Janice Preston: His Convenient Highland Wedding The Loch Legacy #1

A huge secret but I had no doubt that Flora would accept it with grace HIS CONVENIENT HIGHLAND WEDDING is supremely compelling intense powerful and slightly unsettling because of how well very feeling is conveyed This richly textured novel offers not only a wonderful romance and a hard The Child of the Soul and Other Stories earned happilyver after but also a world so convincing and well drawn that Ms Preston could build a whole series based on her Childrens Phantasies extraordinary characters and their tribulations Now I can hardly wait to go back in time and learn about The Loch Legacy and the brooch What a fabulous start to what promises to be a veryxciting seriesI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Oh my goodness me This is ridiculously good No good isn t the right word to describe just how brilliant this book is definitely along the lines of sensational I shouldn t be surprised seeing who the author is Ms Preston is a favourite author of mine I knew that I would be in for a great story but this is really something special and I can honestly say that this is my favourite of all of Ms Preston s work it really is astonishing how good this is I love it when author s go out of their comfort zone and try a new ra and I think that Ms Preston has out done her self here I was literally blown away with the xcellence of this book I cannot praise Janice Preston The Soviet Union enough This has Best Selling and Made to be a Movie written all over it Janice Preston what have you done to me How can I possibly love another hero now Lachlan has now ruined me for all other heroes I will never be the same again So His Convenient Highland Wedding is the start of a whole new series The Loch Legacy which is so refreshingly new and uniue in it s own right The Loch Legacy is written by four amazing historical romance authors Janice Preston Lara Temple Elisabeth Hobbes and Nicole Locke and it will span across four separatera s it will start in the Victorian and go back through Regency Tudor and finally Gods and Heroes end in Medieval where all the secrets will be revealed The connection between the books will be linked with the setting The Castle and the feuding families This is such an original idea it s imaginative and adventurous and not something we usually come across in romance and I can t wait to see where this series is going to go judging by this first instalment The Loch Legacy is going to be something special one of those once in a life times things But that is all for the future I really much stop babbling and focus on the here and nowThis is in allssence a Marriage of Convenience but I see it as much much than that It is a finding love in the most unexpected places Science, Technology and Culture entwined with a stonking great mysterious undercurrent that runs throughout the book and believe me I was grippedBusinessman Lachlan McNeill oh be still my beating heart is trying to get his newly founded Whisky brewery up and running he is confident that his new blend will become a great whiskey There is just one thing standing in his way and that is who is He is a self made man new money as some call him and not an aristocrat can you see why I am so much in love with this guy He is a man who has a troubled and dark past one of which he is deeply ashamed of and one which he knows if societyver found out about his business would probably fail He hides his past and plans to get himself a patron an up standing man of society who will be able to help but to get that he needs a wife with some clout Which is why he marries Lady FloraFlora McCrieff is basically sold to the highest bidder that s how I saw the way her family treated her After bringing scandal to her house and with her family in dire need of money Flora is married off to Lachlan A man she never No Beast So Fierce even setyes upon until the day of her wedding she is saddened that her family would do such a thing and depressed that she has been shunned from society and now she feeling a mixture of fear and trepidation at what kind of man her husband is But really she has nothing to fear from Lachlan yes he maybe broody and secretive but he is a good man a man who hasn t had the best of starts in life a man who so deserves some good luck Once they are at Lachlans home of Loch Castle this is where our couple really learn about ach other they grow as a couple and as individuals and their confidence for one and other grows It is utterly breath taking watching Lachlan and Flora go on their journey of discovery and realising that yes they do deserve love and that the person right in front of them is just person who completes them I love that My goodness did I mention how much I have fallen head over heels in love with Lachaln This is how a hero should be written this is my kind of hero He really is perfect hardworking working class man who has literally dragged himself up from a terrible beginning Self made blunt brooding sensitive gorgeous inside and out proud I love how he is so focused on trying to make life better for the poor and under privileged he is a fair man and wants to do his best for his workers and if I knew only that about him I would be nthralled by him How a man treats his workers says so much about that mans true character and this man is wonderful Did I mention he was perfect and handsomeThis is really stunning Mesmerizing atmospheric rich in Last Chance Bride emotion and mystery and so beautifully written It is a beautiful love story with a mysterious undercurrent that makes you look up and think ooh I wonder what is happening here Or Where will this story lead It keeps you completely gripped throughout and on the last page you weep that s it s over and want to re read it straight away and then you are on tenter hooks desperate for the next book in the seriesI can t praise thisnough I am literally lost for words at just how captivating this is Janice Preston has written the perfect historical romance one that I cannot recommend Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy enough Stunningly perfect I have only recently started to read historical Mills and Boon mainly due to local author Elisabeth Hobbs who is an amazing writer of books that are full to the brim with realistic characters and authentic historical detailing not to mention some beautifully crafted relationships When I heard that her latest book was to be part of a series called The Loch Legacy I was intriguednough to want to read ALL the books in the series and not just hers And so I have started at the beginning with His Convenient Highland Wedding by Janice PrestonFlora McCrieff is forced to marry her fathers choice of husband after she brings. Ralling utterly romantic love story that captures the reader’s attention from the first page and takes you on a beautifully romantic and thrilling journey” Chicks Rogues and Scandals on Lady Olivia and the Infamous Rake“I was completely charmed yet again by Janice Preston’s writing It really is a story to lose yourself in” Rae Reads on Lady Olivia and the Infamous Ra.

Janice Preston gets the Loch Legacy series off to a solid start with His Convenient Highland Wedding Lawman Lover (Outlaws, even though the title is a bit of a misnomer While the wedding in uestion no doubt serves a convenient purpose for the groom this book starts with the heroine and in many ways it is her character arc that pulls the story alongWe first meet Flora McCrieff as a twelve year old girl She s bright curious and to her frustration disregarded by her traditional and domineering father The idea that a daughter might have an intellect and ideas of her own seems not to matter in this family Left to her own devices Flora goesxploring in a forbidden corner of the castle Among her discoveries is a simple and very old brooch that she keeps as her own Pay attention this brooch will keep reappearing and it s going to be important over the course of the series I do suspectThe main story action takes place several years later Now nineteen Flora continues to face complete disregard for her wishes from her family and as the family fortune has declined she now finds herself fairly well forced into marriage In fact she and Lachlan McNeill meet for the very first time at the wedding itself Flora finds herself somewhat comforted to see that her groom is handsome and shows signs of kindness but the situation is still uite strainedReaders will uickly see that a Flora tends to be fairly sensible and b years of crap from her family have pretty much flattened out any inclinations toward flouncing that she otherwise would have had At times particularly in the beginning Flora comes a little too close to being a doormat heroine However readers get just City Girl in Training enough glimpses inside her heard to see that she does in fact have a mind of her own She sees her problems and she feels deeply frustrated with the coldmptiness of her marriage loneliness in her new home Mystery at Kittiwake Bay etc but she lacks thexperience to know how to fix the problemsThis is a partial review You can find the complete text at All About Romance Janice Preston is a virtuoso of words She magically transforms her characters with such skill that mesmerizes you in an instant His Convenient Highland Wedding is a story of family scandal and fortune It Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files encompasses pain growth and passion It is reliablyntertaining and masterfully crafted and I couldn t help but get lost in the journey Lachlan Flora and the vibrant secondary cast took me on A stellar read from start to The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, endHighly Recommended 5 Stars This was such a good read very likeable main characters in Lady Flora McCreiff and Lachlan McNeill They came from completely different backgrounds Lachlan was a self made man and Flora was the daughter of anarl Flora felt that she was ignored in her family and although she had ideas for improving the family s wealth her father wouldn t listen to a female In Lachlan Flora found a man who would listen to her ideas Lachlan was a character I couldn t help but like he had been through so much and was determined to help the poor and needy However there were a number of misunderstandings at the beginning mainly due to not talking plainly to ach other This book underlines how some of the aristocracy had no room for those not on the same social scale and how some could be ostracised through no fault of their own There are secrets In the interests of transparency I should start with a disclaimer that I have an interest in this book because I m one of the other authors involved in the Loch Legacy continuity HOWEVER this in no way colours my opinion of this book other than a staggering sense of relief that it is so damn good and means readers will be gagging for the next one in the seriesMarried for the money he ll bring to her family and the access to society she ll bring him Lachlan and Flora make an appealing and interesting couple Both are aware their pasts have the potential to ruin them socially and allow a sense of inadeuacy and shame cloud their relationship Watching them grow closer in very sense made for a compelling read full of An Italian Education emotion and passion and I raced through it I have a real soft spot for a hero who doesn t have a title and is of a lower social status than the heroine Lachlan is a self made man with a past that has left him driven and ambitious and one of the things Injoyed was the details given about the business he is setting up It is the historical titbits I pick up along the journey that always makes reading historical romance so much funFlora s journey from compliant outcast to confident woman capable of standing up for herself was my favourite part She grows as a person alongside the husband she is married off to for financial reasons and drives the story alongThere was a good supporting cast of secondary characters one in particular is begging for her own book and HEA and teasers about the mystery that will be unravelled across the seriesHighly recommended His Convenient Highland Wedding by Janice Preston is the first in a new series The Loch Legacy I ve been anxiously waiting for this series to start since I first heard about it some time ago What makes this series uniue is that there are 4 authors involved and they will Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code each be writing in a different time period going back in time to unravel a mystery Janice Preston starts us off in the Victorian Era Lara Temple follows in book 2 with a Regency Elisabeth Hobbes will have a Tudor story in book 3 Then finally Nicole Locke will give us a Medieval in the 4th and last book in the series Each story will be centered around a Scottish CastleFlora McCrieff is the heroine in this particular story She is theldest daughter of an impoverished Earl Her father is a tyrant who Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, expects his family to bend to his demands So when her father tells her she will wed a man she s never seen in two days she really has no other choiceLachlan McNeill grew up in the slums of Glasgow He s now a rich businessman who is looking for connections to help grow his new whisky distillery He arranges to wed Flora sight unseen hoping that by marrying a lady of the aristocracy it will helpase his way into Scottish society I really loved Flora and Lachlan from the start and was caught up in their story They are good people but complete strangers when they marry So there are lots of struggles to talk and communicate in the beginning They both want from their marriage but struggle with their insecurities to admit it to Daddy Wanted each other It wasvident there was an attraction from the beginning and I like that author Janice Preston gave this couple time to get to know and trust ach other letting their love grow gr. Bought by her husbandBound by secrets of their pastThe start of The Loch Legacy a Scottish castle through the ages Earl’s daughter Flora McCrieff brought shame on her family once Now she discovers she must wed impossibly rich but lowborn Lachlan McNeill He’s undeniably handsome but a man of few words Despite the attraction that burns between them can she reach beyond his imp.

Adually This was such a fantastic start to this new series The story was beautifully written with wonderful secondary characters a mystery that will be carried on throughout the series and a couple who stole my heart I would definitely like to revisit these characters at a later date and would love to read the secondary characters stories The mystery is intriguing and has me wanting book two so I can learn about what this is about I would highly recommend this book and look forward to reading of The Loch Legacy 10 stars if I could Though I m suspicious of new to me authors I was willing to give Janice Preston a try because a MOC is my favourite trope and b the word highland in the title always vokes a frisson of Snowy River Man excitement and anticipation What I found was annjoyable uneven romance But first to the plotty detailsBecause His Convenient Highland Wedding is the first of a four book four author series centring around a mystery Preston s novel opens with a silly scene of the heroine s discovery of a creepy tower and mysterious brooch Flash forward seven years and heroine Lady Flora McCrieff having refused the lecherous old goat her father had arranged for her to marry important to saving the straitened family Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze estate is in disgrace with fortune and her family syes To make up for her refusal to save the family fortune and marry within her class her father compels her to marry second best wealthy but from lowly beginnings whiskey baron Lachlan McNeill Lachlan is looking to make inroads to the aristocracy for his whiskey and hopes Flora will help him achieve his goal Little does he know Flora is in social purgatory Preston s romance sees its finest hour in the first half She captures the awkwardness and misunderstanding between two well meaning people who don t know Les brumes d'avalon : roman each other working out physical andmotional intimacy It is to Preston s credit that she makes it Malakai (Wicked Games, easy to see how Lachlan and Flora may fall into a cool courteous unhappy marriage But it isn t what they deserve Flora and Lachlan are brimming with the need to love and be loved kind and giving However they were beaten down and have a hard time leaving their reticent shells Lachlan is too much aware of his inferior status his humble beginnings la Jean Valjean lack of breeding andducation Flora is too aware of her family censure which has diminished her and is The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone embarrassed and guilt stricken that Lachlan was promised an influential wife who can t deliver social sway Thankfully Preston doesn t make too much of these details but concentrates on the cringe worthy hurts and misconceptions the MOC trope deliversLachlan and Flora are also stiff and humorless and I couldn tmbrace them with liking But I understood their predicament appreciated it and wanted them to resolve their marriage woes and be happy They were deserving if charmless Flora s dog on the other hand Bandit was an utter charmer and he made Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, every scene better by providing much needed comic relief What worked regarding Flora and Lachlan was how theyntered their marriage as unhappy people and how Preston slowly but surely with The Family Plan eually forward movement and missteps brought them closer and gaining in confidence and happiness Unfortunately Lachlan s secondary narrative his search for a lost family member derailed the romance s last third It was abrupt and the new character was over the top screechy Her response to Lachlan s re connection didn t make sense given the character s circumstancesThe other problem with the romance s resolution was what I call the too much happiness factor In the last few chapters there is so much reconciliation that it made for a clunky conclusion There were character turn abouts in response and motivation that give reader whiplash andye rolls Moreover the in Janice Preston is one the nicest authors that will openly A Family Practice engage on Twitter to all fans oh and one other state of fact Janice isxceptionally good at writing historical romances with vibrant characters together with plots that are A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity easy to follow and understand Lady Flora McCrieff is certainly a brave young lady searching in part her castle where she shouldn t bexploring It gave me the creeps as she s goes looking around and finds a brooch that s also my favourite part of jewellery Where did that brooch originally come from Flora knows her own mind turning down a Duke that wanted to marry her Now Lachlan McNeill is a man that hasn t seen Lady Flora McCrieff but he s going to marry her but why is this man Lachlan marrying a young lady that he has never seen until their wedding day Your in for a super treat with this book and with hidden secrets lurking waiting for you to read Lady Flora McCrieff s life had not been asy because of her tyrannical father the Earl of Aberwyld After she refused a duke s marriage proposal a year before Flora s relationship with her father deteriorated further Flora didn t know how precarious the family finances were when she was told she had to marry a wealthy businessman Lachlan McNeill Lachlan wants to grow his whisky business and to do so he needs a well connected wife and Lady Flora is just that As long as she asks no uestions about his pastOh my goodness what an motional read this is I think I For Better and Worse experiencedvery moment of Flora s loneliness her sadness and her discouragement at her predicament Lachlan is a decent man but he is just not present he doesn t know how to act with her what to say He feels undeserving of such a lovely woman he doesn t want to scare her away so he avoids her leaving her Cassidys Kids (Maitland Maternity, even distraught Janice Preston has created a remarkable gothic atmosphere suited to Flora svery state of mind Her attempts to get closer to her husband are in vain he is always occupied and he has secret business to attend to Flora tries and tries but nothing seems to work From disillusioned she grows angry resentful until an opportunity presents itself and hopes she might have glimpsed the light at the Rescuing the Texans Heart end of the tunnelMs Preston sxtensive research paints a vivid and realistic portrait of Victorian society very Dickensian highlighting the chasm between the classes the generally appalling treatment of labourers and women the growing poverty affecting the common people And all this is Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., essential to the romance in HIS CONVENIENT HIGHLAND WEDDING because it is whatventually brings Flora and Lachlan closer I also loved the inclusion of a legendary composer because of the stunning historical accuracy of the fact and because he is one of my favourite artists It s Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch easy to understand why Lachlan wants to conceal his past it is. Eccable clothing to find themotions he’s locked away for so longThe Loch Legacy collectionBook 1 His Convenient Highland WeddingBook 2 Unlaced by the Highland Duke by Lara Temple Book 3 A Runaway Bride for the Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes Book 4 Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke“Well what can I say about this Only that it is perfection A riveting nth.

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I grew up in Wembley North London with a love of reading writing stories and animals After leaving school at eighteen I moved to Devon and any thoughts of writing became lost in the hectic rush of life as a farmer’s wife with two children and many animals to care for When my children left home for university I discovered a love of history and of the Regency period in particular and began t