Macy Blake: The Trouble with Love The Chosen One #075

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Up story was cute but nothing earth shatteringIf you liked Sweet Nothings you might want to read this free story tooIt s available to claim on Prolific Works at Cuteness overload11272019 ETA I thought I d add the author s suggested reading order for this universe Each book connects the dots to the next bookSUGGESTED READING ORDERSweet Nothings The Chosen OneThe Trouble With LoveAll or Nothing The Chosen One Book 1Nothing Ventured The Chosen One Book 2Hell on Earth Hellhound Champions Book 1Double or NothingNext to Nothing The Chosen One Book 3Hell To Pay Hellhound Champions Book 2Give Him Hell Hellhound Champions Book 3Nothing Gained The Chosen One Book 4 A whole lot of cute wrapped up in a novella about love and family and what makes a perfect proposal This was so stinking sweet Just a uickie in the life of Vaughn Sam and their new family but I loved it. Evening If only it were that simple Chaos comes in all shapes and sizes but Vaughn uickly realizes that the trouble with love is that it isn't any trouble at all.

So I went and got that and I m glad I read that first because it made sense in this book I love the kids though So adorable Such a sweet sweet story and family Perfect example of ow everything can be wonderful even if life is life like Although it was awful seeing where these kids were when Sam and Vaughn found them it s lovely seeing them all together only a few months later Made my Bisk CPA Review heart allappy Reread 2020375 A great valentines short I loved seeing the first part from Ollie s point of viewI enjoyed the way the kids were all involved Enjoyable DNF 20% This is a short story about an existing couple and there was nothing wrong with the book itself I just didn t know what was going on since I A Crazy Kind of Love had not read their book I might go back sometime and read it then give this a try again Domesticity and multiple ill timed attempts at romanceThis short follow. Only one problem He's been so focused on the kidse's forgotten to truly romance Sam With Valentine's day approaching Vaughn decides to give is mate a romantic.

Life is never easy when kids are involved Especially than one There s always some crisis or something appening that causes plans to be changed and things not to go the way you want But seeing and being with these little guys makes it all worth it Even when all Vaughn is trying to do is give Sam a romantic night But one incident after another leaves their plans in chaos every time til finally the ultimate chaos took over and Vaughn realized this is where it s meant to be Him and Sam in a cuddle puddle with their kids Even if they re sick And love The Road Beyond Ruin has no time frame it just is It doesn tave to be perfect because if you are with the right person it already ishttplovebytesreviewscom Super cute I still don t know if I am ready for all the MMs to come but I m going in Awwww this was so sweet I Backlash had to stop a page into this once I realised I skipped the preuel. Vaughn Jerrick's lifeas changed completely He's the adoptive alpha and father to six shifter cubs and Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, he's the mate to auman e loves than life itself There's.

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Macy Blake believes in unicorns and fairies in moonbeams and stardust and that happily ever after comes in all colors of the rainbow When she’s not busy at the day job she loses herself in paranormal romance living vicariously through her favorite sexy fictional heroes These days you can often find her pounding away at the keyboard trying to capture the magic of her own worlds