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R And the cat O Ryan s special ualities are also understated not over done I enjoy Maralee as a main character and the supporting cast Aunt Ibby O Ryan Pete River are all wonderful interesting eccentric characters The books are always a nice mix of humor and mystery with a touch of supernaturalA 5th book in the series Grave Errors is coming out this fallAll in all an enjoyable fun cozy mystery I highly recommend the Witch City Mystery series for mystery lovers who enjoy cozies with a touch of supernatural and cute humor Fun read It isn t necessary to read the books in order A reader could ump in and start with book 4 and not have a hard time figuring out the characters Lee Barrett is living in Salem Massachusetts with her aunt Isobel Russell She is the young widow of a NASCAR driver and has ESP abilities When the ladies attend a storage rental auction they acuire some Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings junk and some treasures including an antiue wooden carousel horse Leaving the horse with an expert repairman Lee has a vision of a murder When a body is discovered outside the repair shop Lee knows her vision is coming to life With the help of her aunt the policeman she dates and her amazing cat Leeumps into finding out who did it and why With the aid of her psychic abilities she starts learning the history of the carousel horse and who might want it for the treasure it is rud to containI have really enjoyed the previous three books in this series and this is the best one yet The characters are realistic and using the background of the city of Salem and the psychic abilities really add to the storyline Any cozy mystery fan will enjoy this entertaining series Even if you don t usually read books with paranormal activities you should try this I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewA solid cozy mystery set in Salem and featuring amateur sleuth Lee Barrett is back Of course we mustn t forget O Ryan the cat who plays his part in helping to solve cases Lee and her Aunt Ibby bid on a storage locker and trouble soon follows shortly after This is a fun series to delve into especially if you love these type of mysteries I m keeping my eye out for the next book I love each and everyone of Carol J Perry s books They pull me into the story that I feel like watching a movie This one wasn t any different The mystery starts with Aunt Ibby and Lee winning the content of a unit at a storage war type auction and hooked me right there When the wooden carousel horse from this auction is destroyed by an intruder in the night and a dead person found at the crime scene the trouble begi I am a huge fan of this series Every time there is a new book by this author I get excited to see what will happenThis book told an intriguing story that kept me guessing until the very end Lee and Aunt Ibby venture out to a storage facility auction and end up with than a locker full of interesting itemsThe item that sparks Aunt Ibby s interest is a Russian Samovar well hidden in a box that know one else sees Lee is taken with a wooden carousel horse She see beneath the chipped paint and can t wait to see it restored to it s glorious wonderWhat neither of them expect to be is involved in a mysteryI love this series and can t wait ti read the next one Ms Perry is a wonderful story teller and her cast of colorful characters adds such fun to the storyI voluntarily read an ARC of this book provided by the publisher and NetGalley An excellent paranormal mystery On a whim Lee Barrett and Aunt Ibby attend a storage locker auction Surprise they bid and win a unit As they remove and separate the items Lee a version in a vase that upset her One of the items is a carved merry go round horse Lee takes the item to a repair shop That evening the police are called to the show The horse had been dismantled and outside the shop is a dead man exactly as Lee The auction And with the horse found dismantled it looks like he was up to no good What's the story behind the antiue euine and could a strange bubblegum chewing woman with fiery hair have something to do with the crime Guided by her gift and O'Ryan her wise tabby cat Lee's set on catching the murderer before she's sent on the darkest ride of her li.

Tems they bought that history brings out present dangers Russian intrigue and connections abound January has some exciting releases for you and this is one I was so excited for I love Carol J Perry s Witch City Mysteries and it was such a pleasure to read Murder Go Round this last nightCarol writes one of my most favorite characters Lee is a wonderful character She is in her 30 s a Nascar Widow and has a touch of paranormal visions that help her unwillingly solve murders in Salem MA She lives with her aunt in a beautiful home and is starting to come into her own as a teacher as well as a student This was a fun Russian themed mystery I love books about the Romanov Dynasty and this was a well planned mystery based on Russian crafts people who were sent to America before the revolution to be in place should the family need to flee I enjoyed this plausible mystery and theories of long lost treasure seemly hidden in plan sight all these years later If you have not yet discovered this series this is a good oneI love the covers on these cozies and Book 4 is fantastic but Book 1 still holds my heart Be sure to order and be one of the first people to read this January 31st release Having not read any books from this author and with loving stories involving ghosts I was really looking forward this book and it didn t disappointLee Barret and her Aunt Ibby have purchased an abandoned storage locker and ever since then the strangest things have been happening to them Their garbage was stolen an old carousel horse that was at a restoration shop was broken apart and Lee has been having tons of visions she s a scryer she sees visions of the past present or future in shiny surfaces Soon the ladies along with Lee s policeman boyfriend Pete find themselves right in the middle of a murder mystery This book was really cute Yep cute It s not by any means one of those edge of the seat who dunnit mysteries that keep you up long past everyone else in the house going to bed It s so of a feel good mystery with a dash of intrigue The characters don t really evolve much which is why I put it down to 4 stars rather than 5 Read this because you enjoy whimsical ghosty stories ust don t go into it expecting a James Pattersonesue novel Totally worth the read and seeing that this is a series I look forward to the next oneI received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Maralee Barrett and her Aunt Ibby go to a storage locker auction They win the contents of one locker finding all sorts of treasures including a silver samovar a beautiful uilt and a faded but beautifully carved carousel horse Almost as soon as they take the items home strange things start happening Someone takes their trash Strangers show up at Goodwill to rifle through the boxes of items they donated And after being taken to a local craftsman to be restored the carousel horse is broken into pieces at the man s shop by an unknown intruder Maralee s strange ESP visions start warning her of murder and danger and her cat O Ryan starts dropping clues to the mystery as well Soon they discover that the mystery dates back to 1915 when six Russian immigrants came to the United States with some items entrusted to them by Czar Nicholas himself Maralee and her aunt must sift through the clues along with Maralee s policeman boyfriend Pete to discover the truth behind the items in the storage locker It s a secret worth killing for in the past and the present putting them all in dangerMurder Go Round is the fourth book in the Witch City Mystery series I enjoy this series because each book is so different This time the mystery revolves around Russian history and relics from the last days of Czar Nicholas and his family The mystery was intriguing well paced and very interesting Maralee s ESP visions are a vital part of the plot but not presented in an over the top cheesy manne. Ee leaves the fairground relic at a local repair shop the sight of a silver samovar awakens her psychic abilities and conjures visions of murder Lee prays the intrusive ESP episode was ust a glimpse into the past until her policeman boyfriend reports a dead man outside the repair shop Apparently the unknown victim had been hot on Lee's trail since.

Lee and her aunt Ibby buy a locker at a storage auction and end up with some surprise treasures Strange things start to happen that involve the items from the auction Lee ends up having a vision of a murder victim then things get complicatedI m umping into this series on this fourth book I didn t feel lost at all I do want to go back to the beginning to see when Lee got her ability I loved the characters they worked together so well Especially Ibby the reference librarian All the research into the Russian royalty was interesting I also loved how O Ryan the cat played a big role in helping them solve the mystery I will be continuing If you chose this story read the physical book avoid the audio The audio narrator is terrible who over enunciates every other word and pauses between them so the pace is clipped and arring also she is very dull and droningThis story is written as if for middle grade age It s overly simplistic repetitive and there were way to many step by step details as if the reader was learning everyday things Example I opened the car door I got into the car I closed the car door I put the key in the ignition and started the car I put on my seatbelt I drove out of the drivewayThere is zero character growth in this story and the MC s are getting very boring Also in this book for all their book smarts seriously Aunt Ibby is a walking Google and everyone knows everything or knows someone who does and has multiple high degrees at young ages they have no common sense or lack of reality They see the best in everyone as soon as they meet them and these people could never do anything bad they could never dupe you or lie ext Seriously Get your head out of the clouds Oh and everyone here is rich and can afford to work when they want Last they all live Divine ecstasy, the story of Khajuraho just fine and dandy with perpetual sleep deprivation They seriously get like 3 4 hours of a sleep a night for weeks and function as if they had a solid 8 hours I don t know about you but after a few nights of little sleep I am exhausted and fuzzy brainedLee and her powers left a bit to be desired this time around She is told that her powers are getting stronger and to listen to them and her intuitiongut She says she will but doesn t She hates her powers but calls upon them to show her things then gets angry and annoyed or scared when they do because she doesn t like what they show her or how Also her familiar O Ryan the catas with her powers he shows her things and she ignores him then asks for his help then ignores himugh Also he has a name but she spends half the bookust calling him cat Hey cat oh look cat extAlso the way the mystery is unraveled in this story got on my nerves The setting is Salem Massachusets for crying out loud While not a huge metropolis it is a nice size city and yet they only have 1 detective And as we learn in this novel he isn t even thought with schooling On top of that he doesn t even do most of the work he lets his girlfriend and MC Lee and her aunt do it all Aunt Ibby solves most of the cases he Carrying the Greeks Heir just shows up to get their information and point them in new directions FYI Aunt Ibby is Sherlock who notices and knows everything Lee is Watson whoust goes along and takes notes or runs errands for her aunt and they report back to Pete the detective Pete tells Lee repeatedly as do other people to stay out of police business and stop nosing around yet they don t do anything to stop her when she does points her in need directions asks her what she found and tell her what they know and will do next so she goes first UGH Pete tells her repeatedly that she would make a GREAT detective no and she is taking online classesThe plot of this novel is that Aunt Ibby takes Lee to a storage locker auction and their purchase attracts some very unwanted attention from a host of interesting but unsavory characters As they discover the history of the Lee Barrett has agreed to attend a storage auction with Aunt Ibby even though she suspects the forgotten rooms will yield Amish Sweethearts junk than treasure Her skepticism vanishes once the two win a bid on an overlooked locker and uncover a trove of beautiful curiosities including a stunning wooden carousel horse with gentle eyes and fading paint Butust before

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Carol J Perry is the author of the Witch City Mystery series from Kensington Publishers All of the stories take place in the magical city of Salem Massachusetts the Witch City Carol was actually born in Salem on Halloween eve and knows the city well The popular series follows the adventures of Lee Barrett a field reporter for WICH TV in Salem along with her detective boyfriend Pete Mo