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Good but filled with very erudite literary references to Uncle Tom s Cabin and Latin PhrasesA period piece but the character study of Sally Primmer in this novel is worth the read Carl Gallozzicgallozzicomcastnet Running over 1300 pages the two books this and The seacoast of Bohemia put Marguerite Young s Miss Mackintosh My Darling and David Foster Wallace s Infinite Jest to shame in the Great American Doorstop Novel Race Whether the same can be said about their literary merits is something I cannot et say The Neglected Books Page d add Evelyn Scott s A Calendar of Sin to that comparison wh. Beautiful The novel revolves around Sally the men she encounters in her search for love and the women who admire or hate he.

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Primmer an ImProper Bostonian one foot in the appropriate Boston camp and one foot in the other camp Likes men of all classes sex drinking and jazzPlot revolves around the group of friends the challenges they face as they are reintroduced into Civilian Life and how they are attempting to get on with their lives Several sets of characters each set representing different classes of Boston society the Brahmins the would be professionals and the hangers on All is well when the characters retain their station but drama ensues when some of the characters rise above their station McHugh s prose is. S possible into their disrupted lives before a new and deadly war engulfs them One of them is Sally Brimmer wealthy wild and.

This is my second reading of this novelI read it the first time in the mid to late 1960 s in paperback formCertain of the characters have remained with meA banner with a strange device has a reference to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow s short Poem Excelsior meaning higher or onward and upwardPrincipal interest is that this novel is set in the City of Boston near where I live and I appreciate reading the City describedSet in the late 1940 s in Boston the novel introduces Departures you to a group of returning Soldiers and women attempting to reorient themselves after WW IIMost interesting character is Sally. The setting is Boston the time just after World War II the cast a group ofoung Americans who are seeking to cram as much

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Date of birth may be 1924 unclear from obituary Born Arona Lipman and a native of Boston she was married to Warren J McHugh a folk artist who died in 1986 They lived in New York and she wrote her first book in Sag Harbor She was a 1950 graduate of the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop She earned a master's degree in library science at Columbia University in 1951