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25 stars Well darn I ate writing this review because uite frankly Mimi Matthews Jayne Fresina and less than a GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION handful of other HR authors are the only reason for me to read newly published romances The first book in Matthews Parish Orphans series A MATRIMONIAL ADVERTISEMENT was so lovely that I gave it 5 stars Heroliday novella was also superb But this second entry in the Orphans series fell flat for me I was actually bored as I read what seemed to be a ow to travel to India in 1860 guide mixed with a tepid romance In spite of the author s seeming attempts to make the romance er warmest one to date with kissing and mutual expressions of caring I didn t get any feelsHeroine Jenny Holloway was a secondary in the first book of the series As companion to that book s Lisa and David Today heroine Lady Helena she was an intrepid and take charge woman who met lawyer Tom Finchley ourero Clinton, Inc. here for the first time as she worked towards protecting Lady Helena from an unscrupulous uncle Both she and Tom ended up getting Helena and Tom s orphan friend Justin Thornhill paired romanticallyNow Jennyas been given a modest independence of 5000 pounds by Lady Helena and she plans to use it for freedom and independence and to get away from the constraints of life in England She s going to travel to India and while there try to find out what really Dvorak Keyboard happened to Helena s brother Giles 6th Earl of Castleton British military captain presumed dead in an uprising No body was ever recovered Perhapse is still aliveNaturally Jenny thinks she can just up and go to India all by The Muslim Masquerade herself without even a lady s companion And naturally Tom thinkse knows best and that that is inappropriate So e ires two British national Indians to accompany How to Heal Your Body her and even decidese s going to go along also After all The Book of Revelation he s a man and can get things done that she could notFine That should work in a romance Two book characters traveling together are bound to fall in love right Problem is that I mightave cared if Tom and Jenny Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) had been the same people in this book that Iad thought they were in the first Unfortunately they both seemed to Practical Prinkery have undergone some sort of partial personality lobotomy and were much less interesting peopleereNot to mention the travelogue ship The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) here train there other modes of transportationere and there It was about as exciting as watching Rick Steves on the Travel Channel Although it was obvious that a good deal of careful research The Art of Not Breathing had gone into detailing our H and s itinerary with sights sounds and food the telling of it was dullI guess I ve read too many books This ain t my first rodeo traveling by novel to exotic climes in the 1800s Maybe if I Cupcakes, Lies, and Dead Guys (Annie Graceland Mystery had never before moved out of the usual English HR setting this wouldave been exciting or at least interesting to meAs for the romance there was a good deal kissing and conversation about feelings than usual in a Matthews romance but dear lord those conversations were so circular and led to absolutely nowhere Yes they A Peoples Tragedy have feelings for each other maybe even love Yes they desire each other physically Butno way it can come to anything Jenny wantser independence She doesn t want to marry When their journey is over the relationship is over How many times did I ave to read the same conversation over and over in an endless loop Answer too many times to count plus aving to read annoying internal musings by H and Deadly Fallout (Red Stone Security, h about the same thingAh well This one didn t work for me but I see that it worked extremely well for many other readers So this could again be one of those It s not the book it s me problems Let me first say that Iadn t read The Matrimonial Advertisement when I reuested an arc for A Modest Independence I was sold on the book editorials for both stories and my GR friends Akshyay Mulberry Vol.One high ratings for Ms Matthews other romances I assumed I would like Thomas Finchley and Jenny Holloway when they were first introduced in The Matrimonial Advertisement Tom oozed a uiet strength and sensibility Jenny was opinionated and somewhat sharp Unfortunately whereas I enjoyed Justin Thornhill s and Helena Reynold s romance I found I liked Tom s and Jenny s less so Tom was one of four orphans brought up in Abbott s Holcombe Justin Thornhill was another boy At one point Tom was removed fromis friends at the orphanage and raised by Mr Fothergill a solicitor Tom was shy and serious As Como Abrir Mentes Fechadas he grew upe put the importance of law first in Devils Gate his life Finding someone to lovead never been a priority When The Old Myers Place (Halloween, he met Jenny she was unlike any other womane Witcheskin had known Inis eyes she was both strong and beautiful He felt a deep purpose to Jack Glass helper fulfill any of er wishes And e did in The Matrimonial Advertisement When A Modest Independence opened Jenny was in need of Me Write Book her monies thater dear friend Helena Cosmological Enigmas had gifteder And Tom controlled She intended to travel to India to find Helena s brother Giles Believed to be dead she At Hells Gate had surmiseder own opinion and intended to discover the truth Jenny and Tom Never Goodbye (Albany Boys, had two things in common a new found thirst for freedom and a dream to start their lives anew Tom inveigledis way into er journey I found their story incorporated uite a bit of talking I knew they ad strong romantic feelings for each other but their actual communication was anything but Don t get me wrong there were plenty of small pieces of evidence And now that I think of it they came mostly from Tom But the words they spoke what the other remembered Hunted by Herne (Otherkind Kink: Horned Gods, hearing was affection wasn t enough Love wasn t enough One couldn t deriveappiness entirely from another person no matter Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society how fond of that other person one might be In the absence of all elseow long before such fondness turned to bitterness and regret Honestly after this same thought was recited for the umpteenth time I no longer cared what On the First Night of Christmas happened to Jenny or Tom I struggled to get to the endIt might be it s me not you but A Modest Independence was just not on par with The Matrimonial Advertisement He Needed Peace Solicitor Tom Finchleyas spent P.S. Im Pregnant his life usingis devious intellect to solve the problems of others As for Tigress for Two (Alaskan Tigers, his own problems they’re nothing that a bit of calculated vengeance can’t remedy But that’s all over now He’s finally ready to put the past behindim and settle down to a uiet uncomplica.

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Ok and all opinions are my own Happy Reading Oh Cult Science Fiction Films hi everyoneave you always wanted to read what goes through my mind 24 Crime and Punishment hours a day Welcome to this book aka the Heart of Rachel s lifelong issues reconcilinger desire for independence and not conforming to anything and not b That I d give it all up to Sailor Moon Episode Lists have you back with me For one moment longer in your arms The inadeuacy of words indeed I am truly loving these books What an adventure this book was And such a sweet love story The research alone in putting this together blows me away Mimi Mathewsas really come into Attentions Throbbing her own This book was like a virtual trip back in time A truly authentic victorian romance He pressed a kiss toer Dark Reflections (Dark Reflections, hair What s all this about I don t know She tried to laugh but couldn t Pangs of longing I suppose But romance readers be aware you willave to be uite patient in this one The Spinetinglers Anthology 2008 heroine will likely annoy you She did me but yet I understooder And the Angélique à Québec (Angelique: Original version hero will be too eager to please too accommodating yete was perfect just the same And best of all the ending will make it all worth it I truly loved this And I m really looking forward to Alex Archer s story After reading and very much enjoying The Matrimonial Advertisement I ad been eagerly awaiting the next book in Mimi Matthews Parish Orphans of Devon series Then I was lucky enough to be offered an arc of the book and snatched it up immediately Although it is part of a series I don t believe its necessary to ave read the first book I loved it The romance between Jenny and Tom is tender thoughtful and sweetly endearing As with all Ms Matthews books I felt transported to another time and place and on this bitter cold snowy weekend I was grateful for it The details are perfect with the author using a thorough knowledge and understanding of the period to create each scene so that its almost like looking through a stereoscope viewer to follow the story There is another reviewer The Doughboys here whoas really written an excellent summary and I would 魔法使いの涙 [Mahou Tsukai no Namida] hesitate to follow it with my own so I just wanted to give my penny s worthere in support of a well written truly enjoyable piece of work an original storyline with lovely three dimensional characters and some rare exotic settings The romance feels real because it s not in your face which makes it one of my firm favourites It grows slowly steadily and cleverly with little Futurity hints for the reader to follow and smile at There are actual believable period appropriate conflicts in this story one being Jenny s desire for autonomy and that modest independence of the title Will sheave to choose between that yearning and Ouija in Suburbia her love forero Thomas who seems to be all business but really wouldn t mind Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism having than that inis life Their journey is not only physical but one of personal growth too and it leaves the reader feeling fulfilled warm and ready for the next parish orphan s story I do not often read and review books these days but when I find an author who can move my Lenora hardeart a rare occurrence indeed with Caz Sanatı her writing and intrigue me so that I wonder what she will write next I feel compelled to add my cheers and let them know that I want Audiobook reread update The audio and narration is FANTASTIC Alex Wyndham does an amazing job with all the characters and accents Upon rereading I love this book even The narration brings out the brilliant construction and the layers of nuance emotion in the story This bookas one of the best conversations of resolution in the last chapter And the epilogue is just downright tastefully sexy I Tom JennyMimi Matthews balances charm adventure and romance amidst vividly painted exotic locales in this Victorian novel It matches a spunky and daring Desire Sensibility heroine toer perfect complement of a ero whose thoughtful nature and intelligence make their story one of friendship and familiarity not often plumbed within such an era and their romance all the meaningful for its resilience and selfless natureThere are so many things I love about this novel that make it one of my favorites in its Victorian niche the layers of the story the wonderful world travel the smart friendship between Jenny and Tom the important secondary characters the romantic tension that is always there and the fact that their romance is apart from the course of their livesI love that Jenny s sense of identity never changes She is a strong character whose journey is not about finding erself but about The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green her dreams changing andow the surprise possibility of love makes The Sorcerer of the North (Rangers Apprentice her seeerself and choices differently without diminishing the value of Practicing History her initial stance She and Tom face their romanceead on which I also appreciated fully sharing their feelings and doubts in a straightforward manner Tom in turn grows and reconciles is childhood and some of is past choices because Some Thing Black he bends to see life through Jenny s eyesWhile I m on the subject of Tom Finchley let s just talk aboutow McClellans Other Story his intelligence is SO attractive I meanis demeanor the era make the simplicity of being on a first name basis just downright intimate In various situations Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? he goes above and beyond to see after Jenny all while respectinger abilities and wishes With A Modest Independence Mimi Matthews Leonardo da Vinci has establishederself as a must read author when it comes to Enkätboken historical romance Her practiced and timeless style is proveser to be a contemporary of a Victorian voice I am eager for what s next in this seriesContent note overall a clean read especially concerning the romance element but there are some very mild expletives mostly uttered by the characters in the company of gentlemen Thank you to Netgalley for the review copy This is my Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy honest review The adventure was grand the romance was sweet if maddening and the ending was wonderful enough to almost make me forget my irritation And the cherry on top of this particular ice cream sundae was that all of it was delivered in the delicious meltingly sexy voice of Alex Wyndham. Scover the fate of the missing Earl of Castleton while she’s at it so much the betterFrom the gaslit streets of London to the lush tea gardens of colonial India Jenny and Tom embark on an epic uest and an eually epic romance But even at the farthest edges of the British Empire the pastas a way of catching up with

Received a copy of A Modest Independence through NetGalley for an Play Me, Im Yours honest review I appreciate Mimi Matthews and Perfectly Proper Press for the opportunity to read this story A Modest Independence is the second book in Mimi Matthews Parish Orphans of Devon series Both theero Thomas Tom Finchley and the Health at Every Size heroine Jenny Hollowayad important roles in The Matrimonial Advertisement Tom was Justin s solicitor and Jenny Helena s distant cousin and companionI found it refreshing that Tom is not your stereotypical The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy hero He is neither titled nor is there is anything exceptional aboutis appearance However with Polvere alla polvere hard work and determinatione Wyoming Triple Heat has risen aboveis An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery humble beginnings in the orphanage to become a solicitor Tomas always been in control of every aspect of Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy his life and is totally dedicated tois work and the clients ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე he represents are sometimes less thatonourableAt the age of twenty eight Jenny I, Claudius has always been at someone else s beck and call first as little than a drudge forer drunkard of a father and er selfish brothers and then as Helena s companion She as always longed to be independent and fulfil Chicken Soup for the Soul her dreams of travelling and when she receives the money from Helena I can understand why she is so determined to embraceer newfound freedomIn The Matrimonial Advertisement while Misbehaving helping Helena Tom and Jenny formed a close friendship and it seemed possible that it mightave developed into something Unfortunately Tom s actions created friction between them but the long journey to India allows the strong attraction to flourish and turn to loveI like Blooming Red how they come to confide in each other and talk openly about their feelings and why they can never be together Ms Matthews captures their emotional turmoil so well that even though I knew that there would be a Happy Ever After it seemed an impossibility because they both want very different things from life Jenny is unwilling to give uper independence while Tom Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, has built a life forimself in London and Forensic Science has clients who depend onimTom as is faults but ultimately Exploring with Frémont he proves to be a trueero He is willing to let Jenny go to pursue Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out her dreams regardless of theeartbreak it causes Beauty and the Beast (Demon Tales, him For me such self sacrifice shows the depth ofis love for The Secret Life of Callie McGuire her I likeow Kuzuların Sessizliği he took a longard at When We Left Cuba himself and the choicese Enlightenment Now : The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress had made inis career and resolved only to represent those who truly deserved is elpJenny now as er freedom but realises that she is alone and Snap has no one to shareer adventures with She as been afraid to trust anyone because er family The Viking's Captive (Clan Hakon Series Book 2) (English Edition) has always leter down Jenny loves Tom and in Kentucky Traveler hereart she knows that she can marry The Survivor (Families of Honor him and not loseer independenceThe journey forms a interesting and colourful backdrop to the romance and Ms Matthews research is evident in the fascinating details she incorporates into the story bringing to life the vibrant sights and sounds of the places they visit The use of the Bradshaw s Guide was especially interesting to me Flyaway having watched Michael Portillo s BBC TV series in whiche retraces the journeys featured in George Bradshaw s 1913 Continental Railway GuideThe mystery surrounding Helena s brother Giles the social and political commentary and the secondary characters all add to the storyThere is a charming Epilogue which also paves the way for the next book A Convenient Fiction which is Alex s storyOnce again Ms Matthews delivers a beautifully written emotionally satisfying and meticulously researched Victorian romance I received a complimentary copy from the author for the purposes of an Marley honest review This was my second book by Mimi Matthews and for me this one really worked When I saw this book traveled outside England I was intrigued and wanted to give it a try Matthews is a strong writer ander Blood Born historical research is evident in the pages It was fun journeyingalfway across the world to India taking an overland route through the pages of this novel I enjoyed the amount of details included as it balanced with story progression The journey took them through France Italy Egypt and IndiaWhen I reviewed the first book in this series I noted that I would be interested in trying if the story interested me and this one proved that I also thought the romance in this one stronger in this one though it could get a bit circular The lead characters Jenny and Tom were together most of the trip and their romantic connection grew based shared experiences and time to learn and understand each other They Vinland the Dream and Other Stories had months in each other s company Note while there s kissing these novels do not go beyond the bedroom doorOverall I enjoyed this story and would recommend to readers that like differentistorical settings I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Broken Souls the honest review 5 This was a wonderful story and I loved it SIGH I started reading this book this week because book 3 was just released and I can t bare the fact that I wontave something from this author to look forward to If you ve never read a book by Mimi Matthews then you must give Bad Birthdays her a try You won t be sorry She is my favorite romance authorands down This one made me super nervous because I didn t know And Thats When It Fell Off in My Hand (Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, how it was going to work out The writing was excellent What I loved The Romance The Chemistry India HEAI can t wait to read book 3 Yay Some of my favorite uotes wave of tenderness assailedim You Vixen have nothing to worry about I do I look dreadful you said And now you ll always remember Hush I only said that because I was trying to rile you To get your spirits up The truth is He clearedis throat The truth is you re so beautiful I m finding it rather difficult to look at you I d kiss you if I wasn t in such a dreadful state You re beautiful Tom said gruffly He took is andkerchief from The Broads (New Naturalist, herands and used it to dry Dead Rules her face You re always beautiful Don t dare be kind to me I ll never stop weeping I can be nothing but kind to you You re my dearest girl Don t you know that I bought this bo. Ted life If onlye could find an eually uncomplicated woman She Wanted Adventure Former lady’s companion Jenny Holloway as just been given a modest independence Now all she wants is a bit of adventure A chance to see the world and experience life far outside the restrictive limits of Victorian England If she can di.

USA Today bestselling author Mimi Matthews writes both historical nonfiction and award winning proper Victorian romances Her novels have received starred reviews from Library Journal Publishers Weekly and Kirkus and her articles have been featured on the Victorian Web the Journal of Victorian Culture and in syndication at BUST Magazine In her other life Mimi is an attorney She resides in