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Ical intrigue what does it mean to say you laughed at these craven people and these violent events Is there a message in the contrived and genuinely believing leaders who so willingly put doctrine even a twisted and corrupted version of doctrine over life and any retention of human dignityIn the opening pages Soviet Russian Dictator is cursed by the wife of one of his victims He alls to the ground Before doctors are called or any thought is given to the possibility he may still be alive The members of the Supreme Central Committee meet to decide on who is left among the recently purged Moscow medical community who can be allowed near the dying beloved leader The played out subtext of every word and action among these men is who is to assume power under what terms and with who allowed to survive Beria immediately executes his long planned machinations to either assume the Chair of the Soviet or at least be the master string puller Nikita Khrushchev lumbers into the maneuvering but always seems to be behind Beria Molotov comes close to being the one honorable man in that he is to the end motivated by his abstract political doctrine General Zhukov is not a member of the Committee but as head of the Army he is effectively the King maker The rest of the Committee Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality fall into camps but as characters they do not appear as roundedigure This lack of depth in so many characters tends to make it hard to accept the too speedily reached resolution This resolution is explained much better in the movie Never explained is the importance of Stalin s Children both now adults neither of no obvious conseuence and both treated as key pawns in the power struggle The back drop to Stalin death is the continuation of the Stalinist State as a place where people are murdered on less than whim The art work on character Learning and Development faces is not well standardized It is appropriate that the panels are drawnrom awkward and unsettling angles The muted dark earth tones are all effective and again appropriate There is something hard to read in The Death of Stalin given how dark the place and time but the humor draws Arduino Development Cookbook from the extremes that was this place and time. Egin to turn plunging the super state into darkness uncertainty and near civil war The struggleor supreme power will determine the ate of the nation and of the world And it all really happene.

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Very interesting GN but be warned there is much interpretive iller in this story that is based on historic events I would suggest reading up on the historical The Canadian Regime facts before reading this GN Having said this Iound the story arch thought provoking and entertaining Soviet Russia may provide some of the best examples of truth being stranger than iction I m not sure how to rate this graphic novel because although it was uite well done it is p Having recently read Joshua Rubenstein s The Last Days of Stalin I was interested in this graphic novel It is being made into a major Hollywood ilm with Steve Buscemi Jason Isaacs and Jeffrey Tambor This appears to be comedy even though the actual events were in no way unny nor is the graphic novel I think that this is an interesting approach to history and would like to see it applied to other historical events but the pageantry of the Soviet Union lends itself to this medium I recommend the ebook as it seems to be perfect to read on an IPad This is a review of the graphic novel THE DEATH OF STALIN which inspired the 2018 movie of the same name I didn t like it as much as I d hoped but it did have some residual utility see below Really the story a mix of historical iction and just plain iction credibly states a scenario or the death of Josef Stalin and the reaction both political and personal to that death Imagine if a powerful country s Leader died and there was no clear line of succession no Vice President no monarchical line just a bunch of thugs with mixed motives and no real reason to tell the truth to anyone but a crony or two sometimes not even them It is as prior reviewer Phroderick said the blackest of black humor but it works I was less enchanted with the artwork and inking which verged on the trite and Un Cadeau pour ma Femme flat Given such a large cast of meanies Iound it difficult at times to keep them all straight The author got off to a good start by introducing the players vignette style but artistically I couldn t always distinguish the young moustache wearer rom the middle aged moustache wearer or the man in spectacles rom the other man in spectacles The concert pianist is The graphic novel that inspired the new Armando Iannucci movie which includes an all star cast Steve Buscemi Simon Russell Beale Jason Isaacs Michael Palin and Jeffrey Tambor Fear corruption and.

Lmost always shown with her eyes gone to slits charming like the early Shirley MacLaine but not revealing of character or emotion Perhaps worst of all the corpulent Nikita Khrushchev appears through the second half of the book looking much like a light bulb in a tight collar I expected the inking to be on the dull side color wise after all Stalin died in the late winter so this Russian play ought to be Shadow Bound full of skies of gray But even during the sunlit denouement wan and weak predominate I would have thought a little TOO much color in theinal pages would work better to Mapapansin Kaya? fit thealsely optimistic picture of the Soviet Union under Beria The hidden nuggets in all this good but not irresistible graphic work are twofold 1 a very good physical production perfect bound and with a stiffer cover than the interior pages and 2 if nothing else it should provide a useful Who s Who to the critically acclaimed movie whose major Buntus Foclora flaw is said to be that the characters aren t well introduced Overall out ofive starsStory 45Art 35Inking 30Physical uality of book 50Relevance to movie 40The average would land at somewhere around Life at the End of thevTunnel four but due to the mixed uality of this graphic novel on any competence to excellence scale I llorgo posting that average as a certain number of stars THE DEATH OF STALIN deserves to be read but don t step on any Kulaks to get there Passing judgement on Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin s graphic novel The Death of Stalin may be as much a study of the psychology of the reviewer as the uality of the book This is a テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] fictionalized version of life inside the belly of one of modern history s most insidiously evil places and people One has to uestion what it means to say that you liked a book like this I am siding with theolks who call this black humor Only it is blacker Black like the sun had never shoneThe Story line has a Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники firm anchor in historic events and real people However the authors are clear that they intend The Death of Stalin asiction Even as The Herd from 93rd fiction it is not thatar off rom the strange actual events and people as portrayedGiven that this was a world of state directed arbitrary terror and measured polit. Treachery abound in this political satire set in the aftermath of Stalin's death in the Soviet Union in 1953 When the leader of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin has a stroke the political gears

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Born in 1976 Fabien Nury began his career by co writing with Xavier Dorison the script of WEST Dargaud a hit series illustrated by Christian Rossi six volumes between 2003 and 2011 Nury independently wrote Je suis Légion 2004 2007 Humanoids Associés a trilogy illustrated by the American John Cassaday Translated into eight languages the series continues with several other illustrato