Edward Slingerland: Drunk: How We Sipped, Danced, and Stumbled Our Way to Civilization

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A entertaining and enlightening deep dive into the alcohol soaked origins of civilization and the evolutionary roots of humanity’s appetite for intoxication Daniel E Lieberman author of Exercised  While lenty of entertaining books have been written about the history of alcohol and other intoxicants none have offered a comprehensive convincing answer to the basic uestion of why humans want to get high in the first Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears place  Drunk elegantly cuts through the tangle of urban legends and anecdotal impressions that surround our notions of intoxication torovide the first rigorous scientifically.

Grounded explanation for our love of alcohol Drawing on evidence from archaeology history cognitive neuroscience Best Seller (English Edition) psychopharmacology socialsychology literature and genetics Slingerland shows that our taste for chemical intoxicants is not an evolutionary mistake as we are so often told In fact intoxication helps solve a number of distinctively human challenges enhancing creativity alleviating stress building trust and The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances pulling off the miracle of getting fiercely tribalrimates to cooperate with strangers Our desire to get drunk along with the individual and social benefits rovided by drunkenn.

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Ess layed a crucial role in sparking the rise of the first large scale societies We would not have civilization without intoxication From marauding Vikings and bacchanalian orgies to sex starved fruit flies blind cave fish and Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, problem solving crows Drunk isacked with fascinating case studies and engaging science as well as ractical takeaways for individuals and communities The result is a captivating and long overdue investigation into humanity's oldest indulgence one that explains not only why we want to get drunk but also how it might actually be good for us to tie one on now and then .

I'm Professor of Asian Studies and Canada Research Chair in Chinese Thought and Embodied Cognition at the University of British Columbia I work in a lot of academic areas including early Chinese thought comparative religion cognitive science of religion virtue ethics cognitive linguistics and science humanities integration My first trade book Trying Not to Try is forthcoming from CrownRandom House in March 2014 and in many ways serves as a popular summary of all of the various steams of research I've been involved in over the past 15 years I have also published many academic books translations articles and book chapters For my academic work please see eslingerlandartsubcca for Trying Not to Try see my Facebook Page at