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TOTAL TRASH And I mean that in the most complimentary way Claiming Cullen was as indulgent as it getskind of like going in for one piece of cake and coming out having eaten the whole thing Just imagine 5 horny guys and a hot and uninhibited chickat a cabinin the woods with nothing else to do but What have an orgy of course It is truly a sex festival so don t even think about picking up this book if you are looking for the next book on Oprah s Book Club list cause you ain t gonna find it here BUT if you are looking for some hot mm fmm action then you have just hit the mutherload of naughtiness Reviewed on I Bookie Nookie ReviewsIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group Oh my GOD I absolutely LOVED this book I could not figure out which character I would have liked to have been in this book but I would have settled for any of them There should be a warning label to have extra underwear on hand because you will need to change them often If you love menages and mm Claiming Cullen should definetly be on your TBR pile Tara S Nichols writes some smoking hot love scenes First of allI admit that the title itself successfully grab my Ménage and More Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance MMF MM and MMFMMM Multiple PartnersFive guys and one hot woman shacked up in a cabin for the week was not what Cullen had in mind when he pictured his elaxing week away Especially when that woman was Tess Cullen's best friend's girlfriend To make matters.

Ull attention but when I Liar, Liar read the blurbmy curiosity grew even Who is this Cullen Why everybody uh uh in fact not everybody eh wants to claimed himIt s start with MMFMMM and then ended with MMFCan you imagine one girl and 5 hot shmexy guys go on vacation and stayed on one cabin Well you have 5 horny guys vs one extra horny girl to play There is Cullen hot shmexy guy who just broke up with his exWhen Adam his best friend ask him to go on vacation with him and his other 3 friends RaeL Smokey and Jay he thought that it will be just guy moments in thereBut when Adam bring his free spirit girlfriend Tess to the party every guys on the group start to have instant hard onthat include our CullenEven there are a lots of people here but the centre of the story is just between Tess RaeL and CullenTess secretly have a crush on CullenRaeL He has set his eyes for Cullen from their first met but chose to keep his feeling for himselfAnd what about Cullen After the Hot Tub scene and On the Island scene my fave scene Cullen got in dilemmaIn two days the vacation will soon to end and they are going back to their normal lifeWhich meansCullen has to made hard decision who he wants to be withIf I chose Rael I would be thrust into the world where I had. Worse Rael a sophisticated and very much male acuaintance is along for theide and seemingly content to stir up Cullen's long since suppressed curiositiesWound up from the sexy Essays One ride over Cullen finds himself the center of aather sexy competition as Tess and Rael jockey for position to see who will ge.

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To fight or accept the label as gay or bi in the very least If I chose Tess it might mean I have to share her with a handful of other people Andwho will Cullen chose to be with him at the end No spoiler hereee Just Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose read it guys smirkIf you ask meIs it hot Yes Panty wet warning Definitely Worth toead Well I suggest just The Kaya-Girl read the story and put aside all your uestions about few things and enjoy theeading without think too muchCuz sometimes we do need some semi light story as an appetizer to light up our eading moodAnd I suggest this book as an appetizer Happy Panty wetty gaLs o Liked Cullen and Rael Didn t think that 2 of the guys who went on the man trip were necessary at all They added nothing to the story at all Adam got what he deserved and I don t think he eally cared that he lost Tess Not sure if I thought Tess was a lucky woman or a bit of a tart LOL Liked the ending very neat Silly AdamOn a side note how in the hell was Cullen able to cope with man on man love without any lube as a first timer His poor bum Meh When there s 5 people doin it you don t expect to have to sort out emotion entanglements for the other half of the book Some of the scenes where hot yeah smoking hot but it took a lot of effort to get to them. T to lay claim on CullenStunts involve a aunchy game of poker with a live sex act a game of chase in the kitchen that ends up in bondage and a spanking an orgy of five guys and one woman in a hot tub and a lot frisking teasing and tantalizingWarning Contains public exhibition light bondage and voyeuris.

Erotic Fiction For FantasiesEver since Tara Nichols was a little girl she has had an affinity for romantic adventures With crushes on the likes of Tarzan and Hans Solo she grew up looking for the perfect gentleman rogue When she is not writing about romance erotica or paranormal fiction she can be found tending her garden keeping bees or reading a spy novel Tara roams free on the flat prair