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Good guide to wild crafting medicinal plants I received this book for free in exchange for an honest reviewThis book is a niche book and a good one at that It is at its core a wildcrafting book not an overall herbal It contains a great deal of information useful for wildcrafting nice up close pictures description of howwhen to wildcraft etc The book s descriptions of herbs are accurate as far as I can tell However I personally like my her Midwest Medicinal Plants is a Season by Season guide on how to harvest plants with medicinal properties safely without causing harm to the plant or yourself The text includes 109 medicinal plants found in the Midwestern region of the US The author discusses the proper cleaning storage and preservation techniues that are uniue for each plant Depending on the plant and its intended use a plant may be made into infusions decoctions tinctures infused honey and salves to reap the natural benefits The photography is excellent and each plant is listed separately and is accompanied by a picture for easy identification The text provided for each plant explains how to identify including when where and how the medicinal uses and herbal preparations I really liked finding a book that covers my region It is something I longed for when I began my herbal journey over 20 years ago There is plenty of basic info to help those along that are new to herbal preparations and than enough plants to learn A good addition to any herbal library I began my natural products journey when I started being sensitive to perfumes so I sought out. “This comprehensive accessible full color guide includes plant profiles step by step instructions for essential herbal remedies and seasonal foraging tips” Natural Awakenings Chicago In Midwest Medicinal Plants Lisa Rose is your trusted guide to finding identifying harvesting and using 12.

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S here in the Midwest Michigan so she does actually now what she s talking about and appreciates the beauty of the Midwest This book is exactly what I was looking for to move my herbal Charlie and the Christmas Kitty knowledge along Should disaster ever strike I now have a ready tool in my arsenal toeep my family healthy In fact I loved the book so much I bought my own copy to eep Just the E book for now but later the printed version just in case disaster strikes and I can t recharge my iPadI gratefully received an e ARC from the author publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review But like I said I bought the book It s that good Pretty concise as far as I can tell I have all but given up on most medical doctors for treatment of minor ailments and have been trying various natural remedies with varying results Thought I d take a look through this book and see what I can use Lots of info and the photos are really helpful I look forward to searching for some of these this summer and fall I read a temporary digital ARC of this book last year and it was deleted before I got to finish it or review it What I did like I liked so much that I asked for it for Christmas so I could properly read it and have a permanent copy It is now one of my favorite foraging books and one that I refer to all the time I absolutely love it and highly recommend it I brought it with me on my trip to visit friends in Nebraska last week and referred to it often as we went on nature walks and foraging expeditions I ll be reviewing it in depth soon on our family foragingsustainable living blog at. Ting suggestions Lists of what to forage for each season makes the guide useful year round Thorough comprehensive and safe this is a must have for foragers naturalists and herbalists in Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota South Dakota Ohio and Wisconsi.

Essential oils But they were expensive and difficult to come by plus there is controversy on the use of oils internally Then I began researching herbs and I learned so much But what bothered me about all the herbs I read about was that I didn t live in India I live in Indiana An herb that thrives in India is not likely to thrive in Indiana My husband is involved with emergency management and disaster planning is often a topic in our house I realized how UN sustainable essential oils and exotic herbs are I don t have the tools to distill my own oils or proper conditions to grow some of those herbs But when I looked at the lush Indiana woodlands and prairies around me I new that beneficial herbs had to exist here I My Favorite Things knew a little about plantain dandelion and clover but not much else How I regretted not talking to my grandfather about all his herbal wisdom before he died almost two decades agoWhen I was given the opportunity to review this book on NetGalley I had high hopes And I am happy to say this book does not disappoint As I flipped through the book I recognized almost all the weeds that I saw most of which I had nevernown the names of or uses for before I found the author s advice prudent cautious and respectful I took my iPad out and spent an afternoon wandering along the fence row surrounding a cow pasture near our house then wandered down by the creek up the hill to the stand of trees and along the road back home I felt like I was being introduced to old friends for the first time I found it comforting that the author actually lives and work. 0 of the region’s most powerful wild plants You’ll learn how to safely and ethically forage and how to use wild plants in herbal medicines including teas tinctures and salves Plant profiles include clear color photographs identification tips medicinal uses and herbal preparations and harves.