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Strip followers of money autonomy and even their lives How can you tell a relatively benign self improvement program from Wow Montell strikes again Such an incredible commentary on humans yearning for connection and how it has manifested into cults From Jonestown to SoulCycle Amanda does an exceptional job of a painting this tapestry on human nature with great historical references personal anecdotes and some good old fashioned human psychology Couldn t put this book down Can t wait for it be out IRL I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of Cultish by Amanda Montell and I could not put it down Her writing ept me engaged as she brilliantly weaved in storytelling and data I felt like I was simultaneously reading a juicy drama and the most interesting textbook at the same time It is PACKED with original research some of it uite jaw dropping As someone who is obsessed with cult documentaries as well as someone who has been involved in an MLM she hit so many points that had me nodding my head yet also revealed how pervasive cult mentality culture and language are in situations I would have previously considered uite benign Incredibly eye opening entertaining and one I will be re reading and referencing Wish I could give stars A must read. S something we hear and are influenced by every single dayThrough juicy storytelling and cutting original research Montell exposes the verbal elements that make a wide spectrum of communities “cultish” revealing how they affect followers of groups as notorious as Heaven’s Gate but also how they pervade our modern start ups Peloton leaderboards and Instagram feeds Incisive and darkly funny this enrapturing take on the curious social science of power and belief will make you hear the fanatical language of “cultish” everywhe.

D like to think Compulsively readable and startlingly of the moment CULTISH is as intriguing as the charismatic leaders and spellbinding groups it examines I think what I especially loved about this deep dive into how language drives people to behaveengage with cult like and actual cult organizations is how it s not judgmental It s a linguistic approach to how our brains are wired to build connections and ideas through words and it s through immersion in these words and ideas we find places we want to be thus why SoulCycle or Peloton have such fanatics as do actual cults themselves A really interesting look at cult like language and behavior from Jim Jones to MLMs to indeed fitness programs This is a beautifully written and researched book that reveals the pervasive and varied types of cults that bombard all of us every day The author has a uniue cool and sophisticated voice that adds greatly to the delight in reading this book It is so much fun and informative you will want to read it a second time A page turner This book is important Montell breaks down the psychosocial influences that entice and reward people for joining communities that promise enlightenment and self improvement While most provide some sort of tangible rewards others. Extreme groups We secretly want to Transitional and Transformative Justice know could it happen to me Amanda Montell’s argument is that on some level it already hasOur culture tends to provide pretty flimsy answers to uestions of cult influence mostly having to do with vague talk of “brainwashing” But the true answer has nothing to do with freaky mind control wizardry or Kool Aid In Cultish Montell argues that theey to manufacturing intense ideology community and usthem attitudes all comes down to language In both positive ways and shadowy ones cultish language

I loved this book Montell writes in a language that is both scientific but accessible to someone like me a complete lay person who has no background in anything discussed within the book As someone who generally DNF non fiction books I found myself unable to put this one down The connections that Montell drew between seemingly every day things like social media influencers and the language of cults as just one broad example or cult leadersrecent world leaders and the idea that say it like it is honesty leadership is really just having a lack of filter made sense in the way she presented them I really enjoyed this book and took copious notes throughout the whole thing I m looking for thought terminating cliches in everyday conversations everywhere I turn now I can t wait to read of Montell s writings Witty slick and self assured CULTISH will change the way you view the interplay between language and power Yes it sparkles with muscular prose and snappy asides but this book s true wizardry is how Montell peels back the veneer over topics we re confident we already understand brainwashing indoctrination even the term cult itself and demonstrates how a few potent verbal tricks wielded correctly render us susceptible to cultish influences than we. The author of the widely praised Wordslut analyzes the social science of cult influence how cultish groups from Jonestown and Scientology to SoulCycle and social media gurus use language as the ultimate form of powerWhat makes “cults” so intriguing and frightening What makes them powerful The reason why so many of us binge Manson documentaries by the dozen and fall down rabbit holes researching suburban moms gone Anon is because we’re looking for a satisfying explanation for what causes people to join and importantly stay in.

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Amanda Montell is a 28 year old writer and linguist from Balti She is the author of the critically acclaimed book Wordslut A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language Harper Wave 2019 which has earned praise from the New York Times TIME BUST Harpers Bazaar Kirkus Reviews Publishers Weekly and others Amanda is currently developing Wordslut for television with FX serving