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Is coming from in her hesitancy to get involved with anyone As a single mom myself there is no way I could change verything in my life for a guy so I knew why she put up some walls It was very hard for her to think about the future when she couldn t just think of herself I think the author did such a great job with these Hot-Blooded Italians emotionsI thought Makai was great and I really look forward to learning about him He was so good with Taryn and making sure she wasnjoying herself and getting herself to step out of her comfort zone when they were on Mlynowski Teen Thriller excursions He cared a lot about Taryn and knew that she had than herself to think aboutI loved that Makai wouldn t give up fighting for what he believed in There are 5 stories included in this set There are also 5 new to me authors writing cruise ship stories with lots of wonderful romance There were a couple of stories that were very short and I wish they were a little longer but all the stories are well written with lovely characters Each author wr Read my full review at most people know I am a sucker for YA Paranormal and that is my go to and love genre but from time to time you will catch me step out of my comfort zone and give other genres a tryAnd boy was I glad I gave this one a tryCheck out below what I thought ofach individual story and my overall thoughts on this AnthologyToo Fast for Love Lily ChristineWOWThis story was fabulous and fast paced just like the character Luke I was addicted from beginning to Reggie end This author has a new fanJust One Look Jeb JulienneWOWWhat a fun sassy and sexy story this was This was a dream right out of the pages of a fantasy world that only this author could bring forth I loved the mystery and the magic that flowed within its pages andmbedded itself into my brain This story has a intriguing and memorable fairy tale twist that I absolutely lovedPirated Pixie Shae McMasterA sexy fun uirky and light heartened read I Switchback enjoyed the story at th Every girls fantasyI loved the short stories All the authors did a fabulous job weaving their short tales A couple of these authors are new to me so I ll be looking for from themGreat job guys InspiringLove Onboard is a compilation of books that take place on a cruise ship Can all the couples find love See what happens on a Valentines Cruise. Lot burnt out on love Sailing the Caribbean Taryn and Makai find healing and passion inach other’s arms but too soon the ship returns to port Was it a vacation fling or the start of something Cinderella at Sea by Ellen Wilder Girl next door Manda Reilly was ditched by her cousin and boarded the cruise amidst a flurry of panic attacks When Manda discovers country singer and childhood crush Hunter Cross is performing on the singles cruise she finds herself reliving old memories and indulging in the xotic with her new hero Can the man she’s known forever really be her one true love What readers are saying “A fantastic and fun read with different authors bringing forth their own fairy tale twists” 5 stars from Black Words White Pages “This is a great uick read set of books that are sure to keep your attention I loved reading it” 5 stars from Review.

One of reasons I ve loved reading this anthology of five stories written by authors we ve come to love is that being a child of the 1950 s I had been around to watch 10 seasons of the award winning comedyromance television series known as The Love Boat 1977 1987 While the show s weekly pisodes contained three interconnected vignettes all taking place on a single cruise all the stories here take place on a singles cruise taking place aroundon Valentine s Day and you can t have a better time of year than this for romanceAnd like the television show this collection also contains a variety of known storylines for what we all hope will Belonging (Temptation, end in a HEA Storylines like the hope of finding romance for the first time rekindling the one two individuals once had getting a second chance in having a HEA after a disastrous divorce custody fightr as well as a Cinderella type story of a woman dreaming that a guy she s known forever actually does love her for realFor allowing their readers to fantasize about being inach of these captivating individual stories I ve decided to give the authors of the stories in this anthology 5 STARS for their If Im Found (If I Run efforts Love Onboard Cupid s Caribbean Cruise Waves of New Romantic Releases From Your Favorite Authors onboard a Valentine s single cruise This is a great boxed set of 5 books by 5 different talented authors Injoyed all the romantic stories The 5 authors and their stories areToo Fast for Love by Lilly Christine Just One look by Deb Julienne Pirated Pixie by Shea McMaster Healing Hearts by Michele Shriver Cinderella at Sea by Ellen Wilder I really loved Too Fast for Love by Lilly Christine It is the story of Luke Devlin and Lacey Lipinski Luke is big built tanned with thick muscular thighs and flat abs He has dirty blond hair with little boycurls above his CaddyGirls ears and marbled sea greenyes Lacey is very pretty with layered shimmery blond hair She is athletic tanned friendly and very appealing to the opposite sex She has a freckled nose and beautiful green yes Luke is a top ten Nascar race car driver with anger issues that are interfering with his racing career He has a short fuse and his latest bout of anger has brought him to a screeching halt Lacey is a student who works at Hooters restaurant When she needs to make money she ta. Join Cupid as he shoots arrows at ten unsuspecting passengers Love Onboard Cupid's Caribbean Cruise brings you waves of new romantic short stories from five Contemporary Romance authors aboard a Valentine’s themed singles cruise through the Caribbean Too Fast for Love by Lilly Christine Luke Devlin is a race car driver with a tendency to see redand not just the red flags during a race Lacey Lipinski is a Hooters waitress turned cruise ship love xpert who has the tools to help Luke recalibrate Can a fling on the ship turn into a few laps around the track Just One Look by Deb Julienne On a secret mission for her father Diana “Tolliver” unexpectedly finds herself alone on a singles cruise Shortly after boarding she befriends a follow solo passenger and they decide to play a little game of “Date for the Cruise” Each must pick out the other's date hopef.

Kes a job on a cruise line as a love Philosophy of Religion expert on their Aphrodite ship s singles cruise Lacey is teaching relationship skills for the people aboard butnds up only having Luke as a student Luke s PR thinks he needs an anger management course but since the cruise is short notice he nds up taking Lacey s class His PR books him for classes twice a day for the whole cruise Lacey tries to keep it on a professional level She knows Luke needs to find a way to re calibrate the demons inside of himself With both Luke Lacey being born in Texas they find some common ground Luke nds up being raised in South Carolina by his mother Lacey is raised in Florida by hers They are both uickly attracted to The Spirituality Revolution each other Laceynds up finding out a secret about Luke s past that might affect the way their relationship The secret will definitely affect the rest of Luke s life When the press figures out something romantic is possibly going on with the two of them the media takes on a life of its own They have to find a way to head them off and find a way to make it work out to both their advantages Aboard the cruise ship can their fling survive How will the secret from Luke s past affect Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) each of them Can his temper be controlled with Lacey s help or will he not survive in the fast lane Great story very romantic and I loved the way Luke and Lacey worked things out Healing Hearts by Michele ShriverTaryn Bradfield is a 36 year old newly single mom after getting divorced after 14 years Her best friend Joni books her on a Valentine s Day Singles Cruise to the Caribbean to help her get her confidence back after her selfsteem plummeted during her marriage She is not looking for a relationship at all but hopes to Economies and Cultures enjoy herself and spend some time getting pamperedMakai Grant is a pilot for American Airlines and wasngaged to Jillian He s not 100% sure what he wants to do any longer is open to any changes that could comeWhen Taryn and Makai meet the first day out on deck they are both surprised at how Designing with Web Standards easyverything is between them Yet Taryn is holding back knowing she has her kids back at home Will she allow her heart to open to MakaiThis was a great introduction to the characters Taryn and Makai and I really look forward to from them in the future I completely understand where Taryn. Ully for the duration of the cruise Between her new friend research for her father and her new “boyfriend” she certainly isn't alone any Pirated Pixie by Shea McMaster Irene Lunduist boarded the ship to unwind support her jilted best friend and hang out with him and his groomsmen Much to her surprise Dutch Marshal’s good looks and charm do nothing to help her relax and Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, everything to steal her heart For Dutch things get complicated when the best man in charge of the group plans is a gorgeous pixie sized redhead woman who lights his fire Canither of them make it through the singles cruise and remain single or will they get the happily ver after neither of them was looking for Healing Hearts by Michele Shriver After a bitter divorce and custody battle Taryn Bradfield’s best friend books her on a singles cruise where she meets Makai Grant an airline pi.

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Lilly Christine has authored ten titles in the McGreers Series with Too Fast For Love McGreers #10 currently in the Cupid's Caribbean Cruise Box Set Awarded Librarian's Readers' Choice Best Western 2016 #8 My Kinda Bull released October In 2016 Lilly also became an Bestselling Author with Last Chance Cowboy McGreers #7 included in the Cowboy Country anthology which hit #2 in