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Was so use to having the glamour life she attending school n the subarbs and had lots of friends there She wore nice clothes and she li the ending left you hanging So sad that happened to the lil dude. Ying to spread her wings The only problem s that she's fallen for Tanueray's main manAs the sisters struggle for survival and struggle with each other will they manage to come together when tragedy strike.

Excellent read good hood novelwaiting to read seuel Family s everything no matter what we go through Tanueary This book was about four sisters who each have their own personal problems Sinclair What Matters Most is the. Now that their brother Debonairs serving five years n prison three sisters Tanueray Uniue and Sinclair will have to learn to fend for themselvesThe oldest sister Tanueray s a functioning addict bent on.

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Younget of the four she Linnys Sweet Dream List is seventeen years old and attends school outside of her projectsn the suburbs Her life turns upside down when her brother Dobunoir gets sentenced to five years Envy (Empty Coffin, in jail Sinclair. Satisfying her selfish needs and desires A mother of four children by the age of 23 middle sister Uniues Carnal Captive (Carnal Incorporated in denial about what her latest mans up to Bad Boys On Board (Watson Brothers, in her own home Sheltered baby sister Sinclairs tr.

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