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Good writing just contained some of my NOPES a bit too strongly Dan and Cal had been in the military together but for years not been in contact But when Dan contacted him and needed help Cal went to Hawaii Never knowing the mess he would get intoFinds out that Dan has been killed in a crash and they are trying to say it was an accident But for some reason Cassie Dan s sister will not believe this Both Dan s home and office has been broken into and messed up bad So someone is looking for something and don t want her aroundSo after warning from several to stay out of the investigation Dan and Cassie don t They get shot at tried to run off road and lots of other bad stuff But keep on trying to find out what really happenedCassie not a likeable person but do keep you interested in finding out how the book nds Good Had hard time getting into book Went find once into story Stand alone but same setting few characters from First Hawaii Novel somewhat predictable but City Girl in Training enjoyable Fun book that started out with a bang and kept right on going Caleb arrived in Hawaii to see his Air Force buddy Dan after receiving a puzzling letter asking for his help After unsuccessfully trying to find his friend Cal showed up at Dan s house in the middle of the night and tried to let himself in a window only to find himself facing a woman with a gun After an amusingly confrontationalncounter Cal was stunned to find out the woman is Dan s sister and that Dan is dead Just as Cal begins to get some of the details someone shoots into the houseCal and Cassie strike sparks off Mystery at Kittiwake Bay each other from the beginning Much of it is antagonistic with an undercurrent of attraction Cassie has a very confrontational personality aggravated by the runaround she has been getting from the local cops She is convinced that Dan s death was no accident and has made no secret of that fact Cal is inclined to believe her as he is well aware of Dan s flying ability That belief is reinforced by whoever shot at them The two of them agree to work together to search out the truth but it s an uneasy partnership Both Cassie and Cal are strong personalities andach wants to be in charge The bickering between them was pretty funnyI liked the development of Cal and Cassie s relationship The bickering remains pretty constant but it doesn t take too long before they are leaning on Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files each other for support when grief hits them I liked Cal s protectiveness toward Cassie He alsoxperiences some unexpected jealousy when other men pay attention to her which surprises him and freaks him out He has uite a talent for making her mad but he doesn t learn his lesson about when to keep his thoughts to himself He s also keeping some secrets about Dan s past that he knows will create trouble with her when they come out Cassie is drawn to Cal and isn t happy about it She thinks he s too cocky for his own good and his take charge atti. Aloha Gorgeous Cassie Montgomery was in no mood for messing around until she got an yeful of the sizzling hot miscreant breaking into her half brother Dan's Hawaii home Turns out he's not a criminal but a friend who's just as suspicious of Dan's accidental death as she is Cassie's beyond tir.

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To Dan s house they become sort of a team I say sort of because Cassie s constant sniping alienates than helps gets people to give her information Unfortunately most of the dialogue is centered on the interaction of of Cassie and Cal Between her ndless counter productive grating remarks and her mercurial shifts between undermining and then seducing Cal she never really becomes anything than bitchy twit Cal has the kind of unwavering calm you d An Italian Education expect from a pilot used to dealing with high risk situations but his panic at getting involved is almost as stupid as Cassie sndless cutting remarksThe suspense is barely there at all and it two reprises our heroine getting involved with a crime boss and a corruptincompetent official while the hero tries to keep things sane and logical Even that is just a slightly modified regurgitation of Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy Altogether not her best work Cassie Montgomery knows that there s to the helicopter crash that killed her brother than the police are telling her Determined to prove that his death wasn t an accident she Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code embarks on her own investigation While searching her brother s deserted home for clues about his death Cassie comes face to face with an intruderCaleb Wilson is breaking into his pal Dan Montgomery s home in the middle of the night the better to find out the real deal with Dan s untimely death The police are saying that Dan lost control of the helicopter but Caleb finds that hard to believe given that Dan served in the Air Force right alongside himCassie and Dan begrudgingly agree to join forces because they have a common goal But just because they re going to be working together doesn t mean that they likeach other Or does itHelenKay Dimon takes readers back to Hawaii in It s Hotter in Hawaii Fans of Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy will remember the outstanding job she did of transporting readers to the islands and It s Hotter in Hawaii is no different she makes me want to book my next vacation in thereI Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, enjoyed watching Cassie and Cal bicker while also trying to work through the grief of losing someone special All of the things that make readers flock to Dimon s work are also present witty dialogue realistic characters and steamy scenes Even though I don t alwaysnjoy romantic suspense I look forward to HelenKay Dimon s books because I know that I ll always get a good story with believable suspense It s Hotter in Hawaii is a great read and once again I can t wait for Dimon s next bookOriginally published at Curledupcom Couldn t resist the whole Hawaii theme Very much a romance novel which is fine you have to understand that going in I was still ntertained by the mysterythriller loved the local flavor with mention of places in Kuai I m way familiar with Oahu but still love the setting Another fun story from HelenKay Dimon in her Men of Hawaii seriesI just love the sense of humor in her stories. Ttitude and a hidden agenda A man should consider his choices very carefully Option one Seduce first ask uestions later Option two Find out why she's in his Air Force buddy's torn up house then seduce her Option three Let the islands do their work and let the woman behind the weapon seduce hi.

Tude pisses her off He also reminds her of her x which put him at of a disadvantage When the sparks between them burst into flame the results are inevitable as is Cal s rapid retreat He deserved Forbidden Stranger every bit of the anger she threw at him The intensifying danger also boosted the feelings that grew between them though neither was uite ready to admit it It took nearly losingach other for them both to realize that they belonged together I liked their big moment at the Snowy River Man end as well as Cassie s plan for their futureThe suspense of the story was good It started with the first page and never let up until thend The big uestion was whether Dan s crash was an accident or something Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze else If it wasn t an accident what really happened Cassie s certainty that local lawnforcement was jerking her around appeared to be the truth as both Ted and Josh appeared to blow off all of her concerns Once Cal arrived and got involved he agreed that they were hiding something As Cal and Cassie continued their attempts to investigate Josh s freuent appearances were very suspicious As the attacks Les brumes d'avalon : roman escalated Cal and Cassie were determined to get to the bottom ofverything they had discovered Cassie pulled a really stupid trick that put her in Malakai (Wicked Games, extreme danger The final confrontation was intense and I was on thedge of my seat until it was all over I wasn t too surprised at who was behind it all as I had my suspicions from their first appearance This one sure isn t one I would run out to get but if you happen to be someplace and it is lying around it is good one to pick up and read One of the reasons I didn t care all that much for the book was due to Cassie and Cal the main characters I had a hard time believing their love story It seemed like they were interested in insulting The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone each other which can be ok but this felt like when you are a little kid andach of you is calling the other a stupid head then bellering back no you are the stupid head It was very sophomoric and went on through the whole book The only reason why I kept reading was I wanted to find out about Dan and while I had it figured out pretty Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, early I had to know for sure I liked this book It was a fun uick read Where does HelenKay Dimon gets her heroines In Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy Abby was a real mouthy woman as well and Kane the Kauai Police Chief the calm uiet one We have a repeat of these two with Cassie and Caleb but Cassie is so obnoxious it s beyond annoying Couple with the tissue thin plot and the book isn t worth the money I m guessing that Ms Dimon was aiming for TracyHepburn swapping witty barbs and missed by a mile Cassie is just obnoxious and far interested in making nasty remarks than in actually getting anywhere in her investigation of her half brother Dan s death in a plane crash in Waimea Canyon When she catches his friend Caleb Wilson from the old Air Force para rescue team Dan was on breaking in. Ed of bashing heads with thick skulled local lawnforcement so there's only one thing for it team up with Caleb Wilson and try to keep her secrets and hands to herselfHaving a gun trained on him is nothing new for Cal But when said gun is brandished by a goddess sporting short shorts a bad

HelenKay Dimon is a divorce lawyer turned romance author After dedicating years to helping people terminate relationships she now writes romance novels full time Her books have earned praise appeared on bestseller lists won numerous awards and twice been named Red Hot Reads and excerpted in Cosmo She sometimes writes erotic romance sometimes writes romantic suspense and sometimes writes cont