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Ally strong and mentally sharp I enjoyed watching the pair as they each learned about the other each pleasantly surprised that their physical attraction is rooted in something deeper It s like I could El mundo contemporneo: Del siglo XIX al XXI (Pensamiento) feel the awe in each as they grew closer together becoming and entwined I especially liked that the professional aspect of Ky s job and getting involved with Gemma is addressed and always on his mind The author gives Ky support in theorm of an additional protector helping ease the way North American Spies for the couple to pair up Ky and Gemma have a palpable chemistry that explodes when they touch especially theirirst couple encounters My only small complaint is that the pair is a bit goofy with their talk in bed They are silly in a way that made me think both are nervous which may be exactly the point Gemma has some serious trust issues and the author does a great job developing the character However I wanted Gemma just to take charge and let go of her Che Guevara fears which she does eventuallyWhile I enjoyed the romance a lot I did have an issue with the resolution of the mafia case Trying not to be spoil A spooktacular whodunit after all it s October LOL Gemma Laine is a worldamous photo journalist When a Mob hit goes down right in Fire Blood (A Targaryen History, front of Gemma she captures it all with her digital camera Now the FBI take her camera and SD card as part of their investigation raising her ire as those are not the only photos on that SD card and that camera is her baby The police and FBI are not the only ones seeking those pictures After an attempt on Gemma life Special Agent Kyros Pappandreos insists on taking Gemma into protective custody In the mob hit two of his men and a crucial witness were killed He s not taking any chances with her What neither Ky or Gemma anticipate is the heat that sizzles between them as Ky tries to keep Gemma out of the mob s hands The storyline keeps you enthralled with the perfect balance of romance and suspense It s no surprise that Peggy s characters grab hold of you and don t let go until you ve turned the last page and closed the book with a satisfied sigh I highly recommend A Shot at Love and lookorward to reading the next book in this series. Special Agent Kyros Pappandreos can’t afford to be distracted But Gemma is dazzling and her connection to Kandy Laine’s high profile cooking empire makes her an especially easy mark or some very bad people Keeping her safe is much pleasure than business but as the heat between them starts to sizzle Ky is set to investigate whether they have a shot at lo.

Often the girl can be weak in these scenarios relying on the man to save the day but not on Gemma s case She was one kick ass civilian As a result the chemistry between the two was off the charts To keep the story realistic when they are on the run rom killer mobsters you could see the transition of their attraction and it wasn t immediately between the sheets De Koersk - De dodelijke reis van een kernonderzeeër followed by eternal love which other stories can sometimes do I liked this it kept the storyresh and kept me invested in the charactersAt the end of the day this is a story and series that I enjoyed uite a bit I am not sure where or if it will even go next but I am hoping since Gemma still has a Sweet Bags few sisters we have not heard about that this series will continue I will be in line to read it A Shot at Love is the second excellent romantic suspense book in the Will Cookor Love series written by author Peggy Jaeger The characters are charismatic I will look England in America, 1580-1652 forward to reading in this series Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington BooksLyrical Shineor the advance copy Agent Kyros Ky Pappandreos has been working on a mafia case Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows for three years when the only witness is shot and killed on the streets of New York along with two of Ky s men Photographer Gemma Laine happened to be in the right place at the wrong time Capturingaces of New Yorkers The Economics Of Business Enterprise for her next book she witnesses and records the entire event on her camera making her Ritandi s next targetWhen there is one attempt too many on Gemma s life while she s in FBI custody Ky realizes he has a mole within his team and takes her safety into his own hands The pair hide out in a remote cabin and come to realize that while hiding away they both have neverelt alive or Comparative Contract Law, Second Edition freeA Shot at Love is the second romance in the Will Cookor Love series While the book takes place in the same world and involves the same characters as the Breakfast with Anglo first it is a standalone read And even with their similarities the two books are uniue and independent A Shot at Love definitelyalls in the romantic suspense subgenre than the One Big Damn Puzzler first title which also contained a bit of actionKy and Gemma are a great couple They share similar values and interests They are both physic. E becomes a targetor the mob and a top priority or a very determined breathtakingly handsome FBI special agent With deadlines to meet and photo shoots on her calendar Gemma chafes at the idea of protection but every moment she spends under his watchful eye is a temptation to lose herself in his muscular arms With two of his men and one crucial witness dead.

Thank you to NetGalley or my ARC of this book The review below is my own opinionThis is the 2nd book NORJAK from Peggy Jaeger that I ve read and when it popped up on NetGalley I reuested it right away But I didn t read it at once See Ielt like I was being such a nitpicky witch or some weeks now Man I ve been in such a horrible book slump Everything that I was reading was just driving me batty and I elt like any reviews I posted would be unfair because of the mood I was in So I stopped reading The Outside for a while around 2 weeks which is the longest reading hiatus I ve taken Anyway this was the book that Iirst read after my self imposed hiatus It was awesome Thank you Loving James (Surviving Elite High, for writing another great story Peggy JaegerWho remembers Alias the TV show starring Jennifer Garner Well I was such a HUGEan of Alias and Sydney Bristow Gemma the heroine in this story reminded me of her Gemma was so kick ass Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, feisty and strong And Ky Ky Sigh So dreamy and hotI loved theast pace of the story I loved the chemistry between Gemma and Ky Each scene was so vividly described that reading I See Rude People felt like watching an incredible good action themed tv showmovie I couldn t put this book down So so so so good If you like your romance books with actionsuspenseFBI related arcs like I do I would definitely recommend this book Review alsoound at received an ARC of this book HVAC Design Sourcebook from the publisher via Netgalley in exchangeor an honest review Thank youThis is one of those stories that I have a hard time explaining why I liked it but I simply did This is the second in the Will Cook Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing for Love series and Ielt the same about the The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, first one as well Don t worry if you are picking this up without reading theirst as it can be read as a stand aloneThis has the perfect mixture of attraction and angst along with just enough suspense to keep the story moving at a good pace Pair two really strong characters and you have a Ormen i Essex formula that worksI loved that Gemma was a kick ass type of girl trained in numerousighting techniues sorry I Bare It All (Love Undercover, forget the disciplines she was no push over Then you have Ky who is the chiseled and dreamy FBI agent who is assigned to her protection and her match in every way Too. Nothing’s impossible when love is on the menu In Peggy Jaeger’s luscious series the only thing tempting than a delicious meal is a truly delectable romance Lookor exclusive recipes in each book Photographer Gemma Laine is looking Bare It All (Love Undercover, for arrestingaces on the streets of Manhattan when her camera captures something shocking a triple murder In that moment sh.

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