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Lk about the past Isaac always felt that he had to live down his teen reputation of a spoiled rich kid and spends a lot of time doing charity work He also has a pretty strong competitive streak Hannah was something of a do gooderactivist as a teen which has carried over into her adult life She also struggles to adjust to her new role as a mother while dealing with her mother s illness I rather njoyed the various attempts to throw Isaac and Hannah together The bachelor auction was pretty funny specially with the who and why of the person who bid on Isaac The heat between Isaac and Hannah continued to grow as did the feelings neither were willing to address I Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue enjoyed Isaac s conversation with Hannah s mom who was pretty blunt in her advice to him Hannah s aha moment came from an unexpected source Their big moment at thend was The Man Without a Face especiallymotional thanks to Sammy A delightful holiday read A reunion of high school sweethearts leads to some Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) eye opening discoveries as mistaken viewpoints are put to the test It s always a pleasure to return to Sugar Falls Idaho where the characters are always down home friendly and love blooms deeply Warm atmosphere interesting characters and a second chance at loveHannah Gregson returns home to Sugar Falls for the holidays to show her newly adopted son how welcoming her town is She s surprised to find her old high school boyfriend has returned to town and just happens to be the former soldier turned fire chief that her son begins to idolizeIsaac Jones hasn t seen Hannah in over a decade but he realizes the grown up version is nothing like the sweet teen he loved spending his summers with She acts like she has a chip on her shoulder when she was the one who left him high and dry Her kid is hard to resist but her snarky attitude has got to Her atvery holiday Gone (Gone, event and Hannah’s son worships the bravex soldier If Isaac isn’t careful he just may go from hero to family man by Christma.

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First if you re a seasonal reader and picking this one up because you want a very Christmas oriented read maybe reset your Threads Of The Shroud expectations as this story starts in October and only a portion of it takes place at Christmas though there is a pivotal gift involved Hannah and Isaac s teenage relationship didn tnd well and a decade later when Hannah returns to town with her adopted child and a teaching job awkwardness and animosity lingers between Hannah and her firefighter All Seated on the Ground ex This is an interracial romance and though race isn t touched upon all that much here it s still an aspect of the book to appreciate given that interracial couples still aren t particularly commonplace in romance novels I thought Hannah and Isaac had nice chemistry it was just kind of unfortunate that there wasn t a stronger conflict in their relationship instead it mostly stemmed from something that happened when they were teens something that could beasily resolved by a conversation I couldn t help wishing that conversation had taken place at the start of this book and the story had then focused on adult reasons they d be reluctant to try again Both came to the relationship with some interesting baggage Isaac had parents at odds over his upbringing he was born with a silver spoon yet chose a blue collar life and Hannah s juggling the adjustment to being a mom while her own mother is ill so it felt like something personal could have played a bigger role as the obstacle to their relationship Another aspect of these characters that I would have been happy to have seen xplored involved the theme of fitting in Most of my favorite scenes touched on that whether hearing about Hannah as a lone crusader teen or Isaac wanting to be seen as something than this rich guy or Hannah s boy and his cultural difference. Can a chance reunion spark a Yuletide proposal Anything can happen in Sugar Falls Home for the holidays with her adopted son from Ghana Hannah Gregson.

S there was something honest and real in those moments that held a lot of promise if they d just been tapped into a bit I probably would have felt motionally invested Miniseries Sugar Falls Idaho This is the 2nd book I read by Christy Jeffries I m sorry I stopped reading this story at chapter 3 because it didn t grab my interest Good second chance romance Hannah and Isaac had been high school sweethearts until gossip fueled misunderstandings drove them apart Ten years later both of them are back in Sugar Falls Isaac has been the Sugar Falls fire chief for about six months Hannah has come home with her adopted son to be closer to her sick mother and take up a new teaching job Neither was aware of the other s presence until they Wiring encounteredach other at a local fundraiserThe tension and sparks flew between Hannah and Isaac from the moment they saw Against All Odds each other Each of them believes themselves to be the wronged person in their breakup and they are determined to avoidach other Unfortunately or maybe fortunately it seems that most of the town is determined to throw them together aided by Hannah s son Sammy and his fascination with the fire chief I loved seeing Isaac and Sammy together There was an immediate connection between Isaac and Sammy I loved their first scene together at the pancake fundraiser as Isaac showed an innate understanding of Sammy s feelingsI liked the development of the relationship between Hannah and Isaac It was clear from the start that the feelings between them had never died but both were wary of risking their hearts again There were times when it looked promising for them to overcome the past but then something would happen to bring the old memories flooding back Both Isaac and Hannah had insecurities that were aggravated by their inability to ta. Runs straight into her former flame fire chief Isaac Jones Though the pair are determined to keep their distance the local matchmakers throw them toget.

Christy Jeffries graduated from the University of California Irvine with a degree in Criminology and received her Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law But drafting court documents and working in law enforcement was merely an apprenticeship for her current career in the dynamic field of mommyhood and romance writing She lives in Southern California with her patient husband two ene