Therese Beharrie: The Tycoons Reluctant Cinderella

Ir journey towards happily ever after but it kept me wanting the rest of the story and overall was a enjoying read Strong irst showingWhen hotel tour guide Callie McKenzie gets stuck in the elevator with a stranger she s a bit thrown She s not a Kine (The Kine Saga, fan of small spaces so she starts toreak and the sexy stranger helps calm her down setting off sizzling sparks between them Too bad getting rescued reveals that he s the new boss they ve all been dreading the arrival ofBlake Owen has steered clear of women and relationships since his divorce but he has to admit that there s just something uniuely uaint about Callie They attempt to The History of Dark Corner Campbell County, Ga fight their attraction to each other but getting thrown together on project after project starts to tumble the walls they ve erected around themselves She deserves the world but can he actually be a good enough man to give it to her I would give this book 35 stars really enjoyed Of relationships yet Callie's shy warmth intrigues him The heartache of her past makes her a woman who deserves aairy tale if only Blake will risk his heart and give her everythin.

Therese Beharrie ´ 2 Summary

Miniseries 9 to 5Connecting with Callie and Blake as they both overcame their issues of trust made this an emotional read Q-Squared for me I hope it does the sameor you if you take my high recommendation 천년구미호 [Cheonnyeon Kumiho] for reading their story Kim S untuk ukuran harleuin ini well written lumayan suka sama konflik daneel yg dibangun berdebar debar sama percakapan2 mereka walaupun kesannya drama sih tapi suka kok masuk akal sama konfliknya penyelesaiannya juga sempurna I really enjoyed this book It had a gutsy sympathetic heroine a moody hero and the South African setting was vividly drawn A great debut novel I ll definitely be reading this author again 25 bintangDuuuhhhmood baca lagi anjlok kali ya Milih buku bacaan aja perasaan gak ada yang baguuussDari awal bertemu sama sekali gak bisa nangkap chemistry nya Blake Callie Jadinya ogah ogahan baca buku ini yang hampir semua isinya cuma interaksi Blake Callie ajah Loncat Swept off her eet by the bossWhen hotel tour guide Callie McKenzie is trapped in an elevator with a gorgeous stranger they share a spark of connection so intense that it rocks norma.

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Oncat deh bacanya I really enjoyed this book the author made Cape Town come alive or me and she is a relatively new author and has such potential I m definitely looking up her backlist so I can catch up The setting of the book was lovely the characters very likeable and I liked that there was just the right amount of angst regarding the issues both the hero and heroine carried around with themI discovered another new to me author that I like very much Oh man I really wanted to like this book Look at that title But it was ultimately not very satisfying The crux of the conflict between Blake and Callie is that both have diff Smitten with the boss With her debut novel Therese Beharrie takes us on a journey of overcoming past hardships in order to ind their orever This book had a airly strong cast with good development The conflict drug on a little and it could have done with a little passion in the. Lly guarded Callie to the core So she's horrified to discover afterward that the stranger is Blake Owen ruthless tycoon and her new bossSince his divorce Blake has steered well clear.

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