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An excellent survival tale Halfway through it eminded me of Jack London s To Build a Fire In Hear the Wolves a group of 6 people in ural Alaska try to make their way to medical assistance after one of them gets hurt during a blizzard Fighting sub zero conditions oozing wounds and starving wolves they make their way slowly toward helpThis book is only 240 pages which works perfectly The writing is bare bones without a lot of words wasted on description This doesn t mean you won t feel frozen isolated or terrified ight along with the group though The author strikes just the ight balance between telling you and letting your imagination take care of the estThis is touted as a middle grade book which is probably fine in the same way that the school board thinks To Build a Fire is fine for that age Themes of desperation violence loss and death abound indeed not everyone survives the trek Still there is a sense of accomplishment and hope at the end I wouldn t have liked this book as a middle schooler but I like it plenty as an adult The novel Hear the Wolves by Victoria Scott is an action packed book that will leave you wanting You will feel as though you are ight there next to the main character Solan unning for your life from a pack of blood thirsty wolves I highly ecommend this book to anyone looking for a fast pace easy to ead book All genders and Grade 6th will enjoy this book Defiantly a five star book you will never forget Check out this and other eviews on my young adult book blog Here s to Happy EndingsThe first time I heard about this book and saw that stunning cover I fell in love It seemed like such a great story full of adventure friendship and of course wolves A survival story for middle grade eaders Yes When a beautiful finished copy of this book and it s simply stunning found its way into my mailbox I was overly excited to ead it so here s a big thank you to ScholasticThe first thought that I had after I finished Hear the Wolves was Wow Not only was this an amazing ead but having never ead anything from Victoria Scott before I found myself incredibly impressed with her amazing and captivating writing styleThe story is told from the main character Sloan s point of view starting from the beginning where we are introduced to her enjoyment of hunting with her father She has her own ifle for taking down small game such as abbits while her father has a shotgun for hunting bigger animals and keeping them safe from the wolves that oam the woods by their home The circle of life isn t a circle at all It s a straight line with hunters on one end and prey on the other The family hunts a lot of abbit which provides a decent amount of income for them as well as food Since there are so many abbits living in the woods the large amounts of wolves that live there too don t eally bother the people in the town because they essentially have all the abbits they can eat However when a fence goes up it disrupts the abbits habitats and of course the that are hunted the less there are for the wolves to eat making them hungrier and willing to do whatever it takes to get foodSo when the entire small town heads into a larger town for a special voting session that involved keeping their township separate Sloan s father and sister head out as well leaving Sloan at home for the short time that they are scheduled to be gone Because of Sloan s problems with being alone since an incident involving her mother as a child she is terrified at first but then ealizes that she might just be fineAnd then the snow starts fallingWhen the harsh ealization that the oads are completely becoming covered in snow and leaving it impossible for her father and sister or any others in town to eturn Sloan begins to panic and heads to the church in town Once there she meets up with a few other townspeople including a boy that she hates because he was the one to find her during that incident all those years ago a schoolteacher a little boy and an older woman who has fallen on a pitchfork and desperately needs medical attentionAs a group they set out to try and get to a doctor or hospital the only way they. Sloan is a hunterSo she shouldn’t be afraid of anything But ever since her mom left the family and she lost hearing in one ear in a blizzard it’s been hard to talk to people and near impossible to go anywhere or do anything without her dad or big sister within eyesight it.

Long and one lady desperately needs a doctor As Sloan and the others set out together they soon learn that the blistering cold isn t the only thing that may prevent them from eaching their destination The wolves food source has un out and they are hungry The journey is longer than they anticipated and with limited food and energy the wolves only have to bide their time and wait for the perfect moment to strike I was literally on the edge of my seat through Sloan s journey I couldn t wait to turn each page and see what happened next but also terrified to find out who wouldn t make it through Victoria Scott did a wonderful job setting up the atmosphere and conveying the dire conseuences the characters are in Everything felt so ealistic these characters are unning for their lives and I felt like I was ight alongside them scared out of my mind Hear the Wolves is the first middle grade book that I ve enjoyed in uite some time It s a very fast paced story of survival that will keep you up at night While it is directed towards younger eaders I must admit that I a nearly 30 year old woman enjoyed this book immensely Disclaimer I was sent an ARC of this book from Scholastic Press in exchange for an honest eview All opinions are my ownSynopsis Twelve year old Sloan lost two things in one fell swoop her mother and the hearing in her left ear Since then she doesn t leave her father or sister for even a second One day she wakes up to see that they have both gone out of town suddenly leaving her behind just as a huge blizzard olls in Things only get worse from thereMy eview This book was atmospheric and enthralling from the very first page and I ead You can see this full eview and at Book Briefs Hear the Wolves is a middle gradyoung adult crossover by Victoria Scott I have ead each and every one of Victoria s books and I have loved them all Hear the Wolves is so different than all of her previous books I loved this one too but I think what I loved most about it was how different it was Victoria has a way with words I love how she tells a story whether it is a omance a paranormal or something totally creepy and eerily ealistic she pulls the eader in in a way few authors have managed to consistently do I just love her booksSloan her father and her sister live in a tiny and emote Alaskan town Think one step ahead of those Alaskan bush people There is a town and store but just barely And the wolves outnumber the people in the town By a lot Sloan suffered a terrible accident when she was younger and it has left deep emotional scars She is terrified to do anything alone So when a storm hits and her father and sister are out of town she panics a bit But what I liked most about Sloan is that even through her fierce fear she manages to stand up and take charge She is just a young teenager and she ally s a group of people to try and help an injured woman This leads them on a journey outside in the storm where the wolves areThe story was just so cool Fast paced and creepy as heck I will not look at wolves the same way I mean I had a healthy appreciation and fear of them before but I am certainly not going to be hanging out with anytime soon Also if you are eading Hear the Wolves you have to check out Victoria s story at the back because I loved hearing about her visiting the wolves sanctuary and how her experience shaped this novel Victoria holds no punches with this story Don t get too attached to any of the characters because the wolvesthey are a hunting But it was a ead that I thoroughly enjoyed Since the main character is young this is a middle grade novel but I can easily see fans of young adult loving this one Bottom line Victoria Scott is one of my favorite authors She always writes stories that captivate me from beginning to end If you are a fan of survival stories you will love Hear the Wolves If you are a fan of Alaska eality shows you will love this book I found this to be a thrilling ead One I am ecommending to fans of middle grade and young adult alike This eview was originally posted on Book Briefs Excellent If you like wildlife and the wilderness this is the book for yo. He iver and the boat that’s tied there their only way to get to a doctor from their isolated Alaska townBut the woods are icy cold and the wolves are hungry Sloan and her group are unning out of food out of energy and out of time That’s when the wolves start hunting them.

Can think of aside from the oads the iver However in order to get to the iver they must first go through the woodsAnd the wolves are hungryDesperately trying their hardest to get through the woods alive with only a few shells for her father s shotgun and several bullets for her ifle Sloan and the others try to team up to get help even though the wolves are willing to eat anything they can even the people in the townEvading the wolves is an exhausting task as the group wades through the heavy snowfall and the bitter cold temperatures trying to surviveThis book is seriously amazing I love thrillers so I knew this was going to be something I fell in love with from the first page and I was ight I thought it was amazing It s such an interesting survival story and it isn t one that is sugarcoated or that is watered down as some middle grade books are No this one is actually even honest that some adult thrillers I ve ead making it such a eal and downright terrifying novelWhile this is listed as a middle grade book I think that some of the content in the book is better suited for older middle graders maybe twelve and thirteen year old eaders as some of it is kind of violent and a tad bit on the gory sideThe characters in this book all have their own personalities and the first thing you e going to notice about Sloan is that she is no nonsense and isn t afraid to do what needs to be done in order to survive The ordeal with her mother from when she was a small child definitely shaped her into who she is today but she also has the courage to take charge of a bad situation She s such an inspiring heroine for the novel and adds a lot of personality to it Hear the Wolves is incredibly fast paced nail biting action from the first page until the last It will leave you at the edge of your seat and wanting until you find yourself finishing the novel in one sittingIf you like survival stories this isn t one you want to missNote I eceived a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest eview Thank you YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOKCan I give this book 100 stars Wow I talked out loud while eading this book than any other book I have ead I laughed I laughed until I cried I had the feels I felt wrath and I criedthis book is a oller coaster of a ide PREPARE YOURSELF Before I even finished this book I was telling my friend that she needed to ead this book RIGHT NOW The kids at my library are going to be falling all over themselves to ead this book after I get done booktalking it If you have kids that like Dan Gemeinhart Gary Paulsen or Watt Key this is the book for them Reluctant eaders kids that hunt artsy kids kids that have had some tough stuff happen in their livesALL kids will be crazy for this story If you are a librarian with middle grade kids I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you purchase this book for your library If you are anyone else eading this eview I cannot sing the praises of this book enoughPLEASE READ IT Oh It has an excellent message tooWell done Victoria Sloan lives in the Alaskan wilderness with her father and sister Abandoned by their mother a young age Sloan lost the hearing in one of her ears and efuses to be out of sight from her dad or sister When she wakes up one morning to find a note saying that they have gone to town and will eturn the next day Sloan flies into a panic Most of the town has also left except a ag tag assortment of people When a blizzard strikes the emaining people decide to leave their homes only to find themselves in a ace against the elements and and from the wolves that are chasing them Edge of my seat eading this 45 stars ounded upWhat a gem A suspenseful thrilling Mother Daughter buddy ead that kept both of us on edgeHear the Wolves is the story of twelve year old Sloan and five others who ve been left andor stayed behind in their tiny middle of nowhere Alaskan town while the est of the townsfolk have headed out What happens when you find yourself desperate enough to brave an Alaskan blizzard on foot in order to each the town across the iver Sloan and her ag tag crew are about to find out Their generators won t last. Makes her too scared to be on her ownWhen they leave her home alone for what should only be two nights she’s already panicked Then the snow starts falling and doesn’t stop One of her neighbors is hurt in an accident And the few people still left in Rusic need to make it to

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