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Rs of the race and dealing with ancient feuds between clans And whatever happened to those 400 ounces of gold in nuggets I looked it up That s euivalent to one bar of gold bullion metal not soup and it weighs 124 kg or about 27 lbs or ust under 2 stone Thank you Mr GoogleNot content with that Phryne damages a dummy on the Ghost Train at Luna Park and it turns out to be a mummified corpse Well and good so to speak but why is her life immediately under threat for finding it All this and will eventually be delucidatedI know the last thing you can do with this book series is take it too seriously but there are a couple of little uibbles Greenwood again indulges in the letter teaser at the end of each chapter which as it appears to have little to do with the narrative and introduces characters about which the reader knows nothing is extremely annoying as it interrupts the flow of the story each time It appears to be a favourite device of hers used in four of the novels I ve read so far and it s not one I rejoice inFor another thing why would her entire household plus friend Mr Burton the dwarf trek all the way to Castlemaine for the wrap party with evening dress and all Who set that one up Nothing is saidFor another in an oldfashioned Australian hotel built with verandahs all around a central courtyard could Phryne feasibly indulge in noisy animal sex Greenwood s description in broad daylight in a hotel full of people without attracting anyone s attention I live in a building with a courtyard and believe me sound carries In detail You can hear my neighbour beating eggs to make an omelette on a summer evening let alone erotic activity Aside from that the obligatory erotica passage went on a bit too long in this story and I had to skim through it I dunno call me oldfashioned but Lin s married now Is Phryne content to be his call girl I guess so as she likes to see herself as that tiresome Greek courtesan whose story fortunately is not rehashed in this installment Three times is enough for me and I suppose to her mind not taking money for it makes it acceptable view spoiler And how could she have this athletic sex when she is described as covered with bruises and abrasions from being tied to a chair all night Wouldn t she be tired and than a bit sore Or is she sooo driven by her sexual appetites that pain is now erotic eyeroll I could have lived without Greenwood making Elizabeth into the now obligatory lesbian character I don t feel that adds anything to the narrative well it seldom does but let us be PC or die hide spoile. Stery takes her to the country town of Castlemaine where it's soon obvious that someone is trying to muzzle her investigations With unknown threatening assailants on her path Phryne seems headed for trouble than usua.

They are perhaps a tad stereotyped as well I don t know if it s my mood ust this installment or if I m over this series but this one isn t grabbing me Even for the diversionary fun fluff they areMight try again later Okay this was the highly enjoyable light female led 20s murder mystery I have been trying to read Rattles along nicely constructed if implausible plot well written lively characters much fun had by all The Castlemaine Murders is a fairly typical outing for Phryne featuring her usual liberal attitudes to sisters ueer people Chinese people marriage and danger At various points it felt like Lin Chung was the protagonist than Phryne was which wasn t bad as such because I do like the character and his relationship with Phryne but on the other hand he is definitely not what I ve read thirteen books and counting for Watching him come into himself and act with responsibility is kind of cool all the same because we ve seen him go from obeying everything the head of the family said to being the head of the familyThe rest of the mystery Phryne s half is rather secondary In a bit of convenience the two mysteries end up tied together which was far too much of a coincidence for my liking considering the age of the crimes the distance the amount of chance involvedStill I m only critical because of the books have been than this at times It s still fun and especially for the way all the characters are developing growing up becoming and of a familyBut hey no Bert and CecOriginally posted here Entertaining not amazing The best parts by far are Phrynne bonding with her sister Beth although saw the twist there coming a mile away and Lin Chung learning to be the head of his family that was really interesting I also like all the history of the Chinese in Australia THere is also a somewhat tedious mystery involving a mummy in a fairground haunted house Best part of that is Mr Burton comes back and Jane gets to talk charmingly about science to an Egyptologist Most of the rest of it is fairly tedious including the view spoilerkidnapping of Phrynne at the end by the two villains hide spoiler Greenwood brings several threads to this story of murder greed and mayhem and weaves them together in a azz pattern Phryne s sister Beth arrives from England all unexplained and so abrasive and obnoxious that Phryne hardly recognises her She leaps at the post and refuses to explain what s wrong Lin Chung finds himself head of a huge extended family in charge of their multifarious business concerns as well as looking after indigent membe. Host Train amidst the sueals of horror and delight a mummified bullet studded corpse falls to the ground in front of them Phryne Fisher's pleasure trip has definitely become business Digging into this longstanding my.

There was a LOT that I didn t get in this instalment of Phryne Fisher and I m not sure but it may have been because there was a lot about the Chinese in this one Lin Chung is investigating some inter family disputes from 150 years ago on the goldfields and the key to Phryne s investigation she breaks a carnival dummy at Luna Park when a shoe breaks off in her hand and is found to contain human bones is partly to be found in Lin Chung s investigations But that s OK I A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just let the story and Stephanie Daniels voice wash over me But maybe I need to take a little break from listening to Phryne Fisher 2018 I liked the fact that Lin Chung had uite a bit of the story to himself meeting the Hu family and his Castlemaine relatives A thoroughly engrossing story crossing from the Australian Gold Rush in 1874 to Phryne s life in 1928 Melbourne and involving her own family and that of her lover Lin Chung One of the best in this series Phyrne goes to Castlemaine to investigate a decades old murder that someone in the present day is anxious to keep a mystery I like Eliza and Lady Alice and the parts about the Lin family history best The least interesting parts for me are when it sust Phyrne on her own The Castlemaine Murders by Kerry Greenwood is the 13th book in the Phrynne Fisher Mystery series During a trip to Luna Park Phrynne finds the body of a mummified murder victim in the ghost train Lin is also on a uest to find missing family gold Another interesting book looking at events that had taken place during the gold rush I enjoyed the contrast between the way Phrynne and Lin went about solving their various mysteries Another fun book with plenty of adventures Reviewed for The BibliophibianI enjoy Phryne as a general proposition but I find myself saying with almost every book at least later in the series that it s not a favourite and I wouldn t particularly recommend it on its own If you like Phryne it s of her usual with daringness nice clothes some good food and a sexy man It fits the formula and at least this one introduces her sister as an actual character with interests and problems of her own It s all the usual glitz and glamour and peril you expect from Phryne and nothing particularly surprising moving or suspenseful You know she s going to come out okay in the endWhich all sounds like damning with faint praise which isn t uite what I mean either If you enjoy Phryne it s fine It s ust not one that stands out to me except maybe for some of Lin Chung s interactions with his extended family which make me laugh though. The fabulous Phryne Fisher her sister Beth and her faithful maid Dot decide that Luna Park is the perfect place for an afternoon of fun and excitement with Phryne's two daughters Ruth and Jane But in the dusty dark

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Kerry Greenwood was born in the Melbourne suburb of Footscray and after wandering far and wide she returned to live there She has a degree in English and Law from Melbourne University and was admitted to the legal profession on the 1st April 1982 a day which she finds both soothing and significantKerry has written twenty novels a number of plays including The Troubadours with Stephen D'Arcy