t appreciate them Also his style at times confuses Friendfluence fact andantasy the way he describes Doctor Manhattan s origin story One Part Woman from Watchmenor instance seems Stranger for too long like he s discussing actual scientists running an actual experimentNote Iorgot to mark it when I Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis finished the book and Iorget when that was So the date s wrong Scientists and writers of scientifiction use our current understandings of the working of the universe to conjure up imaginative descriptions and refining our model of the universe as in the case of scientists or speculating about the uture course of human societies and extraterrestrial worlds The 20th century was a period of exciting scientific discoveries that radically altered our understanding of physics and at the same time saw the birth of the science iction genres with its astonishing worlds and humans with superpowers With the Amazing Story of uantum Mechanics James Kakalios attempts to explain the The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, fundamental principles of uantum mechanics and how their applications led to the conveniences of the modern world A self proclaimed nerd as well as a geek Kakalios a physics professor at the University of Minnesota loves uantum mechanics but also pulp scienceiction making him a great candidate to provide a somewhat historical account of how scientific theories and sci To See Paris and Die fi plots influenced each other over the course of the century The design of the book cover pays homage to Hugo Gernsbeck s Amazing Stories the original Sci Fi pulper published in 1926 which also serves as the basisor several of Kakalios examples throughout the book He brilliantly uses the Out of China futuristic devices and superhuman characters imagined by scii writers such as the death ray gun or the all powerful Dr Manhattan Mary Tudor from Watchmen as springboards to elucidate complex concepts like LASER and the Schr dinger s wave euation and how a better understanding of these principles led to modern innovations such as MRI possible He even attempts to encapsulate all of uantum mechanics to three deceptively simple rules which he alludes to several times throughout the book making sure the concepts stick The science presented is dense and despite its claims of offering a mathree exploration of the world of uantum mechanics Kakalios drops the time independent Schr dinger s wave euation in it s most raw As Aventuras de Hornblower (Saga Hornblower form Nonetheless the euations presented in the book are thereor the sake of completeness than to intimidate the reader Kakalios goes the The Accidental Tourist full stretch and does not shy awayrom explaining unintuitive and seemingly difficult concepts such as hyperfine uantisation and uantum tunnelling but rather does so through the use of clever metaphors that make the concepts much accessible All of this discussion is presented in a lighthearted humorous manner sprinkled with puns all delivered in an innocent nerdy Barcelona fashion Noting the lack of jetpacks andlying cars the book provides a great perspective on the influence of science on pop culture tracing the collisions between the science Christmas Catastrophe fiction and modern physics over the years Kakalios provides examples of how scienceiction comics of the past would weave their narratives around the latest discoveries in the world of modern physics informing the layperson of the important scientific developments of the time He notes how before the advent of superheroes with super natural powers Earth s or human societies saviours were scientists It speaks of a society enthused and even energised by science a trait that s increasingly diminishing in today s society with increased public distrust in science Kakalios emphasises the important of curiosity driven Collected Poems fundamental research and splendidly portrays how the discoveries ofew handful physicists has had such a profound impact on all spheres of human life Here s a uote that drives that point home While the scientist as world saving hero is a caricature I hope that I have convinced you that the scientist as world changing hero is a pretty apt description or the physicists who developed the ield of uantum mechanics In this these investigators A Song for Issy Bradley followed a trail blazed hundreds of years ago For science has always changed theuture Technological innovations rom movable type to steam engines to wireless radio to laptop computers have time and again profoundly altered interactions among people communities and nations Overall while the book occupies a particular overlapping niche between nerds and geeks who will ind this offering absolutely delightful it s got lot to offer A Sudden, Fearful Death (William Monk, for anyone curious about the inner concepts that made possible and drive the workings of modern devices In my opinion this is a brilliant example of science communication done right. S explains theundamental principles of uantum mechanics that underlie the world we live inWatch a Vide.

James Kakalios is a physics professor at the University of Minnesota Known within the scientific community for his work with amorphous semiconductors granular materials and 1f noise he is known to the general public as the author of the book The Physics of Superheroes which considers comic book superheroes from the standpoint of fundamental physicsKakalios who earned PhD from the Universit