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On the subject of Amy Vanessa Miller s debut novel Keep From Falling one phrase describes the book most accurately profoundly uniueKeep From Falling follows the lives of an assortment of characters who ach have personal insecurities and skepticism of trust This is a coming of age story that offers a refreshing slice of reality as you read how the characters If Im Found (If I Run evolve into becoming who they truly are and find love in the right and sometimes wrong placesTo say this is a love triangle would do this story injustice There are many decisions made that imprint on lives indefinitely Wounds get deepened Hearts are broken But as the characters try to muddle through how to accept and listen to what is in their hearts you grow to loveach one of them These are characters you can connect with You are happy for them sad for them and CaddyGirls even get angry at them on occasionI always like to read stories with annding I didn t see coming Keep From Falling delivered that Assignment ending It also has a few good twists in the middle that keep you on your toes and thirsty to find out howverything lands in the Philosophy of Religion end I highly recommend Keep From Falling Itmbodies the message that no matter how ugly life may seem in its current state the future still can be full of change and possibility FREE on today 452020 First I think it s important to note that I m not one to read contemporary or romance novels but this book has definately changed my mind Amy Vanessa Miller s first No Respect ever novel is a must readI couldn t put it down Keep From Falling is an incredible novel about self discovery Miller reminds us that love can take many forms and can be very unexpected Whond s up with who Who did what and why An intricate web of love lies and desire Can t wait for book number 2 First thing s first The book s description in no way prepares you for how complex and intriguing this book is With an amazing in depth cast of characters Miller creates a world that you don t initially The Spirituality Revolution expect of a new adult novel There is romance discovery action and mystery packed into this story and I would recommend it to any fan of new adult who is looking for something a little out of the ordinaryOne of the things I love most about this novel is how the authour treats sexuality and relationships as being fluid The books deals with a lot of themes that aren t common in new adult novels andxplores sexual and romantic orientation in a very out of the box way The romance presented in this book is vast and I think there s a little something for Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) everyone It s insightful and has numerous twists and turns to keep you invested And speaking of twists and turns this book has many I did not in the leastxpect it to go where it did I did not Economies and Cultures expect so many different themes to be represented and I did notxpect the characters to grow in the ways they did When I picked up this book I did not Designing with Web Standards expect so much thrill but I got it and it was spectacular Finally Miller s writing is great in this novel It s personal and developed making the characters seem realistic and uniue The story flows well and I love the way she writes dialogue It s all very fluid and pushes the story forward at a great pace to keep readers interested If you re looking for a well written self published new adult then look no further than this novel and prepare to have youxpectations shattere. N from Skylar’s past suddenly comes creeping back into their lives stirring up secrets Skylar had no intention of Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, ever sharing with Bree Now both of their worlds are crashing down around them and they need to decide uickly if they want to hold ontoach other to keep from falling or to finally let goThis New Adult Romance contains violence coarse language sexually xplicit scenes drug abuse and illegal situations Intended for mature reading audiences onlyThis book is part of a series but can be read as a standalon.

I want to say that the writing in this book is amazinghands downThis book is about a girl discovering who she loves and whyand how sometimes the flutters in your stomach the increased heartbeat and the attraction is not necessarily based on what sex or gender that you areThis book is definitely very different than most books I read but I can not hid the fact that this book is powerful real and makes you thinkI loved the journey at times heartbreaking griddy and powerful This will be a book that leaves a mark on alot of people It is a Must Read Great bookthis book definitely will leave you with a open mind and heart Tons of Teenage DramaWell not any kind of drama I xperienced in my teenage years At some points it was hard to believe these kids were still in high school From the blurb I First Anthology expected a coming of age figuring out who you are kind of a read but nope notven closeAmy Vanessa Miller gives her readers four characters to follow from beginning to Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics end Bree Skylar Parker and Evan Bree and Skylar are together in a secret lesbian relationship Evan has been crushing on Bree from afar for years while Parker and Skylar had a thing in the past that went horribly bad Got all of that Yeah it s a lot At first the book felt like it was dragging there are tons of details and back stories onach of these characters however as I kept reading I realized how necessary it all was Each story is intertwined and getting to some sort of boiling point Cue the angstAs mentioned Passage Through Crisis earlier these are teenagers in a very adult world If anything bothered me about this book it was that fact It was hard to imagine fifteen toighteen year old kids caught up in the messes they seemed to be in That said it was interesting and I couldn t wait to see how it was all going to play outThe book is well written and a bit slow out of the gate I liked the various points of view as well as the supporting characters in addition to the four main ones The story felt complete to me although I see it s first in the Misfits series I will definitely be interested to see what these kids are up to nextReviewed for Renee Entress s Blog Let me guess you ve read a book or two or maybe many and found yourself increasingly frustrated as nothing really happened until the Science, Technology and Culture end of the book or the middle if you re really lucky You will NOT have that problem with this book There s drama and action from the very beginning The characters are well developed and their storylines will hit you right in the feels look I used the hip language Emotions run rampant in the characters and it Alright Book Review annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go So I am in a passionate relationship with books We snuggle we cry together we laugh together and we prop up tables from time to time I promise no books arever harmed I am leaving my Estate to my books don t tell my family I go through about 100 to 125 books that s being conservative in a year so when I come to a book that is The Road to Einsteins Relativity especially different I am compelled to write a review about it Keep From Falling is one such book The first by Self Published and genuine Bad Ass Amy Vanessa Miller I have to say that I was not able to predict the twists and turns this one would take At first I thought as a 30 something woman that a book about teens would not translate to me because as my wonderful Step Son would say I am so. What happens whenverything that you thought you knew goes flying out the window with one single look When your heart gets split in two with a single touch What do you do when you start to uestion who you really are and who you’re meant to be withWhen Bree Porter started her senior year of high school she was on top of the world She knew who she was what she wanted and where she was going The only thing she had on her mind was deciding on the best time to come out to her parents and peers about her relationship

Ooo old I was however Black Boy especially surprised and intrigued by thentire book I found myself taking it to the bathroom with me doing laundry with it and Nighttime Sweethearts even cooking with it which is why its partially covered in spaghetti sauce I was just so happy to finally see a book that address the fact that our kidsspecially teenagers have an Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire entire world that we as parents know little to nothing about just like we did as teens The fact that it has Bi sexual and gay characters that are relatable as people first and foremost and are not written in a stereotypical or campy way made it feel real I likedspecially because I work in Law when I m not reading that she humanized the bad guy and made people see that all people gay straight criminal or whatever are not one dimensional people or characters We all have a story Each of the characters in this story were Safe in My Arms elaborately and careful described and invested in thentire book If you are looking for something different and that stirs away from the he cupped her sex and fondled her nipples vigorously this is it Don t get me wrong if someone wants to cup my sex or do the nipple thing I m also down ahah For a first book by an author it s a home run which means here next additions will be Presunta colpevole ever amazing For originality interesting characters and a solid plot I give this 5 out of 5 stars that I ve given in over 2 years I want to start out and say I LOVED this book I loved the characters She is a very nice writer I love how simple the story comes acrossven though there is lots going on in the story with different characters Every time I put this book down it was a fight to stop reading and Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem every time I picked it back up I was instantly back into the story and craving The story had lots of twists with the characters and always left you needing to know This book relates well to the world we live in today with the many struggles teens and young people face This book made me root at some point for all the characters and relationships and loveI can honestly say that most books I read have had some point in them that itither gets boring or I lose interest for a short time but this book was very different It was never dull and I was always craving for I sure hope this author continues writing and I look forward to reading of her books I was captured instantly by this book It s one of those books that your definitely not prepared for I loved Spencer the girls best gay friends Parker is my favorite character you don t get to really know his persona till later but worth the wait The Misfit mansion will take you to a secret place with many dark doings going on inside The bestfriend relationship between Bree Skylar is sweet Safe Words exciting sad Each character has a special place in the story Some unexpected dark things happen that the outcome seems realistic from it I love the pov of Bree as she is trying to figure out her feelings between Skylar Evan than Adrienne In Skylar s pov you seem the sadness the hurt than the love feelings she has running deep inside her Evan s pov is a typical guy who has been hurt and afraid to love again but has the 2 coolest bestfriends a sister that is sassy smart in love We get to read a different dynamic how far some people will go to protect who they love also to let them be happy I can t wait to read by this author When thinking. Ith her best friend Skylar Hale Then only months before graduation Bree meets Evan Daniels and from the very first glance he makes her uestionverything Suddenly the world she had all figured out begins to seem completely wrong and she’s filled with so much uncertainty Could she abandon all she’s His To Claim (McBain Brothers Alpha, ever known with Skylar for the possibility of a future with him And if she did could her friendship with Skylar survive itAs if things weren’t complicatednough with the intense feelings Evan makes Bree feel a perso.

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Amy Vanessa Miller is a Canadian independent author known for her shockingly edgy Misfits seriesShe loves to push the boundaries with her writing and has always been a fan of angsty stories She is happily married to a loving and supportive man whom she’d be lost without; they have one son two cats and a dog together When she isn’t being mom and wife or working at her day job Amy can be foun