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Some moments of acute pain but was so pleasant to read and left me feeling happyCopy provided by Kensington via NetGalley in xchange for a review Such a DanceBy Kate McMurrayLyrical Press Kensington Publishing 2015ISBN 978 1 61650 800 5Four starsNew York 1927 The jazz age which was really fun unless you were on the wrong side of the lawWhich means if you were a man who liked menLane Carillo thought he d found love when he ran away from Illinois five years ago with his fianc Prohibido nacer e s brother but hended up alone and working for the mob Eddie Cotton has a great thing going with his best friend Marian France They re one of the hottest song and dance duos in vaudeville But Eddie can t fall in love with Marian Serafina and the Seven Stars even if he loves her Then Eddie finds Lane in a new ueer club on Times Suare called the Marigold andverything changes for both of them Kate McMurray gives us a 1920s New York that we can believe she paints a picture of gay life before gay was ven a term It s not a pretty picture but there are bits of brightness here and there that steer our thoughts to those lucky guys who survived and thrived and built something like happiness in a world that was set against them As I read this book scenes from classic 1930s films flickered through my mind and I could glimpse a world that xisted for men like me its joys and sorrows and dangers all but invisible to those who were not part of it Lane and Eddie aren t sure they believe in the power of love Kate McMurray offers us a plausible narrative that reminds us what love can do A Joyfully Jay review 475 starsThough historically the Roaring 20s are not a particular favorite of mine Such a Dance What She Saw (Conard County excellentlyncapsulated the flavor and Rivals Break (Sharpe Donovan essence of New York during this period and really drew me into the narrative It is generally a steady paced storyline with only a few laggy sections that never last long The author has done a great job of complementing critical historical detail with plot and character development never sacrificing one to favor the other The result is anxcellent balance that gives the reader a Jazz Namen-Und Sach-Register Zum Jahresbericht �ber Die Fortschritte in Der Lehre Von Den Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Umfassend Bacterien, Pilze Und Protozo�n era sense of flair without getting mired down with unnecessary historicalxposition Times Suare is described as an almost living breathing Soft Focus entity and if you vever been there I think most would agree the place has a richly vibrant character all its own This is really captured in Such a Dance and gives this book a relatable backgroundAmidst the historical context Eddie and Lane are given center stage Both are strong men with painful pasts but who never run Alien Chastity Belt even when doing so would beasier Eddie knows what he wants from life and how to do it well but there are other factors beyond his control waiting to tear him down Lane has been drifting and when he finally gets the chance to do something meaningful it seems like he ll never be allowed to succeed Each of them learns to depend on the other Faker even when they can depend on nothinglse As a reader it was Lawbreakers Suspense Stories easy to believe that no matter what the future might bring be it a depression or a world war Lane and Eddie would survive it togetherRead Sue s review in itsntirety here. Ss which is why he was chosen to run a private night club for men When Lane spots Eddie at the bar it’s lust at first sight Soon the unlikely pair are falling hard and fast in love But when their whirlwind romance starts raising yebrows all across town Lane and Eddie have to decide if their relationship is doomedor something special worth fighting fo.

Such a Dance Kate McMurray Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre Romance LGBTIA I really njoyed this read Its not a breathless faced paced dramatic romance but a slow meandering read that takes us on a journey I adored Eddie How hard though to have a career in the public Spinal Trauma eye where people are looking out for youven when you re not on stage and have the leanings he does Its a time when its tough to be gay when its not only spurned upon but actually a crimi It s been a while since I ve so thoroughly Shadow (New Species, enjoyed a period M M romance set in the flapperjazz period This book is as good as the best from Ruth Sims and Tamara Allen plus I love the cover pictureThe author gives us two MCs with well rounded characters deep seated flaws and fears who operate think and react authentically ie believably within the socio cultural norms of that period Oh and there s a couple of very likeable secondary characters as well I had a great time with this McMurray offering and am very much looking forward to her March release set in late 1890s Four and half stars from me I really liked Kate McMurray s book Ten Days in August set in NYC around the turn of the century The plot was compelling and the characters both MCs and secondary characters were very well doneWhile I liked the setting of Such a Dance NYC in 1927 with the Ziegfield Follies Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic Prohibition speakeasys Jazztc the story was not as focused or interesting The love story of Eddie Cotton and Lane Carillo a dancer and a gangster slowly 細味人生100篇 evolves over the course of the book unfortunately a bit too slower OMG can Iven tell you how much I loved this one I am so mad at myself for taking so long to review it The author paints the world the characters and the setting of the 1920s so very well it feels like you ve stepped back in time All of the characters we well rounded and I liked that you got a clear idea of how they were all changing growing and being affected by what was happening around them I was rooting for Eddie and Lane from The Gathering (Darkness Rising, early on knowing they would work throughverything but still holding my breath to see just howWith so much threatening them from the outside and Eddie s own MongoDB emotional turmoil threatening them from within it was sometimes a wonder that this would have the HEAnding we know is comingKate McMurray wrote a fantastic book and I look forward to her next one It was a sweet Chastity enough book I struggled a bit in the beginning the writing seemed to drag somehow But I caught the flow soon after that At times i was worried there wouldn t be a happynding The punctuation and grammar was uite perfect which makes me inclined to look up other works by the author for the sole purpose of gorging on good punctuations and grammatically correct sentences P This started off slow But with a whole slew of my friends recommending it I stuck through it The 20s have always been a fascinating Experiential Learning era for me so I m glad that McMurray was able to stay true to the times The forbidden nature of the relationship between characters added allure to a period of time when Prohibition is at its peak Injoyed seei. When a vaudeville dancer meets a sexy mobster in a speakeasy for men the sparks fly the gin flows the jazz sizzles and the heat is on New York City 1927Eddie Cotton is a talented song and dance man with a sassy sidekick a crowd pleasing act and a promising future on Broadway What he doesn’t have is someone to love Being gay in an ra of prohibition an.

Ng these two overcome their respective pasts They saw past all that to a future they never thought was possible Overall Such a Dance was full of heat despite the gentle romance 375 starsWhat I liked most here was the 1920s New York setting This has a little bit of verything that was going on in that time period a mobster a vaudeville performer an underground speakeasy and in the background there was Charles Lindbergh flying to Paris and talk of that stock market hitting new highs The romance was nice with a believable HEA but perhaps missing that special spark for me Mobsters dance love and theatre from the roaring twentiesAnd a really lovely storyIt is 1925 in New York and Eddie is a dancer and performer in a small theatre He isn t too happy with his life but performing makes it bearable and so does his casual sex with men He yearns for something deeper but this is the twenties homosexuality is illegal and beside men don t have long term loving relationships with other men or so Eddie believesThings begin to change when Eddie meets LaneLane is a gangster Not afraid to kill and not afraid of anyone He misses his close friend and former lover Scott but he has learned to harden himself and take what he needs and when he needs it He isn t happy when his mob boss asks him to manage a new and A Final Story: Science, Myth, and Beginnings exclusive dance club for men This is prohibition homosexuality is illegal and police raids are common Lane knows he can t refuse his boss because to do so is to die and so he opens it and then meets EddieAnd the dance between the two men beginsAnd a very fine dance it is too This started off really slowly for me but suddenly when Eddie and Lane meet things begin to pick up and the story develops shape pace and the characters just come alive I think that is where the dancing really beganThis is a mellow story with a gentle romance that develops as the story progresses There is drama within the story but it is contained in a way that is shielded and this complements the hiddenness and illegality of homosexuality at the time This is a story of love that grows and develops and becomes stronger but all behind closed doors at the cost of family home traditions and friends But despite this the characters Lane and Eddie are strong together and apart They know who they are and they haveach paid a steep price to be who they are and they begin to find the steps that A New Philosophy of History each of them must learn in order to dance together not just behind closed doors in an illegal club but behind the closed doors of an illegal lifeInjoyed Lane and Eddie I liked the contrast of their characters They are both Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction each weak and strong at different times They are very different and they are both very cautious towardsach other at first and then surprised as love develops between themBest of all is the context and the bright lights of the New York 1920 s theatre scene The Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer emerging clubs the alcohol runs the corruption and brutality of the police the mob with their shady dealings Everything comes together in this story adding both shades of lightness and darkness to romance and loveIt is a story that has ups and downs and. D police raids Eddie doesn’t have many opportunities to meet men like himself until he discovers a hot new jazz club for gentlemen of a certain bentand setsyes on the most seductive and dangerous man he’s ver seen Lane Carillo is a handsome young Sicilian who looks like Valentino and works for the Mob He’s never hidden his sexuality from his bo.

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Kate McMurray writes smart romantic fiction She likes creating stories that are brainy funny and of course sexy with regular guy characters and urban sensibilities She advocates for romance stories by and for everyone When she’s not writing she edits textbooks watches baseball plays violin crafts things out of yarn and wears a lot of cute dresses She’s active in Romance Writers of Amer