Isabella Hunt: Dragon's Oath Northbane Shifters #5

A nice neat wrap to a fantastic series Dragon s OathThis was by far the best book in the seriesAll kinds of shifters in this story trying to hide their abilities but in the end love always finds a wayRead the whole series it s reat and will have. Alexander Xander Bane understands he is now the reason Winfyre exists His presence alone keeps most threats at bay Something he takes no pride in – as its leader he does what has to be done and that's the end of it Even if it means he has to be alone for the rest of his life his shifted form must remain a secret A secret found out by accident by Tiani Elkhadi who spies the drag.

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S creating memorable characters Fantasy romance adventure sci fi and a brave new world all in one set of books DragonXander Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, gets his mate Iris friend who is sent from Orion A fitting end to this series of books with all finding mates and Brody bac. Hang in the balance but for the first time in years she’s free Even if she’s lying through her teeth and fighting desperately against a dragon mating bond As her deadline approaches will Tianiive into the monster who has his claws at her throat Or will she sacrifice everything – her freedom her new family and mate – to save Winfyre and the rest of their new strange wor.

You on pins and needles the whole time you are reading this series I couldn t put it down This is the culmination of the set and what an endingThis set of books is five star all the way The writer has a heck of a ift for world building as well On in the woods After nearly years of precautions Xander has no idea what he should do As icy as his heart has become he can’t bring himself to kill her in cold blood With no other choice he claims her Only Xander has no idea he’s playing into enemy hands That Tiani was sent there to destroy Winfyre from the inside To make it an example To start a new war Tiani’s life might.