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PLEASE NOTE This is the COMPACT edition The search inside this book product preview above is for the 1st FULL edition which is out of print The current full edition 2nd ed has a white cover For comparison this compact edition black cover does not include Partner Yoga Thai Massage and several seated poses such as advanced twists featured in the larger white cover 2nd editionBrian Cooper's international best selling yoga.

Book Yoga The Art of Adjusting is now available in a compact travel edition Half the size and weight of the full version this manual is perfect to pop in your yoga bag for studio or travel useThe asanas of the Primary Series of the Ashtanga system are the basis for this manual The principles of adjusting are explained to ensure adjustments are carried out safely and effectively Each asana is shown along with its detai.

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Led alignment followed by clearly illustrated and beautifully photographed adjustmentsUsing the asanas of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga this manual presents Principles and benefits of adjusting Detailed alignment and guidance for each asana Key teaching points for verbally instructing a classTable of contents Chapter 1 Surya Namaskar Chapter 2 Standing Asanas Chapter 3 Primary Series Asanas Chapter 4 Back Bending.