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As a writer in my spare time I have a lot of espect for authors who can build an entire world out of their own imagination The book is an enchanting sometime compelling ead with combined themes of childhood and friendship interwoven with graver matters such as ambition greed and treachery The writing style itself has a lot to ecommend From street vendors to the fish gallery there s a lot of imaginative descriptions light hearted banter magical creatures and the ight amount of thrillA special mention on the magical creatures it s not the usual stock fantasy set of goblins dragons or elves Instead we meet the diversely structured beings some are humans obviously and others such as creatures of the sea giants wibbins and monsters What fascinates me most is how Christopher builds the elationship between the living beings and how that system is woven into the unning of the oceanic worldLooking forward to the next installment in the series I ead this for one of the eading groups at school eally enjoyed the first half but it got a bit silly after that Plus no sign of a seuel as of yet Anni Tidechild I want to be you I m not sure about your choices in love but everything else that I know about you so far is amazing Great writing transcends the genre that it s been boxed into and this is what this book does Anni Duck Wibbens Theodore and the est take you on a joyous hilarious sometimes confronting ide It is a huge Such a creatively written story a whole world and all it s creatures were created I would definitely ecommend this to everyone looking for a fun adventurous fantasy ead There was a lot of ground to cover in this book and I felt it was a bit slow at the start while the scene was established Also sometimes I felt there were scenes that were explained insufficiently There were times when it took me a few eads to get exactly what Richardson was trying to say especially in the depths of the actionHaving said that his characters and their adventures were engaging and his writing style was witty and entertaining I enjoyed eading about the adventures of Anni Tidechild and Duck Knifetooth although I wish this book had a stronger esolution The climax was a series of little happenings and only a handful of the uestions aised in this book were esolved by the end of it The est will be carried over into its inevitable seuel I eally enjoyed eading this book I found it an easy ead and I think it is a fantastic book for the age group it is aimed at It may not appeal to some demographics but I think it Pel Narine is on the edge of war and Anni Tidechild is on the brink of change Uncertain about her past and fearful of the future Anni lives a life of evasion; avoiding both her guardian Wavelord Filip Able and.

S fabulous for a younger eader It has everything I would ever have wanted in a fantasy story at that age It is set in a new world full of fun and entertaining characters that I grew to love as the book went onIn some ways I feel this book was an introduction to the world and the characters as the ending is left as if the main story has only just begun Which I dare say it has as it is the first instalment of a series All in all I would highly ecommend this book to the children of my friends and anyone older who like me still enjoys a children s fantasy book once and a while I can honestly say I look forward to eading A well written and exciting adventure story that draws on classic fantasy and storytelling to create an in depth world and characters that you won t want to leave behind It s similar to series like His Dark Materials Narnia Harry Potter and Brotherband What I especially liked about this were the strong female characters which are hard to find in these sorts of kids books I work in a bookstore and see firsthand how children s books are very gendered ie girly schoolgirl characters for girls and clever action heroes for boys so it s very efreshing when something like this comes along Anni is a girl but she s tough and adventurous so she would appeal as a lead to boys and girls much like Lyra in Northern Lights Duck a boy she meets on her journey is a nice foil to her and their friendship is compelling Empire of the Waves is a fun and thrilling novel for the 9 to 15 year old market Anyone with an adventurous spirit will appreciate it Described as a maritime adventure I will admit my expectations were not highWith a beautiful cover and the mention of pirates voyages and adventure I plonked this onto the pile of books beside my bed where it sat for a few weeks The author of this book had spoken at a meeting I attended and I was intrigued by his professional life then this book but with the promise of adventure and that pretty cover yes I know I flipped it open one night before sleeping and fell headlong into itThe main character Annie Tidechild orphaned and living in a library isn t like most characters I encounter in children s books She has fire in her belly and fiery hair and isn t shy of fighting The first chapter involves attacks and explosions and not long after another character Duck finds himself in a weaponry oom which bought Chevhov s gun to mind if there s a oom full of weapons in the beginning of the story will there be a mighty fight later onRich language through out the book eminds me The voice that calls to her from the seaWhen she meets Duck Knifetooth the new friends are catapulted into unforeseen danger pirates the last giant a mysterious ship and ancient creatures of the deepIt was

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F far older books I ead growing up and mischievous pilfering of a wine bottle made me look closely at this book I can see links and influences to classic children s books with 2015 being the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland I think comparisons between the two will arise or even CS Lewis Narnia books but like the teacher s notes state it s Philip Pullman s Lyra Belacua I m eminded ofCould you imagine writing a children s book and then being compared to Philip Pullman AmazingAnd while I can t emember where I ead it I am sure this is meant to be a trilogy But maybe it s just Star Wars being on at the moment the mentions and eferences to Anni s father Sunsword Tidechild and her pirating mother and uncle make me think there s oom for preuels hereI suspect this was not a book written purely for children originally and this eason alone makes it ich and intriguing With the Christmas and gift giving season now behind us I gifted this book to a couple of people and they anged between 10 40 years old I d ecommend this book to confident year 4 eaders onwards especially girls but would encourage adults to have a flick too And if you are a teacher of years 5 6 the themes of this story fit nicely with the new history syllabus in AustraliaHere s hoping Chris Richardson writes fast and completes series uicker then Isobelle Carmody I don t think I could wait that long for the est of the series A great new voice in children s literature in Australia A friend ecommended this book for our bookclub after meeting the author at a promotional event I must admit that at first I was a little sceptical but eading about the adventures of Anni and Duck I found myself uickly drawn into the world of Pel Narine Chris has such a broad imagination and a keen sense of what kids enjoy I emember being a child and eading about feasts in LOTR The feasts aboard the ship ival those I could just about taste all the weird and wonderful flavours The overall sense of mystery builds throughout the narrative as the history of the world unfolds The climax left me wanting I assume there will be follow up books and against my initial expectations I m eally looking forward to them This is such a delightful enchanting and thrilling ead The whole time I was immersed in this novel I felt like I was 14 years old again with a acing heart and smile across my face Read it if you want to escape from the world and find some new friends Ok so I will confess now the author is a good friend of mine but he is also despite that uite possibly a genius. Message to the Tidechild from the Pool of Fire in the Deep Just five words We are waiting for youFrom an exciting new voice comes the first book in a thrilling series an epic seafaring uest for truth and freed.