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Ls something is not right with what she is working on and trying to get time before the big shin ig BUT as we know people angels Gods whatever on t listen THEN THINGS GO TO HELL IN A HAND BASKET I mean she estroyed a space station people it s not a spoiler it s in the summary Yasira Billy Bragg did manage to get a good bit of people saved when they were in the escape boatspods Then she gets yanked out of there and on another ship with the head honcho God and some angels and some freaking alien spiders it s a thing I might never look at a spider the same again A skittering noise came suddenly from a junction up ahead Yasira perked up expecting another bot and came face to face with an eight foot tall spider Hello it said or rather it made giggly chittering noises which was translated into Earth creole by an electronicevice hanging from its pedicel Spiders were not really arachnids they were sentient aliens ten legged with a spiny central body lacking spinnerets or pedipalps It was sheer coincidence that their overall body plan looked like an arachnophobe s nightmare Who is this new morsel you ve brought me Elu Is she good to eat I thought that was a nice little tidbit No pun intended to get you right in the nightmare Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary department Anyhoo Yasira is brought to the Gods because they want her to find a certain person and if sheoes they will let her go Well this and that and so forth and so on occurred Just read the book it was efinitely a trip I uite enjoyed myself in this strange world er book The Outside Thank you to Netgalley and the Pub for letting me read a igital copy of this bookMel MY BLOG I thought this book was going to be epic given how it started The beginning made excellent use of classic Lovecraftian style horror to the point I got a The Majors Daughter delightful shiverown my spine However I Miss Shumway Waves a Wand don t think it uite lived up to its promiseCONTENT WARNING view spoiler Torture able ism loss of loved ones religion genocide body horror hide spoiler Everything I love about fiction is found in here You can tell who the author s influences are no shocker there look at the front cover and read the back cover but this story is totally its own thing and remains fresh and uniue throughout If you plan on reading this and I recommend youo try not to The Touch do too much research into what it is about and go in with as little knowledge as possible All will be explained and it is a seriously kick ass ride The 3 star rating is for the time being because I have to re read large passages of the novelI liked the take on the neural atypical characters I could readily identify with themYet I had a hard time concentrating on the story per se This happened to me once before when I was reading Ninefox Gambit and I stillon t know what or why this is There were parts I had to repeat 5 times because my mind started wandering at the same spot each time So for now I go with the middle rating and come back after the re rea. Hed mentor With her homeworld’s fate in the balance Yasira must choose who to trust the gods and their ruthless post human angels or the rebel scientist whose unorthodox mathematics could turn her world inside

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This book was wonderful I On His Majestys Service don t have anything particularly intelligent to say about this book otherwise as I m still in the I love it phase I loved main character Yasira Shien with her love of science herifficulties relating to others because of her sensitivities autism related and how that was handled through the story her love of Tiv her partner and how Tiv understood what Yasira needed to function in a Different Class demanding environment And just how great Tiv is in generalAnd the Lovecraftian horrors referred to as The Outside that were loosed on the world by Yasira s graduate studies mentor Evianna Talirr there is something so awesome and terrifying about a force that you can t reason with And there s also the many tentacles and eyes Then there are the gods uantum artificial intelligences that are in control of tech and parcel out and police what humans can access and create The gods that Yasira interacts with once her engineering project lets in the Outside creatures are fascinating and their culture is scary And Yasira s conversations with Evianna are a nice example ofifferent The Essential Good Food Guide degrees of ability and sensitivity coupled with great intelligence All in all I loved this book I said I wasn tone with this but it turns out I am I just Textbook of Wisdom don t want to continue The making of AI into gods just sort of made me bonkers The science is way above my head and after reading the comments in the group finished thread Ion t anticipate liking it any better in the futureSorry friends I m really not this grumpy in real life I swear Mini review Extremely satisfying sci fi cosmic horror with a ueer autistic gal scientist lead I especially loved the backstory for the world with godlike AIs setting strict limits for human technological progress If you have this on your TBR I highly recommend moving it up You know those times when you re super anxious about new to you authors you reuest on Netgalley just by the looks of the coverYeah well I think I ve just found my second sueeworthy book for the year and I m going to say just this one thingIf there s any justice in the world this book is going to get nominated and rise to the very top of the hopefuls for 2020 s Hugo Awards for best novelWow right Like WHYIt tickled ALL my hot buttons I m a superfan of good science Hard SF beautiful explorations uantum computer AIs ascended to gods and Outsider coolness that uacks like a Cthuhlu In Defence of Dogs duck walks like a Cthuhluuck and chatters with insanity in your ears with hundreds of tentacles and eyes as you just fall own the hole of imaginary numbers made real Oh it has a great autistic scientist female in the lead engaging in a cat and mouse chase with her old advisor who is guilty of unconscionable crimes against humanity and is a heretic of the AI godsWho is good and who is bad Can she trust anyone Is reality even what it seemsOh yeah This is the cat s meow It has all the best features of Yoon Ha Lee s Machiner. Autistic scientist Yasira Shien has eveloped a radical new energy The City in Mind drive that could change the future of humanity But when she activates it reality warpsestroying the space station and everyone aboard The AI God.

Ies of Empire with a very ifferent kind of story and flavor Tentacles madness living alien spacecraft altered reality timey wimey stuff you name it this has it AND I JUST EAT THIS STUFF UP This is easily one of the two most sueeworthy SF s of the year and now I m a life long fan of this author Sueedance SueedanceLet s get this one READ and talked about folks Space opera with a Lovecraftian edge and a neuro iverse castHumanity has spread to the stars thanks to the Gods entities far evolved from human created uantum super computers Scientist Yasira Shien leads an effort about a space station orbiting the planet of Jai to create something special with only the technology that the Gods allow humans But soon after Yasira s experimental reactor comes online a terrible No One Wants You disasterestroys the station bringing Yasira the The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity direct attention of an Angel of the Gods and his effo 35 starsA mind bender but not so much so that I couldn t follow what was going on There were some great ideas such as the Gods and minion angels being ascended from uantum computers that achieved sentience and essentially took over shepherding humanity in a way that suits their interests most notably by limiting human advances in science and technologyThe writing was uite good and the characters had a lot of potential I m not sure I would have necessarily picked up that the main character Yasira Shien was neuroatypical without being specifically told The author self identifies on the spectrum but I think one of the challenges of writing a very high functioning autistic character is that sometimes theifferences that mark the person s experiences aren t as obvious when the story is written in the third person So much of the Penguins Poems for Life differences of experience are just not apparent to an outside observer That said first person narration while possibly opening the narrator s internal processes up to closer examination by the reader has its own challenges in terms of structuring the storyOverall though this is a reasonably interesting book with a uniue feel that makes it worth a second look This is the 3rd book recently that I have read or reading that has characters withisabilities and I think that s bloody brilliant This book was crazy as hell and I loved it I mean an autistic scientist WOMAN Hell yes Freaking robot angels and computer Gods Dude that s some crazy stuff right there Praise to the Gods of the galaxy who brought us out of Old Earth Praise to the Gods of the warp rive who push at the edges of space Praise to the Gods of the portal who open all oors to our bodies Praise to the Gods of the ansible who open all oors to our words Praise praise be to the Gods who know whose minds are above human minds whose knowledge has kept us aliveALETHEIAN MORNING LITANY Yasira is a scientist on a space ship and she has been working on some tech that could change humanity basically what it says in the summary Yasira fee. S who rule the galaxy eclare her work heretical and Yasira is abducted by their agents Instead of simply executing her they offer mercy – if she’ll help them hunt own a bigger target her own mysterious vanis.

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