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Another good story about Hereward and his spear brothers the last one for a while it seems There s lots of intrigues conspiracies and fighting and Hereward has to play dead for a while I m now looking forward to Pendragon and hope it is as good as the Hereward series This is eal game of thrones with so many families after the throne no one is safeand in all the mix is hereward and his brothers must play one against the other Norman s in the West Turks in the East With a No Limits (Brutal Master rogue solider we a blood axe with a liking with killing Turks has hereward in his eye setso goes James Wilde best book to date just loved it This thrilling historical adventure is the 6th volume of the delightful and fascinating Hereward series by James WildeIt s another book with wonderful storytelling by the author and also is the book pictured with great battle actions within the city of ConstantinopleAll the characters within this gripping historical tale whethereal or fictio No WakeExcellent end to the tales of HerewardLoved every minuteNow to PendragonHope as good as these books Onwards Possible spoiler alertI ve loved this series ever since the first book came out some six or seven years ago I tend to mostly Liar, Liar read historical fiction nowadays and have all the prominent authors books Kane Cornwell Scarrow Jackson Fabbri etc and theye all very. 1081 And so the bloody battle for the crown of the Holy Roman Empire beginsWithin the city of Constantinople itself three venal factions will go to any lengths will it seems kill any who might stand in their way to.

Good but for me very few of them have ever come close to a par with James Wilde s Hereward series I m normally up the bookseller s the day of publication when each year s instalment comes out and usually Essays One read it within a matter of days but havingead somewhere that this was to be the last in the series I couldn t bring myself to Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose read it I couldn t bear to be parted from such great wellounded characters as Hereward Alric the monk and Kraki the Viking but all good things come to an end But without wanting to give This just might be the final Hereward The jacket blurb does indeed describe it as the dramatic final chapter though at the end Mr James does than hint if the wind is in the The Kaya-Girl right direction he mayeturn to Hereward at some time in the future I think the time is ight to leave Hereward in Constantinople He s un his course for now and this is a fine send off if it be that It s a story full of action full of Hereward and others s last moment interventions and piles on the excitement almost non stop Almost because I can eally do without the convoluted back stabbing two faced politiking that Hist Fic authors always entangle their stories of post Roman empire Constantinople with I m not saying it didn t happen but a couple of lines would be enough for meus to get the picture All that sort of stuff has been trotted. Seize the throne And outside the city's walls twin powers threaten a siege that will crush the once mighty empire forever To the west the voracious forces of the most feared Norman warlord are gathering While in the.

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Out so many times you should egister with an author that you ve ead it all before you know how it was so they and you can skip it this time out Especially as this is supposed to be a tale of Hereward and his warriors And saying that it s a shame there hasn t been time to go into the minor characters The ones Hereward brought with him and have been with him through thick and thin they sound an intriguing bunch and lose out on page space with all the various Constantinople Houses trying to second guess each other However there is mileage to be wrung out of Hereward as the antidote to all that poison A simple warrior seeing to the heart of the problem and doing something about it If I were to draw a parallel with other books I ve ead plenty of ecently I d have to mention Vince Flynn s Mitch Rapp character He is as above a simple man someone who sees where the problem is and gets things done Other parallels are of course with the politicians in Vince Flynn the factions here Really goes to show that nothing changes but the genreMy book blog Speesh ReadsSpeesh Reads Facebook Page This easily the best of the second trilogy not so much wandering about and characters popping up at andom Brilliant plotFull of twists and turns aside factual events ecommended to all eaders who enjoy battles and honour seeped in last events. East the Turkish hordes are massing theirs is a lust for slaughter And in the midst of this maelstrom of brutality and betrayal Hereward and his English spear brothers prepare to make what could be their final stan.

James Wilde is a Man of Mercia Raised in a world of books the author studied economic history at university before travelling the world in search of adventure Unable to forget a childhood encounter in the pages of a comic with the great English warrior Hereward Wilde returned to the haunted fenlands of Eastern England Hereward’s ancestral home where he became convinced that this legenda