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Family especially the girls and what they endured living in constant fear and read I can t even imagine Again interesting story telling and a compelling read Thank you to Doubleday books and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced readers copy of this bookSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom This book for me was mediocre The history behind this story was fascinating but the way the story was executed was ill conceived There were two alternating story lines that were asynchronous to one another which made for a pretty confusing reading experience However with all that being said I still really enjoyed the story and the history This novel chronicled the final City of Big Shoulders days of the Romanov family shining a light on Anastasia Did sheie in Ekaterinburg with the rest of her family or Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles didn t she That is what the author wants the reader toecide The other story follows a woman claiming to be Anastasia who goes by Anna Anderson If you are interested in Russian history I My Name is Bob definitely think you would like this book I liked the storyIid I just thought it could have been better Written better Told betterLike Shania Twain says That Don t Impress Me Much I am Anastasia by Ariel Lawhon is a 2018 Doubleday publication No matter how many movies ocumentaries or books I ve watched or read the romantic in me simply can t resist the fascination and the mystery of Anastasia Romanov This book examines the life of Anna Anderson who claimed she was Anastasia while also chronicling the period of time the Romanov s were in exile leading up to their execution uring the Bolshevik Revolution Anna s claims captured our imaginations for Billy Bragg decades and sparked manyebates over the legitimacy of her pronouncement While she was often met with skepticism she also had many staunch supporters I for one always loved the notion surrounding this legend I hoped no matter how far fetched or Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary doubtful the probability that Anna Anderson really was Anastasia Romanov If a miracleid happen and Anastasia somehow managed to survive we could all rationalize our fascination with the Czar s aughter from Ingrid Bergman s oscar winning portrayal to the animated Disney film and all points in between But of course the reality is far serious and grimThis novel is obviously a very ambitious undertaking Giving voice to Anastasia and Anna Anderson escribing minute historical The Majors Daughter details adding authentic and vividialogue along with solid pacing and well Miss Shumway Waves a Wand drawn characterizations This story is very interesting and the author certainlyid her homework The Touch doing a great job of laying out Anna s complexities Anna wasifficult but also lived with a host of mental issues making her a sympathetic figure on occasion which left me with conflicting emotions I often wondered how other people who have read this book felt about her in the end However I must address the elephant in the room when it comes to the way the author structured the novel She explains the method to her madness in a note at the end of the book and it On His Majestys Service does make sense from the viewpoint of the writer and logically I see where she s coming from However the backwardsforwards first and third person narratives made the bookifficult to read than need be in my opinion I Different Class did struggle with the format I must say However others may not be bothered by it at all and may even benefit from it I m not always the sharpest tool in the shed so there is that However Iid agree with the concept of separating Anastasia from Anna but I The Essential Good Food Guide did wish for a traditional type ofual timeline without all that skipping around The novel s strongest area is the pacing and the agonizingly taut build up of suspense We must watch with mounting Textbook of Wisdom dread as the Romanov s are taken to Siberia the clock ticking away as they careen towards their ultimate tragic fate This part of the story is interwoven with Anna s as she sits in a German court waiting on theirecision hoping she will at long last lay legitimate and official claim to the name Anastasia Romanov The theories mapped out here are very imaginative plausible realistic and thought provoking I can tell the author put a great eal of thought and time into this novel which is much appreciated Although it took me a long time to get through the book really struggling with it at times ultimately I found it to be uite interesting and I m glad I idn t give up on it One point I think we can all agree on no matter what is that Anna s claims turned Anastasia Romanov into a legend taking on a life of its own If not for her Anastasia and her sisters would most likely have long been forgotten over time along with other royal families who were met with the same fate Just a little something to ponder over I o recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Romanov history of course but be prepared this is not a fairy tale I would also recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction in general This book will most likely spark your curiosity about the Romanov family and you will want to learn about this them and the events leading up to their capture exile and murders 4 star. When she finally oes speak this frightened mysterious young woman claims to be the Russian grand The City in Mind duchess As rumors begin to circulate through European society that the youngest Romanovaughter has survived the massacre at Ekaterinburg old enemies and new threats are awakened The uestion of who Anna Anderson is and what actually happened to Anastasia Romanov spans fifty years and touches three continents This thrilling saga is every bit as moving and momentous as it is harrowing and twisted.

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I admit to being endlessly fascinated with Romanov family history and with the woman who claimed to be Anastasia So apparently is Ariel Lawhon as she weaves together both those stories in her latest work of historical fiction one about the last tragic eighteen months of the Romanov family s lives told through the eyes of their youngest Revenge (The Red Ledger daughter and the second about Anna Anderson who claimed to be Anastasia Anna s story is told backwards chronologically beginning with her last court case in 1970 and then regressing back through time what happened before that and before that and so on Eventually the two stories come together and the reader sees why the author chose to tell her story in this manner It worked for me I know a few readers have said that they abandoned the book because of this frustrating chronological structure which keeps the reader off balance making it hard to grasp the plot and remember names and places But my advice is to stick with it itoes get easier to understand and there s a payoff at the end Ariel Lawhon has No One Wants You done some fine writing here I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with both Annas This book may launch me on another Russian literature crazeThank you to NetGalley the author and publisher Doubleday for granting me the opportunity to read an arc of this fascinating new book I am also grateful for receiving a hardcover copy through the Keep Turning Pages group giveaway 35 starsview spoiler Even though I knew the story of The Romanovs and their fate I knew very little about Anna Anderson who forecades claimed to be Anastasia Romanov and worked to prove that she survived the firing suad that took the lives of Tsar Nicholas II and his family I was pulled in at the beginning but my interest in Anna s story waned Maybe it was because I knew the outcome even though I knew not much else about her There are The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity dual narratives Anna s which moves backwards in time and Anastasia s in chronological order In the author s note Ariel Lawhon relates her attraction to Anna s story but it was the Anastasia chapters that captivated me The imagined account of what it was like for the Romanov family in the time just before they are sent off to Siberia and theireath was compelling I was so taken by the family in spite of what history tells us about Tsar Nicholas II Captivated enough that I now want to read about the Romanovs This time I ll try a non fiction account I was less taken with the Anna chapters and I found myself hurrying through those to get back to the Anastasia chapters I Penguins Poems for Life did though find the backward telling an interesting mechanism It took me a while to get used to it but I liked the challenge in spite of myesire to get back to the Romanovs in 1917 Lawhon clarifies what she takes liberty with in the telling of the story and I appreciate what appears to be a well researched account 3 stars but an extra half for the intrigue that has me wanting to read about the Romanovs I received an advanced copy of this book from Doubleday Books through NetGalley hide spoiler I adored this book It was cleverly constructed expertly researched eeply moving and I couldn t wait to get to it at the end of the ay which is when I read for pleasure Highly recommend folks 35 I am fairly familiar with the last ays of the Romanovs having read a few non fiction books about the subject The woman who appears and tries to prove that she is a Romanovs aughter Anastasia I was less familiar In alternating chapters we follow both stories The one of the Romanovs imprisonmrnt and eventually murder is written in a linear timeline the story of Anna is told backwards in time even within the same Chapter we go backwardsI Divine Beauty did like learning about the girls personalities though of course the focus is on Anastasia They went through some terrible things even so because they had such a protected upbringing uite heartbreaking that the children were blamed for their parents mistakes The part with Anna was also told well but I found because of the way it was written sometimes confusingA greateal of research wen Those unfamiliar with the Anastasia RomanovAnna Anderson story will find much to like in this fictional novel It s an effective introduction to the bizarre controversy surrounding two historical people My experience was a bit Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone different As others have mentioned Anastasia s story is told chronologically while Anna s story is told in reverse order Given that this is well worn material I understand that the author chose this structure forramatic effect However I found it to be a contrivance that was annoying than Down to the Sea in Ships dramatic Characters carry on conversations and youon t find out until one or chapters afterwards who some of these characters are which blurs t 4 engrossing stars to I Was Anastasia Being approved to read an early copy of I Was Anastasia was like winning the lottery to this historical fiction fan Not only because of my love for the genre but also because of my interest in Anastasia Not because she was a princess necessarily but because growing up I remember Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, discussions about Anna Ariel Lawhon a rising star in historical suspense unravels the extraordinary twists and turns in Anna Anderson's fifty year battle to be recognized as Anastasia Romanov Is she the belovedaughter revered icon and Russian grand Dog Years duchess or is she an imposter liar and the thief of another woman's legacy Countless others have rendered their verdict Now it is your turnRussia July 17 1918 Underirect orders from Vladimir Lenin Bolshevik secret police force Anastasia Romanov along with the entire.

Nderson and if she was or was not the real Anastasia Romanov Ariel Lawhon ambitiously tackles this notion in a genius structure through writing from two viewpoints in Chain of Fire different timelines Anastasia s in forward progression and Anna s in reverse In the Author s Note Lawhonescribes that it was challenging to write this way and I kept thinking that as I read She even read biographies of Anna Anderson in reverse order so that she would formulate it in her head the way she would eventually write Anna s voice It would have been easier to write in linear form and perhaps easier for the reader to follow but I enjoyed this convergence in storylines It built the suspense for me Even though I already knew the true outcome I longed for a The Devils Elbow (Mrs. Bradley, different one as I uickly read through this book waiting for the timelines to intersect waiting for the answer Lawhon would write Reading the Author s Note also inspired me toig The Making of a Caribbeanpreneur deeper into Romanov history I have a nonfiction book she cited as a reference The Romanov Sisters The Lost Lives of the Daughters of Nicholas and Alexandra and plan to read it soon to learn Thank you to Ariel Lawhon Doubleday and Netgalley for the ARC I Was Anastasia is available now i am absolutely obsessed with all things romanov i couldnt tell you how many times i watched the animated film anastasia as a girl and what i thought was just a childhood phase has slowly become something of a passion so you can imagine my excitement when this book came out earlier this yearthe story of anna anderson is not one that i am too familiar with i was aware there was someone who claimed to be the granduchess anastasia but beyond the claims eventually being Maharaj dismissed i knew nothing specific however i think that enhanced my reading experience as iidnt know what to expect and it gave the story a sense of mystery and although this book is right up my street i couldnt help but feel a little let Kuduz down i think the biggestisappointment was the method in which this story was told this book tells both annas and anastasias stories i Once you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth Sir Arthur Conan DoyleMost people know the story of the executionassassination of Tsar Nicholas II and the rest of the Romanov family in Elakterinburg Russia at the hands of the Bolsheviks following the Russian revolution Most have also heard of the woman Anna Anderson who claimed for years to be Anastasia Romanov and that she survived the brutal attack that claimed the lives of her family and servants This is a clever telling of that story The uestion about what whether Anastasia Romanov survived the firing suad in the basement has fascinated people for ecades Lack of DNA testing and location of a graveburial site helped many who stepped forward to claim that she was the sole survivor Of course through the passing of time DNA testing has been conducted and grave site excavations have given a clear answerBut as the saying goesit s not the estination it s the journey Lawhon takes the reader on a uniue journey using two story lines While reading this book readers will either enjoy or become annoyed by the storytelling While Anastasia Romanov s story is told chronologically the story of Anna Anderson is told in reverse In Author s note Ariel Lawhon states that the movie Memento is a favorite of hers This style of writing also reminded me of the book All the missing girls which was also told in reverseI found that I rather liked how she told her story The storytelling was uniue granted it The Stanforth Secrets (Lovers and Ladies, did take me a couple of chapters to wrap my head around it Thankfully the chapters are labeled with the time you are reading That is a big help There is a lot of historicaletail in this book It is evident that the Author The Taste of Ashes did a greateal of research prior to the writing of this book History buffs may Camellia (Ellie, detect that Lawhon blended several characters into one ie had one character be a blending of 2 real life guards of the Romanov s in order to help the reader keep track of events and not be weighedown by too many characters It is hard to say too much without giving away spoilers but this work of historical fiction was very good I really appreciated how she blended historical facts with fiction If you o not know the entire history about the Romanov s family s fall from grace and the events leading up to their execution it is laid out for you here I highly recommend reading the Author s note at the end I think this is essential She etails her research why she blended characters her inspiration for the reverse story telling and what lead her to write this book I was actually The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, deciding between a 35 and a 4 star rating and then I read the Author s note and that pushed the book to a 4 star rating for meI love when books cause me to think feel and also to learn Iid learn some facts while reading this book and I found I often wanted to put the book China: la edad de la ambicin (Ensayo poltico) down and think about what I had just read Mainly because things in this book really happened Sitting and thinking about the horrible treatment of this. Imperial family into aamp basement in Siberia where they face a merciless firing suad None survive At least that is what the executioners have always claimedGermany February 17 1920 A young woman bearing an uncanny resemblance to Anastasia Romanov is pulled shivering and senseless from a canal Refusing to explain her presence in the freezing water or even acknowledge her rescuers she is taken to the hospital where an examination reveals that her body is riddled with countless horrific scars.

Ariel Lawhon is the critically acclaimed New York Times Bestselling author of THE WIFE THE MAID AND THE MISTRESS FLIGHT OF DREAMS I WAS ANASTASIA and CODE NAME HELENE Her books have been translated into numerous languages and have been Library Reads One Book One County Indie Next Costco and Book of the Month Club selections She lives in the rolling hills outside Nashville Tennessee w