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Ng of rejection and isn t too keen on xperiencing it again She s a gifted artist who lives and works on Martha s Vineyard She loves her job at the Vineyard Vines Children s Centre where she teaches painting and helps co ordinate other programs She s free spirited genuine kind and compassionate Jordan Paydan lives an organised and structured life He s a multi millionaire Venture Capitalist who had a great life in New York City But his life turned upside down when he unexpectedly became guardian for his six year old sister Sonya His world was turned upside down in an instant life would never be the same He wasn t cut out to raise a child something he was only too aware of He would never let himself forget Sonya and work were his only priorities Relationships were definitely not for him First of all he didn t have time and secondly he didn t put a lot of faith in women and relationships he d seen first hand how hurtful they can be So imagine his surprise when he walks into his new home after a long drive to find a stranger painting a mural he never asked for on a wall in one of the bedrooms She uickly leaves after an awkward and rude Water Music encounter with him But he can t stop thinking about her After another disastrousncounter they just can t seem to stay away Not the best first impressions that s for sure but because of Sonya and their intense attraction they decide to play nice She feels he s out of her league anyway and doesn t want to get hurt again And he has his issues with relationships and really doesn t want any complications Will they finally see what s right in front of them Will he finally let her in Will they take a chance on love or will they both let their fear of being hurt drive a wedge between themThere is uite a bit of pushpull happening in the story that drove me crazy at times There were a lot of misunderstandings miscommunications and misinterpretations which added to the angst and drama The author has a free flowing and descriptive style and writes beautifully I just wish the story wasn t uite so sweet and predictable A minor point that really doesn t detract from the story but made me take notice was the cover of the book Although attractive I felt that the cover model didn t fit the description of Jordan in the story as the model very definitely has chocolatedark brown hair but in the story Jordan is described as having sandy blonde hair that s just dark Revived enough to not be a true blonde It confused me I guessThis is my first read by Ms Singh and I would definitely like toxplore of her workThank you Ms Singh. T put it down” Goodreads“I highly recommend this one Ms Singh has written a story that ticks all of the boxes for a true romance that is sure to warm your heart and leave you smiling thank you for a fabulous story” Goodreads on Snowed in with the Reluctant Tycoon.

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Better for raising his little sister as she loses her hearing Already feeling inadeuate as a substitute parent to his sister Jordan has no interest in taking on a long term commitment in his love life too however his sister s art teacher Jess tempts him to change his mindAs mentioned I njoyed the start to this one I had high hopes for the Martha s Vineyard setting and for xploring Sonya s xperience with speechhearing impairments It felt promising when Jordan and Jess had different opinions over Sonya participating in the play He thought he needed to protect his sister from bullies whereas Jess believed the challenge would be good for Sonya they both made a solid point which is really the best kind of conflict when you can see both sides of an issueBut the story for a chunk of time shifts from the uniue setting of Martha s Vineyard to the glamorous side of New York that is found in Love for Imperfect Things ever so many romance novelsAnd unfortunately Jordan s opposition to Sonya s participation in the play went away in the blink of anye the play itself also happened in the blink of an A Heart of Stone eye too I realize this book is intended as a romance it s not meant to be about a child but it felt like showing Sonya s struggles showing Jordan and Jess disagreeing over how to handle those struggles and ultimately working together to help this girl those kind of setbacks and triumphs could have played so well into building a romance Instead the conflict mainly consisted of Jordan avoiding a relationship due to guilt he feels for something he and we the readers are repeatedly told he isn t guilty of meanwhile Jess if she had any conflict it was that she isn t high society like Jordan and she d already been in a relationship where a guy wanted her to be someone she isn t It s not that I disliked the story this became in fact Injoyed how strong and independent Jess came off very much a modern heroine and I liked seeing a character panic over how much lunch might cost that felt like a real world thing It s just that the book didn t feel as Taking Instruction (Taboo, emotionally involving as maybe it could have had the focus stayed on Jess and Jordan both wanting to do the best thing for this girl yet coming at it from opposing angles 3 StarsCaptivated by the Millionaire Mills and Boon True Love by Nina Singh is a very sweet romance with angst pushpull and a sprinkle of drama The story is clean with closed door intimate scenes and has a theme around loss rejection major changes obstacles forgiveness redemption and finding love when and where you leastxpect itJessalyn Raffi has felt the sti. S no denying the attraction between them but neither are in the right place for a relationship However fate and an adorable little girl ntrusted to their care have other ideas“Christmas with Her Secret Prince by Nina Singh was so good that I picked it up and didn’.

Captivated By The Millionaire By Nina Singh Romance at its best Is what you will find in this book Full length novel filled with life s unexpected romanceJessie dreamed of being an artist and she went after that dream Unfortunately she had to learn the hard way to get what she wanted She had to stand up for it as well Romance was not in her cards But painting isJordan is a millionaire plain and simple But after losing his father and getting custody of his little sister life is very different then he xpected So he bought a home in a uiet little town Nothing is too good for his sister Again romance is not in his plans But giving his sister the best isNina Singh has written this beautiful romance story I fell in love with it on page one and could not put it down Yes I had to finish it it is that good I love the characters they are so down to Divertimento earth I am looking forward to reading of Nina Singh s books Captivated by the Millionaire was a great 4 star readJess is an artist and loves working with children She is painting a castle mural on the wall of a child s bedroom getting it ready for when the family moves in This is when she meets Jordan the first meeting didn t go well and they clearly started off on the wrong foot Jordan was irritated with her and made her leave without letting her finishJordan is a millionaire who has recently gotten custody of his 6 year old sister Sonya He is hardened against any relationships due to what he watched his father go through and his two priorities are his job and sister Needless to say Jordannds up Love Is a Fairy Tale eating crow and apologizing to Jess for his actions What manner of sorceress was this young lady She beguiled him Did something to his senses he wasn t familiar with nor prepared for There is so much to this great read I loved the connection that Jess had with Sonya and Jordan They were all meant to be together Of course nothing comesasy and there were some ups and downs as both Jordan and Jess dealt with their fears of being in a relationship This is my first read from Nina Singh and I really Promise at Dawn enjoyed it I look forward to reading Captivated by the MillionaireBy Nina Singh5 out of 5 starsThe story Captivated by the Millionaire by Nina Singh is a wonderful book that I loved reading It had me hooked from the very beginning and not wanting to put it down until I read the last page I loved reading about the c Started strong but it mostly let go of thelements of the story I had been ager to read about Wealthy New Yorker Jordan moves to Martha s Vineyard believing the slower pace of life will be. They’re not looking for love Until love finds themOn paper it just shouldn’t work Jess is a bohemian artist who loves her life in the close knit Martha’s Vineyard community while Jordan is a millionaire bachelor CEO and a “bright lights big city” guy There’.

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