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Op t hits the ground runni 45 stars Hmmwhat to say about Chandler Morrison s DEAD INSIDE Well the writing Publish and Perish is phenomenal Top notch compulsive storytelling character building and vividmagery Morrison Given Time is an untouchable genius writing about a taboo subject gore and deplorable characters There smagery that The Book of Lamentations is way over the line and that I can never unsee no matter how hard I try We follow two people that find each other despite their grossdiosyncrasies so at the heart of t t s a love story Is this book excellentYES If you know anything about me as a reader you know I can read almost any subject and as long as the writing The Best-Case Scenario Handbook is done well I usually lovet Can I always recommend The Last Days of the Romanovs itNO Thiss an enter at your own risk situation There are scenes The Fate of the Romanovs in this story that are crazy disturbing and beyond disgusting So why did I continue to readt Again I tip my hat to the genius of Chandler Morrison. Elf discovery as they shatter societal norms while engaging Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, in destructive and abhorrent behavior As they unwittingly help each other understand a worldn which neither of them seems to belong they begin to realize what LOSER it truly means to be aliveand thatt might not always be a good thing.

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I just finished reading DEAD INSIDE by Chandler Morrison It was WILD But I found myself really enjoying the plot character arcgrowth and the writing style This book Home-Ec 101 is loaded with literally every trigger warning you can think of but because of Morrison s brilliant mind and amazing storytelling skills I was able to see beyond the gore fetishes and totally taboo actions I was able to I hope and think see this story of s Edit after some time I did add a star rating At firstt was tough to settle Exterminating Angel in because the subject matter was on a whole new level from anything I ve read then I realized that hasn t stopped me before So I sat down shut the fuck up and came to a ratingSo I m going to do something a bit different here a review with no star rating Why Because I genuinely have no clue how to rate this so I ll do the talking you decidef you want read Culture and Customs of Norway itDead Inside by Chandler Morrisons han. In this bleak and disturbingly erotic debut novel The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, iconoclast Chandler Morrison provides readers with a dark exploration of the nature of deathndividuality and generational dentity Along the way lines will be crossed taboos will be violated and common decency will take an extended leave

Ds down the most twisted book I ve ever read With the description saying t s not for the faint of heart that s the understatement of the year No book even comes close to the level this hitsNow that s not to say I didn t like what Morrison wrote that s where the no star rating comes A Private Midnight in I m genuinely conflicted between the depravity of the story and the excellence of Morrison s writing Thiss a book about two people who don t fit The Weavers Idea Book into societies norms they are who they are unapologetically A necrophiliac and someone who has a certainhunger I don t want to say much The concoction of the contents mixed with Morrison s writing made this book a gruesome accident you couldn t peel your eyes from Readingt reminded me of watching the faces of death videos on the The Mission of Mooney Rooney internet some 15 20 years ago I was appalled disgusted but I couldn t make myself stop eitherThe extreme was on display here doesn t st. F absence Thiss not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach Or anyone who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey A young hospital security guard with a disturbingly uniue taste n women A maternity doctor with a horrifically unusual appetite When the two of them meet they embark on a journey of

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