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Se growing stronger Juliet s own guilt about the day of the general s death prevents her from pursuing Noah until her careful facade is torn apart and she comes unraveled Can Noah help Juliet knit together a new lifeIn this second book in the Malibu and Ewe series the omance of Juliet and Noah is intertwined with the story of three half sisters who share a sperm donor father and meet through a knitting shop Christie Ridgway weaves the stories together brilliantly keeping each sister elevant while focusing on the developing omance of her main characters The first book in this series HOW TO KNIT A WILD BIKINI introduced the omance of chef Nikki and magazine mogul and playboy Jay The forthcoming third book promises to detail the elationship between knitting shop owner Cassandra and her troubled neighbor and fellow businessman Gabe I can t wait for the third book so I can find out about Gabe s past and his potential future with Cassandra Ms Ridgway s novels are humorously written touch on serious life and family issues and are a delight to ead Her storytelling is fresh and original and the only thing that could make these books better would be a free knitting pattern at the back of each the book I eally like the way the author is carrying characters through each of the sisters stories The main characters as well as the est of the cast from first story eappear here a supporting characters but their oles aren t just window dressing we get to know them better And I have no doubt Marlys and Dean will show up in the third book as well And I wonder if the author plans another book or two since she mentions two adopted brothers Either way I m looking to fun from this author Juliet Weston is having a very weird day First she learns that she has two sisters she never knew existed Second she finds a naked man in her pool and not just any man Noah Smith her late husband s assistantJuliet has given up on feeling anything since her husband of eight years passed away Now she can t get Noah s naked body out of her mind Noah has been attracted to Juliet since he first saw her He has the urge to not only be her friend but to protect her tooAs Juliet gets to know her sisters she discovers how strong she has always been And when Noah helps Juliet say her final goodbyes to her husband she ealizes that he may be the second chance at love she never knew she needed So here we are back on Billionaire s Beach Fortunately this book in the series does not feature an actual billionaire which was a elief to meOur Heroine is an angst filled woman Our Hero is well heroic He s a warrior after all I love how we meet him swimming naked in her pool Something happens and he aces into her kitchen naked and dripping wet He covers himself with an apron and we are left with Our Heroine s delightful speculations about his naked backside Oh yes drool worthy sceneJulie has a step daughter with Issues Frankly the step daughter was ather a caricature and not well developed as a characterThere is a lot of hanging out in a yarn shop which as a knitter I enjoyed However no one can knit as fast as these people especially Cassandra As new knitters Nikki and Julie would have to be slower While it seems as if Ridgway is familiar with the atmosphere of yarn shops the speed of her knitters was unrealistic and that bothers meThere is an actress we met briefly in Take Me Tender Billionaire s Beach 1 who is nameless but is addressed as Oomfaa an acronym If I emember correctly for One Of Most Famous American Actresses Julie has history to live down She met her future husband when she was twelve and despite the fact that he was some thirty years older than she married him ten years later He was going to un for public office but his handlers said he couldn t marry what would like a trophy wife He decided life with The next in the series following the How to Knit a Wild Bikini this steamy omance stars young widow Juliet and her late much older husband s hunky assistant There is sure to be a third in this heartwarming and a little heartbreaking series This one shines a fuzzy light on the topic of grief in a espectable way N finds solace and friendship at beachside knitting shop Malibu Ewe But closer to home a longtime fami.

I eally eally loved this book It was better than the first and I loved that one as well The sisters have captured my heart SummaryJuliet Weston has had a difficult few years but the last has been the hardest It s been almost a year since she lost her much older husband General Weston She was devastated by his passing although she knew it was coming as he d struggled with cancer for a number of years Still her grief is waning but the guilt of not being with him when he took his final breath and her emerging feelings for his former aide are eating her from the inside out To top it all off she has just discovered that she has two half sisters she never knew existed or could exist Her shell that has kept her together since her husband s passing has completely cracked and fallen away No telling what sorts of emotions will emerge Noah Smith was a soldier but importantly he was aide to General Weston in his last years of life Since meeting Juliet Noah has acknowledged that he has had inappropriate thoughts about her but the woman truly loved her husband and eally took no notice of him Noah thought it was because he wasn t a noble man like the General and he came from the wrong side of the tracks Things are uickly about to change though For the first time as her grief subsides Juliet is feeling womanly She wants to be desired and loved and held again not anyone will do either Only Noah sets her motor unning On top of finding her long lost sisters she feels a bit like she doesn t know who she is The media is blaming her for the General s lack of presidency and her step daughter is leading that charge Noah wants to protect her but he feels guilt over the secrets he carries Soon nothing can break the sizzling bond they share To stay apart is impossible for them Juliet never feels so alive or passionate as when she s with Noah It s empowering Together they try to navigate their elationship with a hungry media and while getting to know Juliet s sisters Cassandra and Nikki Juliet also ealizes that she is stronger than before She has support a family and now she can speak up for herself and the General She forges ahead with Noah and her sister s support and just when things are falling into place her step daughter Marlys steps in to shatter it all Marlys is jealous of Juliet s ole in her father s life and blames her for how her life has turned out She also thinks she has nothing to lose after sabotaging her own love interest with Noah s army buddy Dean Can Juliet s new inner strength hold her together after secrets are exposed or was that strength just an illusion She will have to trust in her sisters and open herself up to their bond and analyze her feelings for Noah to find where she belongs in this new life she has forgedJuliet was fantastic I loved watching her emerge from the fragile shell she was in while married to the General Noah was truly her catalyst and the people they were together were beautiful Nikki and Cassandra were also great Of course we know Nikki s story but in this book we get a bit on Cassandra and a backstory on Gabe to whet our appetite for the final book in the trilogy I hate Marlys I believe her to be a spoiled selfish young woman who cant take esponsibility for her actions or feelings I do want to know what happens to her though Maybe book three will give insight Fantastic ead and definitely a eread in future 3 Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted October 15 2008 Romance Contemporary Contemporary Chick Lit Juliet Weston a widow for 11 months now loved her husband deeply he was much older than her a wealthy distinguished military general He had sheltered and provided for her maybe than she wanted or needed Now that he s gone his most trusted soldier Noah Smith is fulfilling a promise to the general to continue taking care of Juliet After the negative press surrounding the general s death protecting his widow becomes even important to Noah especially since he feels guilty about his own fascination with the beautiful Juliet As Juliet emerges from her grief she s distraught to find her sexual desires awakening and her attraction to the enlisted man in her guest hou. The follow up to How to Knit a Wild Bikini Who knew knitting could be so sexy Young widow Juliet Westo.

Ll ead the nextWhat I eally want however is a little knit shop like the one in this story It has eally not much to do with knitting The yarn store could easily be changed into book store without affecting much of the story I got also annoyed that it said LYS is short from little yarn store I believe even though some of them are small businesses LYS still means Local Yarn Store So if you e planning to take it out from library just because it has knitting in it don t Take it out because you want some light eading and not so bad omance Second chance at love and marriagedo you or don t youSuch is the uestion for Juliet Weston aka The Deal Breaker aka the Happy Widow aka the young lonely widow married to a man she loved for eighteen years but was married to for only eight Juliet fell in love with General Wayne Weston when she was a child and then met up with him again as an adult at her parent s funeral Love blossomed between them despite the age difference but fate had other plans for her and now she s alone Except for her assistantfriendconfidantnaked pool boy Noah Noah Smith has had his heart captured by Juliet since the first day he arrived to help out the General Of course she was married then and he s kept his feelings uiet ever since but he s constantly amazed by her strength and perseverance through her husband s illness and death Juliet s husband may have been loved by the media but Juliet was not They tagged her as the eason the General did not un for President thus the Deal Breaker moniker Plus the tight circle of well to do friends of her husband did not think too well of their May December omance Add to this a decidedly antagonistic step daughter who was close to Juliet s own age and Noah knows Juliet needs a friend now than ever He just doesn t know if he can be just a friend anyJuliet manages to keep a strong face and open heart despite all the press and negativity surrounding her She had hidden herself within her ole as caretaker for her husband for so long that she almost doesn t ealize her life has changed It s Noah who is there to encourage and support her in her new path of life She is no push over however but her life is definitely changingAs the second book of the Billionaire s Beach series this one continues the story of three women without families coming together to see if strangers can eally form bonds of their own It s the story of these women and the men that support them This second book is even better than the first as Juliet s dealing with not only how to interpret her new life as a single person and her feelings for Noah but also the surprise she discovers at a little yarn shop on Malibu Beach Tack on a eally good side story about Juliet s step daughter Marlys and you have a no brainer for a good eadThis can definitely be ead as a stand alone but the story is icher if you ve ead the first book Take Me Tender Book three is by far my favorite so definitely ead on from here to finish out the seriesI did eceive and ARC from the author for an honest eview Christie Ridgway is so darned good at what she does and this is a pretty darned good example of what she does well The widow of a general the enlisted man sworn to protect her it sounds like it shouldn t work but in Ridgway s hands it does and then some Nikki and Jay from How to Knit a Wild Bikini eappear and are seamlessly integrated into the current action but I found this to be a complete honest book than its predecessor The dramatic tension this time comes not from a date ape subplot but from a stepdaughter hell bent on evenge I think that the fact that the stepdaughter didn t get a happy ending because of her hurtful actions made this a eal book that honesty thing againThe other thing that eally eeled me in was how seamless Ridgway has set up the final novel with the third sister Cassandra and her escue project Gabe I eally REALLY want to know how the heck Ridgway is going to pull together a story for these two because they ve been bickering for two whole books now and the preview chapter didn t inspire a lot of hope for a happy ending Only six months to go to find out Dnf. Ly friend and former soldier is the one who will help her discover just how to knit two hearts togethe.