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Traction between them They amused me they entertained me and by the end I was left with a heart full of happy feelsI m loving the US Marshals series each book can be read as a standalone and I highly recommend them allThank ou to Kensington Books Zebra via Netgalley for the advance copy Caffeinated dates with Locked and Loaded First Date Mason Decker a Customs officer for the US Border Patrol has applied repeatedly for a position within the US Marshals When he is called into their offices he is worried he ll be told not to apply again Instead he is offered a chance to prove himself but it will cost him Charlotte Cahill is leading the task force for his assignment Their target is an infamous diamond smuggler Charlotte Charlie is a control freak and wants things played by the book Decker knows the players and to succeed they will need to do things his way Oh boy I see these two butting heads Things get REALLY interesting when Charlie accidentally places herself undercover as Decker s partner Between the sizzling chemistry and headstrong attitudes we are in for one heck of a ride Second date The case is interesting as Decker personally knows the players and to get into their good graces they will need to prove themselves Charlie is strong confident and needs to be in control Decker admires that but also worries she will blow the case or worse come to harm Their contact is a strong charismatic character He s cocky and et one cannot help but like himThe dynamics of his relationship to Decker was intense and added an element I enjoyed I loved the back and forth banter between Decker and Charlie We can feel the attraction building between them and Kieran their contact creates extra tension When these two collide it s explosive sweet and incredibly heated I loved the back and forth as we got to know the characters learn about their history and discover their weaknesses Third date Baxter delivers lots of heated sexy time for this couple and allows the reader to witness them becoming connected beyond the physical I was worried the case would suffer but Baxter provides obstacles intense action scenes and a twist that kept me flipping the pages before delivering a stellar ending While the romance begins with lust and moves uickly Baxter gives us a realistic ending that made me smile Copy provided publisher This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer Thanks to Ms Baxter s US Marshal series I ve officially promoted marshals to a sexy pay grade ahead of FBI agents Sorry guys Nothing personal When Assistant US Attorney Charlotte Cahill is asked to head up a task force to bring down the Faction Five group she doesn t expect to have to work with a man who personifies the word arrogant and bossy Mason Decker and his sketchy family history have all the potential to be a major problem when it comes to bringing down one of the most wanted diamond smugglers Kieran Eagan especially when she finds out Mason is essentially the dude s brother Mason and Kieran grew up together both being taught by one of the world s most notorious criminals but landing on either side of the goodbad coin Mason has sworn never to go after Kieran but if it ll get him on the short list for employment with the US Marshals he ll do what he has to do When Charlie becomes involved on a deeper level than he anticipated he ll not only have to teach her everything he knows about running a con but he ll also have to keep her safe Easier said than done I absolutely adored LOCKED AND LOADED book 5 in the US Marshals series by the awesome Ms Baxter Mason was all growly Alpha badass goodness and Charlie was definitely a badass in her own right They had killer chemistry and I loved the two of them working together to take down Kieran s organization though I kind of loved him too and hope there s a Guys Who the US Marshals Hunt spinoff so we can get of him Kieran stole the show as the ultimate gentleman thief a charming good looking and dangerous criminal mastermind who played by nobody s rules but his own The suspense was well written and exciting and I flipped pages furiously excited to find out what would happen next Would Mason finally be tempted to follow in his illustrious father and brother s footsteps or would he actually take down the man he grew up with The ending was excellent very satisfying all around And the sex scenes were just fabulousalthough I so wouldn t have minded a ummy threesome between Mason Kieran and Charliejust sayin Bottom Line This is a terrific romantic suspense series featuring a group of law enforcement officials that are almost mythical in their history and abilities See at See at. E for Mandy Baxter’s US Marshals series“A little bit of suspense and a whole lot of passion make this the perfect read for adventurous romance fans” RT Book Reviews 4 Stars   “Fast paced and full of heat this is romantic suspense done right” Julie Ann Walker   “The perfect mix of steam and on‑the‑edge‑of‑your‑seat suspense I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough” Tracey Garvis Graves   “Page‑turning rip‑roaring action” Publishers Weekl.

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S Marshal s newest recruit but Mason still has a lot to prove before he can be considered one of themHis first assignment involves taking down an infamous diamond smuggler who also happens to be his brother Mason s personal relationship with the bad guy will come in handy and he is using every advantage he can to take down this manLuckily he has the help of Charlotte Cahill a whip smart attorney who has just landed herself right in the middle of the biggest case of her life Charlie isn t used to the mind games that these men play but she s right there with them putting on a cool fa ade that fools many I loved both Mason and Charlie individually so it was really easy for me to fall in love with them as a couple Upon their first meeting they actually hate each other but that only adds to the appeal when they are working side by side to take this diamond smuggler downI don t have a single complaint about this book The banter is great the sexual tension is there but most of all I LOVED the case they were working on The whole diamond thing had a touch of sexiness to it that only complemented the romance And I have to say Baxter s heroes in this series continue to get better It makes me want to claim all of them for myself Trust me when I say this is a must read Mandy Baxter s US Marshals series is one that continues to keep me up past my bedtimeRead this review in its entirety at The Book Nympho The unusual plot of diamond smuggling cons and undercover work in Locked and Loaded has been entertaining from the get go and is possibly the best of the US Marshal series to date It s currently my antidote for listless clich d ridden summer reads and a perfect choice for a high octane action flick in narrative form to the extent where I was sorry when it all ended so uickly What starts out as a man sidelined in law enforcement for his infamous family and a prickly US Attorney turns into an elaborate con with twists and turns I didn t see coming Mandy Baxter has written a sufficiently complex plot to keep the action going with very strong lead characters who are compelling in their own right without crossing the line into smarmy or super humanalong with a cast of shady secondary ones who themselves aren t caricatures But it s also a showing of diamond valuation the stones shady origins and the bloody politics involved from raw material to production and selling a complex minefield that Mason Decker and Charlie Cahill find themselves in with their necks barely above water That the story covered issues like the moral grey areas of going undercover and betraying one s own family and principles while doing so dramatised the plot and the main characters sharply than ever and frankly was a treat to read as Mason walked these painful steps to dissociate himself once again from a life he d never known Watching Mason s and Charlie s relationship grow degree by degree as their interactions turned from hostile to wary and finally to scorching was beyond entertaining and enjoyable I liked seeing how their mutual admiration of each other grew through a situation that neither could get out of and how they managed to find common ground together It s definitely a plot that could keep going on even if all the books in the series are standalone books and I hope it does With an ending that seems a little rushed and a loose end that isn t uite so tied up maybejust maybewe ll see Mason and Charlie again It s too soon to say goodbye ARC by netgalleythrilled and grateful especially for this Great story that explores unconventional family dynamics and the gray areas between black and white Charlie and Mason end up undercover trying to find information on a powerful group As they spend time together the attraction between them increases As individuals they each experience growth and show depth As a couple they seem to represent a contrasting element to one another that just weaves itself cohesively into their fabric In the bedroom these two are so very sexy Seriously hot The plot was very interesting and well paced The writing was excellent The secondary characters definitely piued my interest and were not on any way predictable All in all a great read and a series I plan on continuing to follow Safety No OWOMSharing despite h having to flirt w OM for the mission Neither were Vs no rape or abuse ARC received in exchange for an honest review 45 starsLocked and Loaded was such a good readLoved the storyline it was thrilling fast paced and very entertaining I stayed up late into the night reading I just couldn t put it downI enjoyed watching Charlotte and Decker get to know each other lock horns and fight the at. Across her hot body   After his time as a Customs officer Decker has enough experience hanging out with criminals to know that working undercover means following our instincts not the rules It doesn’t take long for him to lock horns with Cahill But when the sexy assistant US attorney is accidentally dragged out of her orderly world and into the turn on a dime tension of Decker’s deceptive games she’ll find that nothing is as seductive as playing a new role  Prais.

45 stars Romantic suspense at its finestCharlie is a federal prosecutor She s smart tough and arrogant while being vulnerable eah I m not even sure how that works lol She has been chosen to lead a task force to investigate and take down the Faction Five a crime syndicate thought to consist of men of power ie federal judge senator etcMason is a former CBP Customs and Border Protection agent dissatisfied with the politics of the system He bucks authority but desperately wants to be a US Marshall He finally gets the opportunity but the position hinges on his cooperation with the task force Unfortunately it s his background they re interested in not his skills because the lead that they want to go after Mason s brother an infamous gem smugglerAnd from the there the story takes a life of its own It was incredibly interesting while being fast paced sexy and intense I strongly recommend it to all romantic suspense lovers Copy provided in exchange for an honest reviewXO Reviewed for herding cats burning soup and Loaded US Marshals 5 Locked and Loaded non stop action with a side of steamy romance Yes pleaseThe uick of it is that Charlie s been named head of a task force set up to shut down an up and coming secret group that s up to no goodand likely packed full of high ranking officials She s got to track them down infiltrate and take em down With the help of an infamous conman s son I enjoyed Charlie and Mason The two are freaking exactly alike They re the good guys and determined to rise through the ranks she wants to make a name for herself as a federal attorney and he wants to join the US Marshals which because of his family connections has been a no go They re stubborn control freaks and all in And they drove each other crazy It was pretty damn fun watching them butt heads and battle for power in their relationship I think with anyone else they d be really obnoxious but since they were so evenly matched it was just fun watching their power plays how the relationship panned out and that little spark they got when the other challenged them in some wayThere s lots of steam and chemistry between them Holy cow the hotness I didn t totally feel the falling in love part but that s mainly because the romance side takes a huge backseat to the action side of the storyline But the attraction and makings of a romance Oh eahAnd action packed it was Going undercover diamond smuggling and back alley deals danger and intrigue and not knowing exactly what they were getting themselves into as they tried to gain the trust of someone they thought was connected to the bad guys It was exciting and a little nerve wracking now and againAll in all Baxter brought an exciting adventure to the table One where black and white blur just a little and the gray areas take over Add in some scorching hot attraction and intriguing characters and Locked and Loaded made for an excellent escape ARC provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is my first book by Mandy Baxter and although this is 5 in the series it reads like a complete stand alone I really like it and plan to go back and read the other books It is so nice to discover a series where ou don t feel totally adrift if Silk and Steel you pick up a book out of order It also is nice to have a fast paced sting plot and a hot romance too Charlie is a US Attorney who is the head of a Task Force trying to bring down Faction Five a syndicate whose leaders are purported to be law enforcement and government employees Charlie has daddy issues and is a control freak micromanager who sees the Task Force as her way to finally make daddy proud The Task Force knows very little about Faction Five but they do know that a diamond smuggler Kieran Eagan is connected The way to Kieran s organization is through his brother MasonMason is the black sheep of his family He chose law enforcement over the family business crime He is not thrilled that he has been tapped to infiltrate Kieran s organization but he wants a shot at being a US Marshal and this is it Charlie s micromanaging gets her in deep trouble with Mason Mason has stepped outside the box that Charlie constructed for him and when she takes action to smack him down she ends up being his partner in the sting Instead of sitting a safe distance away and pulling everyone else s strings she is in the middle of a very dangerous operation and in danger of losing her heart LOCKED AND LOADED is easily the best in the US Marshals series by Mandy Baxter Right from the get go it snatchesour attention and never lets go Mason Decker is a treat for all the women out there who like broody alpha males He s the With a rock hard body and steel blue eyes Mason Decker is about to become the US Marshals’ newest recruit But one last undercover job with a straitlaced attorney will test him to his limits   Charlotte Cahill intends to take down an infamous diamond smuggler on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and she intends to do it by the book  That won’t be easy with the cocky new temporary deputy on her task force Mason Decker feels like trouble especially when his cool gaze wanders.

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